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Raw Redux (December 27th, 2010): What Goes Around, Comes Around

After a sudden attitude change and a memorable slap to the Divas Champion on last week’s edition of Raw, Melina finds herself in a tag match teaming with Alicia Fox facing off against Eve and Gail Kim. Apparently, Natalya hasn’t learned her lesson, as she’s parked her third generation butt at the announcing table to call commentary on the match. Will the tension between the former champ and the current champ come to a breaking point this week? Will Natalya pay Melina back for the vicious slap she got last week? Check out the match below:

Back from commercial, Cole and Lawler introduced Natalya, who is looking stunning. Alicia and Melina are already in the ring discussing their strategy. Out next is the team of Eve and Gail, in matching gear, no less. While the babyfaces are headed to the ring, they cut to a replay from last week, detailing Melina actions after her match. Even a week later, that slap is still epic. As Natalya tells the folks how she felt about the slap, Melina shoots optical daggers her way. If looks could kill, poor Nattie would be six feet under.

Meanwhile, the official signals for the bell, and Alicia and Eve start things off for their teams. Alicia goes in on the offensive with a kick to the gut, followed by a few forearms and knee to the jaw. Alicia whips Eve off the ropes, but Eve rolls over her back, avoids a clothesline and strikes back with a flurry of her own. Eve tries to finish Alicia off with a standing moonsault, but Alicia gets her knees up, leaving Eve writhing on the mat. Alicia tries to take advantage, but only gets a two count.

Not giving Eve any time to breathe, Alicia drags her to her corner by the hair and tags in Melina. Melina slams Eve to the mat, goes for the pin, and gets a nearfall. Frustrated, Melina whips Eve into the turnbuckle and comes charging with double knees, followed by a few vicious forearms. The referee pulls Melina away, which gives Eve enough time to strike back with a jump kick to the side of Melina. While Melina is still reeling, Eve crawls to the corner and tags in her fresh partner, Gail Kim.

Gail Kim comes in like a house of fire, laying Melina out with a shoulder block, followed by a nasty dropkick. Gail scales the ropes and blasts Melina with another dropkick, but before she can get the win, Alicia breaks up the pin. Eve makes the save for her partner and the two roll out of the ring fighting. Gail tries to finish Melina off with Eat Defeat, but Melina counters with a vicious clothesline. While Gail is still out of it, Melina pulls Gail to her feet and finishes her off with the Sunset Split for the win.

Post-match, Natalya gets in the ring to confront the #1 contender. Melina tries to explain her actions and apologize, holding out her hand. However, as soon as Natalya takes it, Melina shoots a sneaky grin at the camera and goes for another slap. This time Nattie sees it coming, block and slaps Melina down. Melina retreats with a evil grin on her face to conclude the segment.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the match. I thought all four ladies were on point and the action was worlds better than last week’s #1 contender’s match. Hopefully, WWE can continue this trend in the weeks to come.

As for the post-match confrontation, I really enjoyed it. Like I said on the Post Raw Show, I think it’s time Melina gets on the mic and explains her actions. It’s no secret that talking is Melina’s strong point, so a well done promo is just what Melina needs to add some spice to this budding feud. Hopefully, WWE chooses to go this route next week, because the next step in this rivalry could make or break it.

All in all, the Diva action this week was one of the bright spots in a otherwise boring Raw. With any luck, Melina and Natalya can take the ball and run with in the coming weeks on Raw.

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