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WSU Announces Line-Up for January 22nd Show: Ladder Match to Main Event

WSU has announced the line-up for its January 22nd show which will see a main event ladder match for both the WSU World Championship and the All Guts No Glory Championship between Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini.

Details below:

WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)
WHEN: January 22nd
WHERE: The ACE Arena
ADDRESS: 725 Sip Street, Union City, NJ
TICKETS $15 in advance, $20 day of the event

Women Superstars Uncensored, WSU, the leader in womens wrestling today and the company that provides more womens wrestling than anyone else, is proud to announce that we will kick off 2011, with arguably what may wind up being the biggest main event in WSU history, when we present “THE FINAL CHAPTER”.

This show will be headlined with Mercedes Martinez defending her WSU World Championship against Angel Orsini, who will be defending her All Guts, No Glory Championship, in a Winner-Takes-All Ladder Match.

Full details on how this match was made below.

Here is the match card for 1/22. There will also be more matches taking place as well:

For the WSU World & WSU All Guts Championships
Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini

Jessicka Havok vs Nikki Roxx

Alicia & Sassy Stephanie vs Rick Cataldo & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage


Triple Threat Match
WSU Tag Team Champion Tina San Antonio vs Amy Lee vs Latasha

Triple Threat Match
WSU Tag Team Champion Marti Belle vs Cindy Rogers vs Jana

Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) vs Jennifer Cruz & “The Sugar Freak” Monique

Niya vs Athena



When WSU kicks off 2011, we will be starting the year off with perhaps the biggest main event in WSU history. When fans think of WSU, two names always come up and that is Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini. These two careers have been intertwined since their debut in WSU on 9/22/07 and helped put this company on the map.

Everyone knows the long history between Martinez & Orsini. Both came into WSU as a tag team in late 2007. After feuding with the likes of Amy Lee & Luna and Missy Sampson & Awesome Kong, both decided to go into singles competition in the middle of 2008. The two made it to the finals of the 2008 Women’s J-Cup tournament, where

Martinez defeated Orsini in a brutal match. Orsini would go on a losing streak after that match, but it wouldn’t last long, as on 5/31/08, Orsini shocked the wrestling world when she defeated Nikki Roxx impromptu to win the WSU World Championship. Orsini would go on to hold that championship for 10 months, making more defenses and holding the championship longer than any other wrestler before her.

Orsini & Martinez would meet again on 6/21/08, as the winner of the J-Cup tournament was scheduled to face whoever the WSU Champion was on that date. It is a tradition that has held up in WSU to this day, as the J-Cup winner always gets a title match opportunity at the June WSU event.

While their first encounter in April of 2008 was a battle of fierce competition, this match was ten times as nuts. Both would fight into the balconies of the building, even tossing each other from balcony to balcony. However, Orsini did not want lightening to strike twice. Towards the end of a vicious encounter, Orsini feigned an injury. Preying on Martinez’s concern for her, Orsini quickly sprung Martinez with a small package to retain the title. This was an act of betrayal between the two, that debuted in WSU under a student-teacher relationship. The teacher just taught her student a new trick.

Orsini would dominate WSU defeating everyone in her path cleanly and definitively. However, Orsini would struggle with Martinez. Due to the questionable ending of their 6/21 match, Orsini & Martinez were booked again to do battle on 10/10/08. This match went to a 20 minute time limit, with fans wanting more. However, due to building curfew, the match ended in a draw.

The next night on 10/11/08, Orsini would screw Mercedes out of the WSU Tag Team Title tournament. However, Martinez would have the last laugh, as she fisherman bustered Angel Orsini through a table! Martinez then challenged Angel Orsini to a STEEL CAGE Match, which when Orsini gained her senses, accepted.

On 1/10/09, history was made, as Martinez & Orsini participated in the first ever Steel Cage match in WSU. This was another classic and a crowning achievement for womens wrestling. Dives from the top of the cage. Blood. Pure physicality. The best in womens wrestling was on full display. However, Orsini introduced a new wrinkle into the fold – the debut of RAIN. Rain would slam a steel cage door in Martinez’s face, allowing Orsini to slip out the cage door and retain her title.

We would then find out that Orsini & Rain struck a deal, where if Rain protected Orsini from Martinez’s advances towards her title, Orsini would give Rain a title shot.

