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Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Divas Edition

For the past two years around Halloween, (view 2008 and part 1, part 2, and part 3 of 2009) we’ve suggested some tongue-in-cheek costumes for Divas and Knockouts. This year, we continue the tradition. We started with the NXT rookies, and followed with the Knockouts. Now, finally, it’s time for the Divas to get costumed. Enjoy, and be sure to vote for your favorite below!

Alicia Fox
Costume: Foxy Cleopatra to Santino’s Austin Powers.
Why?: Diva Dirt’s not one to pass up some wordplay, and Miss Foxy Alicia certainly lends herself to be called Foxy Cleopatra. She definitely rivals Beyonce for her fantastic figure, and her self-assuredness lends itself to playing the secret agent who’s constantly introducing herself as “a whole lotta woman!”. Seeing her dolled up 60s-style with a bright jumpsuit, prop gun, and afro while Santino goes appropriately over-the-top as Austin Powers would be a funny sight. Hey, if anyone’s got to be paired with Santino, it might as well be a Diva who can keep him in line.
Get the look: Get the outfit and the hairdo.

Beth Phoenix
Costume: A zombie.
Why?: She’s back from the dead injury! Beth is unstoppable, evidenced by her return, and is ready to take out anyone who stands in her way. Like an undead zombie, she rises from apparent defeat, hungry (in Beth’s case, for victory). What better way to scare the life out of her fellow Divas than to make her return as if from the grave, skin rotting, eyes lifeless, bloodthirsty attitude? It’s hard to think of a Diva more intimidating, but zombie Beth just might surpass the living one.
Get the look: Go in-depth with these tutorial videos.

Eve Torres, Gail Kim, & Kelly Kelly
Costume: Modern-day Charlie’s Angels
Why?: Taking a cue from the modern “Charlie’s Angels” movies, these babyface Divas would be matched up to their counterparts easily. Eve would be the spunky Dylan (as played by Drew Barrymore), Gail would be the serious Alex (as played by Lucy Liu), and Kelly would be the free-spirited Natalie (as played by Cameron Diaz). Striking the signature pose, these Divas would make for a convincing double of that trio, and the WWE could fill their Hornswoggle quota by pairing him with the angels as Bosley. Your standard 6-Diva tag team match would never be the same!
Get the look: Find two friends, assume the specific personalities, and prepare to kick ass, wire-fighting style. Be sure to wear clothes that best fit your angel (tomboyish for Dylan, dark and sleek for Alex, sexy and girly for Natalie).

Read on to see more costume suggestions.

Costume: Lady Gaga (in her meat dress).
Why?: We pegged Jillian for Lady Gaga last year, and since Gaga’s still on top of the pop Diva world and is ever-evolving, Jillian can have a fresh take on her, this time wearing her infamous meat dress (and boots). Surely, with Jillian’s luck, she’d have flies following her constantly, but what a statement she’d make! Blue streaks in her hair would complete the look, and to top it all off, she could belt out a rendition of Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Alejandro”. Maybe she’d work in a plug for her Christmas album while she’s at it.
Get the look: For your well-being (and ones around you) I’d heavily advise against trying to duplicate the look. Go for one of the more classic (and hygenic) Gaga looks.

Costume: Halves of two “best friends” heart necklaces.
Why?: If you ask Lay-Cool, they’d probably tell you that they’ll be best friends forever, and they can manifest that undying friendship in the most literal way possible–by each being half of pendant that when joined together, create a heart. It would be cumbersome and silly, but since when have Lay-Cool been above that? (See Layla‘s facial hair on a recent SmackDown as proof). To send the point home, the heart, when joined together, would spell out “BFF”. And, being joined at the hip, there’s little chance of the fans missing what the two halves represent. Now, what metal should they be? Gold, silver? Whatever the type, I’m sure the quality of it would be flawless! (Cue rimshot).
Get the look: Grab some poster board or cardboard and copy this take on the costume.

