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TNA Genesis in Review: She’s a Killer Knockouts Champion!

It is time for the very first TNA pay-per-view of 2011! Genesis has been looming over the Knockouts division for weeks and finally, we get to see the title put on the line. Madison Rayne, along with her bodyguard Tara, have been tormenting Mickie James for weeks. But now, after countless angles, we get to see it all unfold. I’m excited to share my first ever pay-per-view coverage with you so please, saddle up and hold on tight. This trail ride is about to kick into overdrive!

Let’s open this book with a nice little video package to build up to tonight’s Knockouts Championship bout. It showcases the rapid feud between Mickie James and Tara, including interferences from Madison Rayne. A rather short yet detailed package. HARDCORE COUNTRY! The challenger, Mickie bounds to the ring decked out in some serious fringe. My Native American heritage thanks her and honestly, it fits. I can dig the feathers but the trenchcoat, not so much. Walker, Texas Ranger called and he’d like me to ask you to stay the hell out of his closet. SHE’S A KILLER QUEEN! Quick to cut her off is the champion herself, Madison, who comes out to a renewed theme, in her same old beer wench top and black pants. I guess there still isn’t much of a bonus check with that gold. I can say that I am enjoying her brunette hair more each week. She waves like the princess she believes she is to the crowd, hesitant to hand over her championship belt. The referee calls for the bell which sends Madison into her automatic bully technique. Time to get this party started!

Mickie looks to start this match off strong, finally getting ahold of Madison. After an arm drag and a snapmare takedown, going for a couple quick pin attempts in between, Mickie winds Madison up into a side headlock. But Madison isn’t giving in that soon. A shove from the champ sends Mickie careening into the ropes, coming back with a smooth shoulder block. Bringing that side headlock back into play, Mickie sets herself up for a few shots to the abdomen from her opponent. Time for a little gymnastics. Madison drops to the mat as Mickie rebounds off the ropes, throwing in a cartwheel for good measure. A key dropkick rolls Madison out on the apron, bitching at the referee about Mickie getting the best of her. Let the screeching commence! I know, somewhere in Orlando, there are dogs howling.

The challenger isn’t going to stand for too much distraction. Grabbing a handful of Madison’s hair, Mickie nonchalantly flips her right back into the ring, slamming her down to the mat. A quick one..the referee barely counts the two before Madison kicks out. Applying some form of a reverse wristlock, Mickie sets Madison up for some major pain. It wrenches the elbow, wrist and shoulder which doesn’t fare well for the defending champion. She scrambles for the ropes, trying to break the hold and ends up climbing up only to be dropped like a bad habit. “Do you know who I am?! I’m the Knockouts Champion! You don’t do that to me!” Apparently, Mickie doesn’t give a damn, Madison.

Mickie looks to shut up the harsh tone of Madison’s migraine inducing voice but instead, she gets slammed back onto the canvas. The referee immediately jumps on Madison about the pulling of the hair, which gives Mickie James just enough time to jump on Madison with a Lou Thesz Press. Very nice connection there, very steady. A harsh hair toss later and Madison is out on the floor, trying to buy herself some time. She almost looks ready to walk out which would give her a nice disqualification but she would still keep her title. The referee keeps on his count that seems to drive Mickie’s anger level up with each number. She finally gets fed up with Madison’s lolly-gagging (i went there.) and heads out of the ring. What does the champion do? Naturally, she zips right back into the ring. Such a smart one she is, and so very evil.

Sliding to the other side, Madison slips out onto the floor and drops Mickie’s jugular right down onto top rope. Insert evil cackle here. A snappy pin attempt and this cues the crowd to throw out “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE!” chants in Madison’s direction. Really, people? There are very few in TNA who can’t wrestle but Madison Rayne is not one of them. She may be more gimmick than technique at this moment but her in-ring talent is far from questionable. Get a clue.

Back in control, Madison throws a forearm to Mickie’s chin, knocking her into the far ropes. A coy choke and Madison throws her back across the ring, which knocks her own momentum down. The plan backfires as Mickie slip and slides right under Madison, connecting with a fluid snapmare. A rebound off the ropes and THWACK!, those boots of Mickie slaps right into the face of Madison Rayne. A hook of the leg and oh, only a two count. Both women look to be tiring down which always leads into desperate measures. They work their way to the corner, where Madison is quick to try and sneak in a roll-up with her foot on the ropes but the referee only slaps his hand down twice before Mickie kicks out. This does not make Madison happy. I believe Taz refers to it as a primal scream. I wouldn’t go that far but Madison’s screech is definitely up there with the World’s Worst. I’m talking Ripley’s.