The WSU Championship committee was not happy about this public deal. With referees being knocked out by Rain and Orsini in the steel cage match, WSU wanted a referee who could hold her own. Orsini would not agree to wrestling Martinez again, citing she already defeated her. The only way Orsini would agree to another title match, is if Martinez put up her hair. WSU was looking for a fair official. It all came together on 3/7/09.

On March 7th, 2009, history was made, as we had the first ever HAIR vs TITLE match. Martinez put up her hair, as Orsini wanted to “fem-asculate” Martinez, in this match. This was not a regular match. WSU enlisted the help of the then-retired Alicia as special referee, who was a former two time WSU Champion. To make sure Orsini couldn’t escape from Mercedes this time, the two were tied together with a BULLROPE, making this a Hair vs Title Bullrope Match for the WSU World Title. Rain would come to ringside to help Orsini, but Alicia banned her from ringside.

Martinez would win the WSU World Championship in this match and to this day still holds the championship.

Martinez would defend the WSU World Championship against Rain & Orsini on 4/10/09 winning a triple threat match. Issues between Orsini & Rain arose as Orsini defeated Rain the previous night to win the 2009 J-Cup Tournament.

With one last title match remaining, Martinez & Orsini wanted to put this feud to rest once and for all. On 6/6/09, womens wrestling history was made, as Martinez defeated Orsini in perhaps the greatest womens wrestling match of all time, as Martinez won a 70 minute IRONWOMAN match over Orsini. Once the match was over, all animosity was over. Orsini graciously gave Martinez her time.

However, there was a stipulation in the Ironwoman match. Whoever lost the match would never get a WSU World Title match again while the other participant was champion.

There is no way anyone could’ve predicted that Martinez would go on to hold the title for nearly two years, as she still is currently champion. WSU enforcing the stipulation has not allowed Orsini a title match since.

In a role reversal, Rain tried to enlist Orsini to help her take out Martinez, where if Orsini helped Rain win the championship, then Rain would give Orsini a title match. However, Orsini, having too much respect for Martinez & the World Title, could not go through with it, and smashed a chair in Rain, as a way of informing Rain that the deal was off!

Orsini & Martinez would go on to make history again. While Rain was feuding with both Orsini & Martinez, Rain hired then-WSU tag champions Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred to take out Orsini & Martinez. On 11/7/2009, Orsini & Martinez defeated Havok/Hatred to win the WSU tag team titles. Rain was foiled again!

In late November, Orsini & Martinez had a special challenge match. It was a non-title match. The match went to a 15 minute draw. While Martinez has been dominating WSU, only Orsini has been able to defeat Martinez in WSU.

To this day, in her near 4 year career in WSU, where she’s amassed a 41-2-3 Win/Loss/Draw record, the only 2 blemishes on Martinez’s record are to Orsini. Orsini, true to her word, has not interfered with Martinez’s title reign since the IronWoman match, from 18 months ago.

Orsini has showed signs of frustration, creating the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship, her version of a world title in WSU.

Orsini is currently 12-0 as the AGNG Champion.

Orsini has made it clear that she’s defeated the same top level competition as Mercedes. Both have defeated names like Rain, Portia Perez, Awesome Kong, Alicia, Brittney Savage and other decorated stars.

WSU does not like to lie to our fans. There are currently rumors concerning the future of Mercedes Martinez. Angel Orsini has heard these same rumors. Angel Orsini has asked WSU to make this match. WSU is a company that is able to sustain ourselves by giving the fans what they want. The fans have been asking for this match for 18 months. If the future of Mercedes Martinez is cloudy, we do not want to miss out on an opportunity to give the fans this dream match. However, it was up to Mercedes Martinez, as WSU has honored the Ironwoman stipulation. WSU also caught up with Angel Orsini, where she issued a challenge to Martinez, about hooking horns just one more time.

When WSU asked Martinez if she’d accept this match, Martinez said,
“WSU and WSU fans have given me the opportunity to do everything I could ever dream of doing in womens wrestling. They have let me have freedom. They have given me the best competition. They have believed in me. If the fans want this match, I am in.”

