Saturday, June 12, 2021

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WSU Announces Black Friday Sale

Details on WSU’s Black Friday Sale below:


Starting Monday 11/22 until Sunday 11/28, will be running a week-long Black Friday sale. This is our biggest sale of the year and the best time to get caught up on all the excellent DVD releases we have in our library.

We are running several different offers this year to cater to customers individual needs. If you have any questions ordering, email us at [email protected], as we do cater to paypal requests.

To give back to our fans, our brand new “Reign of Rain: Best of RAIN in WSU” DVD will be part of this sale. When you order this DVD, you can get any other DVD in the WSU catalog for $4.99, except for the 11/6 events & the Alicia Shoot Interview.

For fans not interested in the Rain DVD, every DVD in the WSU catalog is $5.99, except for the 11/6 events & the Alicia Shoot Interview. This includes all our live shows and brand new compilation DVDs such as our “Luna”, “Kong”, “Martinez”, “Martinez vs Orsini” “Alicia” & other DVDs.

You can see all the titles on

The Alicia Shoot Interview, priced at $14.99 is now on sale for $7.99. This is a hilarious shoot interview with all inside stories about the northeast wrestling scene.

Also, if you order any of the 11/6 DVD packages off the page, you can add any other DVD for free to your order. For customers who’ve already pre-ordered the 11/6 DVD’s, please contact us to pick out your free DVD. If we do not hear from you, we will send you a free DVD on our own.

Click here to order.

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