Friday, June 25, 2021

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JR Comments on Lita’s Cameo, Wants to See Trish & Lita vs Lay-Cool at WrestleMania

Hall of Famer, Jim Ross is starting a bandwagon that we’re only too happy to jump upon — anyone for Trish & Lita vs Lay-Cool at WrestleMania 27? *Hops aboard*

In his latest blog, JR writes:

Enjoyed seeing Lita make her cameo on Raw Monday night. She was one of the all time great Divas in WWE and I can still vividly remember her job interview in my WWE office many years ago. I assume she will not come back to WWE full time but, as a fan of her work, it would be nice to see her back for a short run. I think that the team of Trish & Lita vs. Lay Cool, for example, would be a really nice attraction type bout at WM27. Just an idea.

Thoughts: Both legendary Divas have expressed an interest in returning for a short run, Trish in her interview with us and Lita in an interview a couple of weeks ago. So if the stars could align and we could get both of those Divas back — can you just imagine? Lita and Trish are still close and working on a movie project together, so perhaps they could find a way to clear their schedules for each other — and the fans — sometime soon. I think the fans could really get behind this bout.

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