Linda McMahon
Costume: Sue Sylvester on “Glee”.
Why?: She might be too busy running for office (and dictating the WWE’s programming while she’s at it), but Linda would make a perfect Sue Sylvester, being the strict leader she is. While Sue isn’t exactly one to outright manipulate people (though she might like to), Linda’s got a leg up on her in that department–#StandUpForWWE, anyone? Using people below you who don’t know any better to do your dirty work? Sounds like Sue Sylvester to me! Enough political talk, though.. Linda McMahon in a tracksuit would be quite a sight to see, would it not? Deadpan seems to be her style, too. Maybe Jillian can follow her around and do some song-and-dance numbers to piss her off.
Get the look: A two-toned tracksuit would work perfectly. Sneer, adopt the attitude, and you’ve got it!

Costume: A Na’Vi from “Avatar”
Why?: She may not be in title contention at the moment, but there’s no doubt that Maryse still has a high opinion of herself. The slef-proclaimed “sexiest of the sexy” would be looking for a costume that would be showcase her sexiness, no? A costume perfect for that–amounting to scraps of fabric and bosypaint–is that of a Na’Vi, the alien race of people from last year’s “Avatar”. Maryse could paint her body blue, braid her hair, don some jewelry made of beads, teeth, and fake bones, find some scraps of clothing for modesty’s sake, and boom! You’ve got yourself the sexiest of the Na’Vi. Her accent doesn’t fit, but that’s only a technicality. The look is the main idea, and Maryse would fulfill that requirement in spades.
Get the look: Follow these steps to make the full costume yourself.

Costume: Lisbeth Salander from the “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and the Stieg Larsson books.
Why?: No Diva has the edge that vengance-seeking computer hacker Lisbeth does, but that’s what Halloween’s all about, right? Inventing the attitude is just as important as creating the look. In the past, Melina’s gone for costumes that were a bit out of the ordinary (She-Hulk, a full-garbed Vegas Showgirl, and Marie Antoinette, to name a few) and this would be another in that same line of thinking. Seeing Melina, who as a babyface is cheerful and smiley, turn into a gothic-styled surly woman would be quite the transformation, but with her history of sticking to her strange costumes, I don’t doubt that she’s be able to pull it off. Donning a short, jagged wig, dark makeup, a leather jacket, black shirt and jeans, and sky-high platform boots would go a long way to transforming her into Lisbeth. She could even go the extra mile and put on some clip-on nose, ear, eyebrow, and lip piercings. Channeling that unceasing distrust and anger, rarely speaking, Melina could very much resemble Salander herself.
Get the look: Wear all black, including tall, buckled boots and a studded motorcycle jacket. Find some clip-on rings for fake facial piercings. Apply dark makeup on your eyes and lips, and either style your hair in that short, punk style or find a wig to do it for you. The attitude, as mentioned, is key. Rarely speak and do not invite contact with people you don’t know.

Costume: The Queen of “Harts”.
Why?: Yay, more wordplay! Natalya is undoubtedly the Queen of the Hart family, and dressing up as the Queen of Harts from “Alice in Wonderland” would be largely a pun, but her ability to put on a ruthless attitude and laugh manically could sell the costume all on its own. If the rest of the Hart Dynasty wants to play along, DH and Tyson could dress up as her guards, looking like giant playing cards. A royal scepter would be a nice add-on accessory too. Who wouldn’t like to see her yell “off with their heads!” in Lay-Cool’s direction? maybe then she’d manage to snag the Divas Title away from them.
Get the look: Put the costume together yourself.

Costume: Cher from “Clueless”.
Why?: As if! Tiffany, being the chipper blonde she is, is almost a perfect clone of Alicia Silverstone’s character from “Clueless”. Self-involved and prissy, Cher (at least in the beginning) is defined by what she wears. Tiffany could wear some fashionable (by mid-90s standard,s anyways) clothes, carrying a few dozen shopping bags, and talk like a valley girl. Easy as pie!
Get the look: Find a bright, matching jacket-and skit combo, and wear a neutral shirt underneath. Wear mary jane high heels and knee-high socks, and be sure to find several empty shopping bags from places you think Cher would shop, or make them yourself if you don’t have a shopping budget similar to hers. Remember to talk like a valley girl (lots of “as if”s and “whatever”s!

So, which costume idea did you like best? Cast your vote below and sound off in the comments!

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