Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Maria Kanellis Speaks on Never Winning Gold in WWE

Former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis — who will soon be touring with fellow former Divas, Jillian and Tiffany — commented on the fact that she had never won gold in the WWE.

Speaking to Final Bell Radio, she said:

Definitely, it was so hard always being girl that got beat up but never got to win. I beat Michelle, I beat Melina, Mickie, Beth. I beat all these girls but never got the opportunity to get the title. That was hard because I could beat them, but I could never beat them for the title. Being there for that long and watching other people get the opportunity to get the title. I’m not stupid, I know I wasn’t the greatest in the ring, and I never looked the toughest in the ring but to hold the championship for one day or for half a show would have been awesome.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Thoughts: I’m not in the school of thought that people ‘deserve’ a title reign because of their tenure in the company. I think Maria’s a great girl and good at a lot of things, but wrestling was not her strong suit, so I have to disagree and say she didn’t merit a title run. In my opinion, she’s better served as a ‘talker’ which is why her current career path seems perfect for her — she’s able to show her personality, and be lively and bubbly.

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