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Results & Pictures from ToW in Montreal (October 22nd, 2010): Awesome Kong vs LuFisto

In a prelude to today’s NCW Femmes Fatales show, Awesome Kong and LuFisto did battle last night in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the ToW promotion. Friend of Diva Dirt, John Hyperion sent in the following results:

Amazing Kong def. Lufisto via DQ
This was a preview match for NCW Femmes Fatales. The match was good and saw Kong dominant most of it, as she now has an even bigger size advantage over the new, slim, trim LuFisto. As Kong was about to go for an Amazing Bomb, Anna Minnoushka ran in and attacked her, as they will be facing each other tomorrow. LuFisto helped Kong until Kalamity ran in and attacked as well (LuFisto and Kalamity will be fighting in the first round of the NCW:FF title tournament). One Amazing Bomb later though, Kong and LuFisto stood in the ring raising each other’s hands as Anna carried a limp Kalamity to the back.

Pictures from the event can be seen here.

Stay tuned later today for live results from the Femmes Fatales taping.

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