MERCEDES MARTINEZ & ANGEL ORSINI will both be on upcoming episodes of WSU UNCENSORED on to talk more about this match.

Martinez vs Orsini VII.
The Final Chapter.
Title vs Title.

The true champion of womens wrestling will be crowned this night. For 18 months we’ve been waiting for this match. 18 long months. It’s time to see two of the best do it for one last time. This is a MUST SEE match. You will want to be in the building this night to experience this. HISTORY WILL BE MADE.

Jessicka Havok has been making major waves in WSU. The former tag champion, ever since splitting away and going into singles action, has found herself undefeated in WSU and she currently holds a flawless singles record. Defeating the likes of Sassy Stephanie, The Belles Saints, Amy Lee, ODB and others, Havok has steamrolled her way into a major competitor.

Havok on 11/6 split away from Rain’s Army, calling Rain a hypocrite for giving credit to Mercedes Martinez. Havok vowed that she will take out every member of Rain’s Army until 3/5, where she is scheduled to take Rain on herself at the 4 Year Anniversary Show.

Havok in recent videos, seen on WSU’s facebook page and, talked about attacking Amber O’Neal. O’Neal has been quiet. Havok said that O’Neal won’t be back again as she fears the wrath of Havok.

Havok challenged other Rain Army member, Nikki Roxx. Roxx, coming off an excellent encounter with Alicia on 12/11, accepted Havok’s challenge. Can Havok, the one-woman army, take out Rain’s Army? Or will Havok have her whole masterplan to get to the top blow up in her face?

Roxx is a former WSU World Champion & King/Queen of the Ring Tournament winner. This will be Havok’s biggest test to date, while for Roxx, it is a way to get back onto a winning streak in WSU.

While Rain & Roxx have shown a change of heart in WSU, the wickedness still beats strongly in Jessicka Havok. Will Havok get “Roxx’d”, or will Roxx feel the rampage of Havok?

Havok vs Roxx, takes place on 1/22.


Sassy Stephanie, the number 1 contender to the WSU Spirit Championship, and who gets her WSU Spirit Title match on 3/5, has recruited Alicia, the person that knows Brittney Savage better than anyone else, to be her tag team partner on 1/22, when Savage/Alicia do battle with WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo.

What is interesting is Alicia is coming off a huge win and now holds a contract where she can challenge for any championship in WSU. Alicia could even snake the WSU Spirit Championship away from Savage in this tag team match!

However, Alicia has a huge match with Jazz at the anniversary show on 3/5. When Sassy Stephanie asked Alicia to be her partner for this match, Alicia accepted, saying, “I’m always up for kicking the Cosmo Club’s ass.”

The Alicia/Savage feud is a storied feud in WSU, and with Alicia by Steph’s side, it looks like the Cosmo Club will get their SASSED kicked!


On 3/5, we will have a triple threat tag team match for the WSU Tag Team Championships between The Belles Saints, The Cosmo Club & The Soul Sisters. We will get a preview of this explosive tag team title match, as we will see two triple threat matches with the participants of these matches. For all six wrestlers/three teams, this is a chance to get bragging rights and feel their opponents out. This is also a way for everyone to get triple threat match experience, because there is only one fall to a finish. These matches will be a perfect way for each team to get a strategy and see how their opponents are thinking.

Amy Lee/Latasha/Tina San Antonio and Marti Belle/Jana/Cindy Rogers will be two wild unpredictable matches, as these six combatants show how much the WSU Tag Team Titles mean.


The Boston Shore return to WSU on 1/22 and they will be challenged by the unique team of Jennifer Cruz & “The Sugar Freak” Monique. The Boston Shore have unsettled issues with April Hunter & Traci Brooks, but to get back into WSU tag team title retention, they will need a win here. For Cruz & Monique, this new team just lost to

the WSU Tag Team Champions on 12/11. For them, this is a way to redeem themselves and get back into the WSU Tag Team Title mix. Which one of these teams will leave the other in the dust on 12/11?

In a special attraction match, Niya will be challenged by newcomer Athena. Athena, a 5-tool athlete from Texas will have her skills tested by the high flyer Niya. This is a match that will advance the winner in the WSU Spirit Championship rankings.


All this and so much more will take place on 1/22. HISTORY WILL BE MADE. You will not want to miss out on this event.

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