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Impact Write-Up (November 25, 2010): It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle! Sarita Stuns the Champ

Last night’s Impact had a smorgasboard of Knockouts all over the place! Apparently the holiday spirit hadn’t infected these ladies just yet as they were all set on beating the hell outta each other. Which made for some great television! Find out what happened below…

Backstage, we see Angelina Love and Velvet Sky chattering by a food table, discussing their individual action figures, which are in their hands. Ric Flair walks up, inviting them both to Fortune/Immortal’s Thanksgiving party. He promised the guys he’d bring back candy (I’d be pulling out the mace at that point…) and Angelina grins, saying, “Eye candy?” They seem to be interested, when Mickie James walks up, wanting to speak to Angelina. She extends a hand, thanking the blonde for a great match last week. Velvet interrupts, putting her hands over Angelina’s ears, singing. Mickie gives her a look, “What are you, 12?” In response, Angelina holds up her action figure, extends the tiny hand, and says, “Talk to the hand.”

Before this could go any further, however, we hear loud voices off camera. Into the shot walks Madison Rayne and Tara. Then, it’s well-nigh impossible to hear what any of them are saying because they’re all talking at once. After a few moments, it’s not necessary since words become actions as Tara shoves Mickie James. James retaliates and it seems like Tara spits at MJ (although it looks more like she just blew air at her, trying to make it come off like she spat) – and then it’s on. As The Beautiful People and Madison (who’s expression is hilarious!) look on, both women start fighting. Flair’s trying to restore order, but not even the Nature Boy can control these two! Mickie gets shoved into Madison, and at that point, Velvet and Angelina decide to join in, ganging up on Rayne. When Tara gets the upper hand on Mickie, she sees her partner getting beaten up, and goes after Velvet Sky. Mickie switches out, joining Angelina in pummeling Madison. The Knockout Champion is sent to the ground, and when Angelina puts a hand on Mickie’s shoulder, as if to hold her back, Mickie lays Love out with a hard back elbow! It’s unclear if she meant to do this or not, for when she looks down at who she hit, Tara attacks from behind.

Velvet, Angelina, and Madison are down at this point. Mickie and Tara continue to brawl all over the lot, shoving each other into a truck, eventually disappearing around the side of the truck. By then, the Beautiful People have recovered, and Velvet is holding Madison. As Angelina comes in to attack, Madison gets a kick in, and frees herself from Velvet. Straight outta nowhere though, a brunette enters the shot and takes out both Velvet and Madison with some kind of large sign. It’s Sarita! She’s here to kickass and chew bubble gum – and she’s all outta bubble gum! After taking out those two, she narrows in on Angelina, kicking her when down. She’s screaming at Angelina, and doesn’t see the unseen-before-now Winter come up behind her. She grabs Sarita by the hair and pulls her away from Love. Her expression is wild, her eyes are flashing and she speaks in an absolutely demonic voice, “Leave. Her. She’s with ME now.” Sarita asks who she is, but when Winter points at her, she decides descretion is the better part of valour and makes a get away. Winter kneels down by Angelina and cradles her head lovingly. She softly croons, “Safe…” a psychotic smile on her face.

Musings: Wow. Just wow. Everyone came off really well in this huge segment. I believed the strong emotions that everyone radiated: the tension between Angelina and Mickie; the unbridaled rage between Mickie and Tara; Sarita’s fustration and anger finally letting lose on everyone; and the obsession of Winter for Angelina. I didn’t even know who Sarita was until I saw her face actually! It’s fantastic to finally see her breaking out and becoming more prominent in the title picture. However, once again, Winter stole the segment for me. Her acting is downright flawless; when she spoke in that demonic voice, I actually got chills, it was damn believable! Now she’s able to be seen by others, which adds a new element to this angle. I hope it stays interesting as it starts to unfold a bit further! But we weren’t done with the Knockout’s action…

Madison Rayne drags Earl Hebner out to the ring and gets a mic. She screams at Sarita, pissed off that she had the nerve to put her hands on the champion. Rayne says Sarita has been “playing for the JV team on Xplosion” (I admit, I laughed!) but Impact is HER show and she’s the champion. She’ll “say this real slow since I know you’re only fluent in El Spaniard – get your ass out here NOW!” Madison’s in jeans and a shirt, but it’s not stopping her from wanting a match with Sarita. The Dark Angel answers the call, wearing jeans and an amazingly cute black corset top – not exactly proper gear either, but she’s willing to take the challenge.

Musings: Quite an enjoyable match! The pin was a bit sloppy, but otherwise these two worked very well together. I loved how Sarita continually taunted Madison, calling her a loser, getting her all riled up. At one point, Madison turned the tables and did a little shimmy dance of her own – priceless! Unless I’m wrong, Sarita’s had four wins, this last one being over the Knockout Champion herself. Surely this would shoot her to the top of the title contenders list. Officially, Mickie is still the number one contender, but at the next pay per view, she’ll be facing Tara in a rematch, this time in a falls count anywhere match. Perhaps Sarita could make her case to face Madison for the belt while Mickie finishes up with Tara? At any rate, it’s nice to see her pushing her way upwards! She fully deserves the push she’s receiving at the moment. All in all a good Impact for all the women involved!

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