Friday, June 18, 2021

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TNA Genesis: Rayne Lands Knockout Punch to Retain Knockouts Title

Madison Rayne may be taking the word ‘knockout’ a little too literally.

The Knockouts Champion retained her title tonight over Mickie James at Genesis, after clocking the former WWE star with a loaded glove.

Following a back and forth bout, James seemed to have the match won when she hit Rayne with a Thesz Press from the top and set her up for her patented Tornado DDT. However, before she could hit her finisher, Tara‘s music played into the Impact Zone as Madison’s cohort ran down to ringside and got in Mickie’s face.

With the referee distracted, Madison loaded up her glove with some sort of weapon, using it to knock out Mickie and retain the Knockouts Title.

Many questions were raised from tonight’s pay per view: What did Madison load her glove with in? Since when do run-ins come with musical intros? Do the newly-added vocals to Madison’s entrance theme make puppies cry?

What we do know is that Mickie vs Madison is far from over.

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