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SmackDown Redux (November 5th, 2010): The Vickie, Dolph, and Kaitlyn Show Rolls Into SD

It’s no secret that NXT rookie Diva, Kaitlyn, has a thing for Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, and as we found this past week on NXT, those lustful feelings and that undeniable sexual attraction is more than mutual. Kaitlyn and Dolph paint a pretty picture; they’re both hot, passionate, young. They have all the makings of a professional wrestling supercouple. Too bad there’s one giant roadblock standing in their way.


Dolph has a girlfriend. She is Vickie Guerrero. And Vickie, who just so happens to be Kaitlyn’s mentor on NXT, was none to happy to witness Dolph’s giant betrayal on Tuesday night. To make matters worse, the official consultant of Friday Night SmackDown ended up with cake, all over her face!

Things take a nasty turn this week as this little triangle comes to a head on SmackDown. Like sands through the hourglass….

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown kicked off in dramatic fashion for our trio. Dolph, who last won a match in God knows when, took on former tag team competitor, JTG. Interesting tidbit for all of us JTG fans: JTG and his former tag team partner, Shad Gaspard, never won the tag team titles during their tenure together.

It’s fair to say that Dolph basically dominated the match. It could even be deemed a squash. Dolph hit his finisher, the aptly titled Zig Zag, but decided to yank JTG up mid-cover. Our savvy champion didn’t just want to settle for a routine pinfall tonight. He wrapped JTG up in the most devastating of sleeper holds and pretty much sent Brooklyn native to sleep. The referee called for the bell and Ziggler was awarded a much needed victory.

Dolph held his arms up in celebration and his theme music started to play. It wasn’t long before Kaitlyn made her way down to the ring. Dolph didn’t make a move on her, but Kaitlyn still wanted to celebrate. She congratulated him on his victory, but he held her at arm’s length.

That’s when the shrill sounds of the phrase “Excuse Me” started to flood the arena. Vickie, fury in her eyes, made her way to the ring. Dolph put Kaitlyn beside him and tried to defuse the situation. Vickie demanded to know Kaitlyn thought she was. Vickie stormed the ring, declared that Dolph was hers first, and she slapped Kaitlyn as hard as she could. Kaitlyn went down but bounced up, but Dolph and the referee stopped the catfight from happening. The frustration is written all over Dolph’s face. The hurt and anger is written on Vickie’s. What’s going to happen next?

Random Observations: Well that was certainly interesting, albeit random to have Kaitlyn come out just at the end. Personally, if I were booking SmackDown, I would have had Kaitlyn either come out with Dolph or followed him out. Either way, I enjoyed this segment. Never in a million years did I expect to dedicate even a nano-second of my writing time to JTG, but low and behold, I did. Kudos to Frank for the random JTG fact. I honestly know nothing about him except he reminds me of a hyper active Nelly and I find that hot.

Backstage, SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long, is in his office with Hornswoggle. Horny is screeching about something that happened the other day (I can only speculate about that…) and Teddy, bless him, he doesn’t understand a word the little thing is saying. He tells him that and before their conversation can continue, Vickie comes blasting into the office.

You know what they say; “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.”

She not so politely reminds Long that she is the official consultant for the show and she demands justice. She starts throwing insults around and calls Kaitlyn a “back-stabbing, man-stealing, rookie wannabe hussy” and says that she’s embarrassed Dolph has chosen Kaitlyn over her. Vickie screams that she made Dolph Ziggler a champion. She’s just completely irate. She even throws it out there that Kaitlyn can’t even kiss.

Teddy took matters in his own hands.

He looked at Vickie and said that her justice will come tonight inside the ring. She would take on Kaitlyn in a one on one match.

To that, Vickie smirked.

Random Observations: Vickie versus Kaitlyn, part deux? Hmm, alright. Not what I expected on an episode of SmackDown when there’s a hot Diva’s Championship feud going on between SD starlets, Lay-Cool, and Raw’s powerhouse Canadian bombshell, Natalya, but I’ll take it. Some kind of action is better than nothing, right? By the way, did I miss the part where Dolph officially dumped Vickie for Kaitlyn?!

