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Exclusive: Women of Wrestling Podcast with Madison Eagles & Sassy Stephie

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with a double dip of distaff delights as we present extended interviews with both SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, and recently well-travelled international star Sassy Stephie. First up is half-an-hour with the Sassy one, discussing her trip to England last month where she had the chance to wrestle European legend Sweet Saraya in an old-school British rounds match, her recent shoulder injury, and her recent trip to Montreal to wrestle for NCW Femmes Fatales. Hear how she and Roxxie Cotton ended up in entirely the wrong Canadian province and managed to cross the border three times trying to get into Canada, as well as thoughts on the show from the perspective of a wrestler on the card.

Then it’s onto 45 minutes with SHIMMER’s standard bearer, Australia’s wrestling matriarch, Madison Eagles. Madison also has to discuss a recent injury (as in, this happened last week), being a lifeguard on Bronte beach, dancing at the 2000 Olympic opening ceremony, her OVW tryouts in 2003, training with Georges St-Pierre (yes, really) and all about the PWA back home in Australia, including thoughts on Jessie McKay, and whether she has any good Kellie Skater stories. We had an absolute blast recording these interviews, so we hope that sense of fun comes across as you listen. Enjoy!

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