Staring down the official, Madison wraps her hands around Mickie’s throat and goes all the way to the four count before releasing her. Using those turnbuckles for leverage always seems to help, don’t you think? Making the mistake of backing out, Madison gives Mickie too much time to regroup. Just as Madison steps back in, it’s time for a major set of headscissors from Mickie, taking Madison straight down on her head. Mickie leaps back up for the top turnbuckle but Madison jumps on her, tossing her down. The champion straddles her challenger, digging her head into the canvas while sitting on her back. I’m sure most men would love that but I’m willing to bet Mickie wasn’t too happy about it. This goes right along with that migraine issue I was talking about earlier, you follow? This technique slides right into a pair of unsuccessful bridge pin attempts that set Madison up for a quick flip. Mickie turns the tables and one…tw..not quite.

So many pinning attempts, so little time.

A hot shot to the back of Mickie and the taunts begin. A conniption, a hissy fit, a tantrum, whatever you call it Taz, it was pointless. A side neck wrench applied to Mickie, throwing in a few knees for tact. But not to be held down long, Mickie fits back with multiple blows to Madison’s midsection but her effort doesn’t last long. That cocky demeanor has swept back over the champion and she is going in for the kill. She’s a killer queen. Get it? Follow with me here, people! Sitting on Mickie’s back, Madison tries to rearrange the face of her newest foe by a claw to the mouth and nose. Classic heel motives, which I love. Give it a stomp and a headlock and we’re back to a homemade rhinoplasty, Knockouts style. Up on their feet, Mickie tries to fight back, gaining some ground. Tossing, rolling and all around tumbling, Madison isn’t about to let Mickie James get the upper hand again.

Just like a switch, Mickie is back down on the mat and Madison is all smiles. “Come on, Mickieee!” We get it, darling. No. We do. Raising her arms in the air like a true champion, Madison waves to the crowd once again, throwing another conniption of sorts. A lazy hook of the leg and two failed pins later, Madison’s rage puts her in the referee’s face. Her bully techniques don’t phase him so she goes right back to Mickie James, grabbing two handfuls of her hair. I smell a headscissors stomp coming our way. And yes, Taz said ‘vintage’. Why? WHY?!? Sure enough, Madison goes for that coveted signature move but just as she turns it over, Mickie puts her arms out straight. This stops the connection and allows Mickie to pick Madison up in a wheelbarrow position, countering with a nice front slam. Follow-up clotheslines and Mickie is fired up. One order of hot flapjacks and a side of kip up. The challenger is ready to put an end to this and so is the crowd.

Set to ready for that DDT finishing maneuver, Madison ducks out to the corner but Mickie catches her. She has nowhere to run and in true chaotic fashion, Mickie slicks up her hand and lays slaps to Madison’s backside. Oh that has to sting in those pants. Bringing the referee over for a sweet conversation, Madison lays down her complaints and sneaks in a thumb to Mickie’s eye over the official’s shoulder. Very swift, Madi. Going for a phantom boot, Madison misses and gets dropped down with a neckbreaker. Signalling a journey to the top, Mickie climbs to the top turnbuckle and down she comes with a Thesz press. A setup for a DDT and….

Just when it seems like Mickie has this one in the bag, Tara’s music blasts through the Impact Zone and she comes barreling down the ramp. Mickie and official are both completely distracted which gives Madison the opportunity to…shake out her gloved hand. It looks as if she might have slid some heavy object into that black glove. I’m going to go with a set of brass knuckles just for the fun of it. Coming up with a genius plan, GENIUS I say, Madison drops back down to the mat, playing possum. Tara backs up and Mickie goes back to her prime target. She pulls Madison up to her feet, clueless as to what is about to..WHAM!…hit her right in the face.

Taking the term Knockout in a literal sense, Madison goes for the final cover of the match and picks up the victory. The winner and STILL your TNA Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne! Tara comes in to celebrate with her BFF, acting as if it is Madison’s first ever win. A rather odd embrace and Madison goes right back to her people, climbing the ropes to showcase her retained title. Mickie James has absolutely no idea where she is and it is probably for the best. At least, this way, she can’t see the pointing and laughter directed her way. But she can watch Madison walk away with the title she may never capture.

Thoughts: Well, first just let me admit, this match did not turn out how I predicted. I had hoped for a turn around with the championship but it didn’t happen. I wanted a little bit more surprise. After Tara came down, I knew what was going to happen and I hate that. It’s like figuring out the end of a good movie, halfway through and not being able to watch anymore. As for the match itself, it wasn’t all that bad. I would have liked a little more technical. In some spots, Mickie and Madison were both all over the place and it made it kind of awkward to keep up with.

I have a feeling this isn’t the last match between Madison and Mickie. Hopefully, it moves onto focusing on a feud between the two of them and not just Mickie and Tara. It was a consistent match, not too many slow spots. I am very curious to see where this leaves us on Impact. I wanna thank you for sharing this first TNA pay-per-view of 2011 with me and I look forward to seeing you later this week. Until then, my darlings, may you blessed with feathers from Mickie James’ wardrobe!

Match Rating: 3.5/5

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