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Raw Redux (October 25th, 2010): Lay-Cool Dominates, Eve Shines and Natalya Disappears

After last night’s impressive showing at Bragging Rights between Natalya and Layla, the WWE Divas took two steps back and put on a random sixty seconds tag match for our enjoyment on this week’s edition of Raw. Watch below as Lay-Cool takes on Melina and Gail Kim for no apparent reason. Enjoy:

We kick things off with all four Divas in the ring (big surprise), and Lay-Cool are doing their usual preening. Across the ring, Gail and Melina mock the Co-Divas Champions in an adorable fashion. The bell rings and Layla sees Melina and Gail’s mimicry and comes charging at Melina. Melina evades and goes straight for Michelle, who ducks out of harm’s way. Layla tries to sneak up behind Melina to gain the advantage, but receives a kick to the mush for her trouble. Totally in control at this point, Melina knocks Michelle off the apron, before knocking Layla down with a modified Shining Wizard and a flying facebuster for a two count.

Melina tries to whip Layla off the ropes (tries is the operative word here), but Layla reverses it and kicks Melina in the shoulder and turns around and knocks Gail off of the apron. Layla turns her attention back to Melina, going for a clothesline, but Melina dodges again. Both ladies come charging across the ring with the same thing in mind it seems, as they collide in midair with dual crossbodies.

Both ladies struggle back to their feet and they both make it to a vertical at around the same time. Melina goes to roll Layla up, but doesn’t realize that Layla has managed to tag in McCool. Melina thinks she has things in the bag, but Michelle lands her patented big boot for the win.

As I said last night, this match was completely random. I don’t see the point of having Melina and Gail face Lay-Cool, when Lay-Cool has been feuding with Natalya for the better part of a month. Not to mention, it was a complete and utter squash match. Looks like Gail and Melina were used as fodder to make Lay-Cool look even stronger; much like Alicia Fox has been used for Natalya.

Speaking of Natalya, where exactly was she this week? It seems WWE really was pulling for her to relieve Lay-Cool of their titles, but it seems this rivalry has been dropped as well. With the news of Beth Phoenix returning soon, one can only speculate that she’ll be replacing Natalya as Lay-Cool’s new target, which is a shame because I really think they had fantastic chemistry.

In other news, Eve managed to snag more promo time than any of the other Divas could ever dream of. She used this rare opportunity to discuss something that is plaguing WWE as of late. No, she doesn’t want us to Stand Up for WWE (ugh). She wants us to know this: The Miz is ugly. Observe:

Miz (accompanied by his valet Alex Riley) is going on a rant about Bragging Rights, trying to justify why his team lost, when Eve comes sauntering down the ramp. Erm… random much? Before Eve can so much as utter a sentence, Miz goes on the verbal offense and starts busting on Eve’s extensions (Burn). Eve retaliates by pretty much telling that no one likes him and that he looks like a frog.

Miz tries to insert his catchphrase, but Eve cuts him off, saying he’s the furthest thing from awesome the WWE has ever seen… and he’s ugly. Simple, yet effective. Soon Alex Riley puts in his two cents (What, you think you fancy, huh?), prompting R-Truth to come out. Of course no R-Truth entrance would be complete without Eve dancing, and she did just that, ruining her near perfect night.

All in all, I enjoyed the Eve/Miz/Riley/Truth segment. I’ve never been a fan of Eve’s oratory skills, but I feel she thrived with the big personalities of Miz and Riley. Also, her ripping into one of the most hated heels in WWE at the moment could finally give her the rub she needs to get over with the fans, a task she has yet to achieve, in my honest opinion. If I had any complaint about this segment, it would be the randomness of it all. There was never really any explanation given as to why Eve came out and went off like that. It was obviously just a reason to have a R-Truth/Miz match.

To wrap things up, I’ve been pretty rough on Raw this week and rightfully so. The match we got was random and thrown together, it was short as all get out and to top it all off, we got no fallout from Bragging Rights. The Eve promo was entertaining, but not enough to save the night for the Divas. Hopefully, we get some decent action on SmackDown this week to make up for this fail of a night.

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