When it was time for the match, Vickie made her way to the ring first. The delectable Ms. Guerrero came out to a chorus of jeers, which isn’t anything unusual. A highlight of her slapping Kaitlyn earlier in the night aired and when that was finished, the NXT 3 theme music started to play. The popular and pretty Kaitlyn sauntered out and she played to the fans in the crowd. She actually received a nice ovation.

Once the two were situation in the ring, the referee called for the bell. Kaitlyn faked a lock-up and kicked Vickie in the gut instead. The SD consultant fell to her rear end. Kaitlyn got her pro up and hit a couple of forearms before Vickie tumbled from the ring and onto the outside. Vickie started to scream in frustration which prompted her number one fans, Matt “Blue Eyes” Striker and Michael “I’m a Douchebag” Cole to stand up and cheer her on. Cole started to clap and urge the cougar back into the ring. Striker offered her a bottle of water and professed his love. To show Vickie his support, Cole pointed at Kaitlyn and called her a wench.

“I’m gonna to go to catering.” – Todd Grisham (line of the night, my friend)

Vickie collected herself while Kaitlyn taunted her. Vickie busted out the football style wind sprints and made the harrowing mistake of turning her back on her opponent. Kaitlyn climbed to the apron of the ring and jumped. Vickie went down thanks to a crushing double axe hand blow. Vickie hit the ground with a thud and Kaitlyn tossed her mentor back inside the ring. Kaitlyn grabbed both of Vickie’s legs, looked to the ground, and stomped the other woman right in the mid-section.

Vickie looked as if she were going to vomit and Kaitlyn hesitated before launching back into offense. Kaitlyn threw Vickie into the turnbuckles and slammed her head off the padding. Kaitlyn stomped Vickie down onto the mat, jerked her from the ropes, and dropped a leg across her throat. The rookie Diva went for a cover but she only got a two count.

Kaitlyn and Vickie both got to their knees and shared a heated glare. Vickie hauled off and slapped the younger woman and got to her feet. She got the bright idea to pick Kaitlyn up but that backfired and the Texan ended up landing on top. Kaitlyn hooked the leg but Vickie powered out after the two. She backed off into the corner and Kaitlyn followed her. Instead of doing anything, Vickie was able to knock Kaitlyn on her back, cover her, and with her feet on the ropes pick up a decisive victory.

Vickie told Kaitlyn to get out of the ring and that Dolph was her man, and that my friends, ends this installment of the Vickie, Dolph, and Kaitlyn show.

Random Observations: Well that was special. On a night where I could have watched Layla versus Natalya again, or Lay-Cool versus Natalya and [insert random Diva name here], I got to watch Kaitlyn versus Vickie in the fight for Dolph Ziggler’s heart.

Real talk.

The match was horrible and failed to entertain like their NXT encounter weeks ago. Kaitlyn is really awkward in the ring and she definitely needs more training. I still give the woman props for taking what she’s been given and running with it. She’s been put on television to sink or swim and people need to stop blaming her for what’s going on. It’s not her fault. It’s the WWE’s fault for booking her the way they are. Just make her Dolph’s valet/girlfriend and lets move on. I’m so disappointed this edition of SmackDown was devoted to Vickie and Kaitlyn. It belongs on NXT and not one of the main shows. I feel like this match would have been a good opener for NXT this upcoming week but it is what it is.

On a night where Lay-Cool and Natalya should have taken center stage, Vickie and Kaitlyn dominated and as much as I love the two of them (and Dolph), I’m really disappointed. Not a good episode of SmackDown in my opinion, and I hope and pray that Lay-Cool/Natalya III isn’t exclusively on Raw these next two weeks. If it is, then I’m going to be one cranky Diva Dirt writer come Friday night and no one wants that now do they?

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