Thursday, June 17, 2021

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WWE Catches Up with Sunny caught up with the self-professed original Diva, Sunny for their latest ‘Where Are They Now?’ feature.

In the piece, Sunny attempts to explain why she feels she’s the ‘original Diva’ in WWE, commenting:

“My definition of a Diva is that all-around, well-rounded performer,” Sunny said. “The girls who came before me were so one dimensional and then I came along and anything they threw at me I could do. I could get in the ring and have a match, I managed at ringside, I co-hosted TV shows, I did broadcasting, I did the modeling. I was the first one.”

On being a sex symbol, Sunny said:

“The whole sex symbol thing was not natural for me,” Tammy admitted. “I could be in a bikini for 24 hours a day getting my picture taken, but when they would do a lingerie layout with me? I was the most uncomfortable person in the earth.”

You can read the full piece here. A second part will be posted tomorrow.

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