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Live Coverage of WSU Final Chapter iPPV: January 22nd, 2011

Diva Dirt presents live play-by-play from WSU’s Internet pay per view, Final Chapter, taking place live from the ACE Arena in New Jersey. Stay tuned for a full report (and sarcastic opinion) from the pay per view.

Pay per view begins with a video package of the feud between Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini.

Inside the arena, there are three ladders set up and the two main event ladies are brought out to the ring for the opening segment.

Orsini says she only cares about keeping her All Guts, No Glory belt and winning back the WSU World Championship. Martinez says she’ll climb the ladder and grab both titles. She says that Orsini deserves respect and she understands her frustration, but her reign as AGNG Champ ends tonight.

The two women climb the ladder and hang up their belts, where they will hang for the remainder of the evening until the main event.

The women now stare down in the middle of the ring and trash talk before exiting.

The ring is being cleared of the ladders as we await our first match of the evening.

We are kicking off with Niya vs Athena.

There’s a mix up by the ring announcer as Niya is announced first but it’s actually Athena who comes out. Athena attacks Niya with a kick to the face as she makes her entrance and the match is under way.

Athena vs Niya
Niya hits a side-headlock on Athena, surprising Niya. She plays it up to the crowd and the referee before they begin battling again. Athena and Niya lock up and Niya applies an armlock. Athena with a front headlock but Niya reverses. Athena fights back and re-applies the front headlock and then goes for an arm lock. Niya rolls through and goes for a pin but Athena kicks out.

As the match continues, Niya hits a split leg-drop and then goes for a standing moonsault but Athena puts up her knees. Niya in the corner, Athena hits some back flips and then hits a beautiful kick to the midsection. The crowd pops big for that move. She then does a handstand and then comes crashing down on Niya with her knees.

Later, Niya tries to take control of the match by lowering the ropes as Athena falls out. She goes for a baseball slide to the outside but Athena kicks her in the head. Pinfall attempt but no dice. Niya hits a good move of her use, hitting a crossbody from the middle rope. Athena then hits a great move, sort of like the Fame-asser and an armbar rolled into one.

Niya hits a TKO on Athena and picks up a win.

Winner: Niya

Decent match and a strong showing from Athena. Not sold on Niya, however.

Backstage, Sassy Stephie is cutting a promo about the Cosmo Club when Brittney Savage and Rick Cataldo turn up and there’s a back and forth. Rick & Brittney do a little Lay-Cool esque double act. Amy Lee and Cindy Rogers then turn up and the odds are against Stephie until Alicia comes in and breaks it up. Alicia tells them to go get ready for their match instead of trying to sneak up on them.

Jennifer Cruz and the ‘Sugar Freak’ Monique are out next. They don’t seem to be on the same page, Monique hams it up to the crowd but Cruz is more stoic.

Jennifer Cruz & ‘Sugar Freak’ Monique vs Amber & Lexxus (The Boston Shore)
Amber and Cruz kick things off. Amber with a legscissors. Cruz with a headlock. Amber goes for a splash in the corner but Cruz hits armdrags. Amber with a jawbreaker and tags in Lexxus. Hard clothesline and pin attempt by Lexxus. She mounts Cruz and chokes her out and then smashes her head first into the corner. Lexxus whips Cruz and then hits her with a back elbow.

Amber is tagged back in and chokes Cruz over the middle rope with her leg. She distracts the ref as Lexxus now chokes Cruz with her foot. Amber grates Cruz’s face over the top rope and then kicks her in the midsection several times.

Amber continues to beatdown Cruz until she gets a hot tag to Monique. Amber tags Lexxus. Monique in control over Lexxus and hits a DDT. She goes for the pin but Amber breaks it up. Cruz gets in the ring but is thrown out of the ring by Amber. Enzugiri by Amber on Monique. Lexxus with a running senton and picks up the win.

Winners: The Boston Shore

So-so match. Lexxus was impressive, however.

Boston Shore take the mic. Amber has the ref raise their arms in victory again. Amber says they have unfinished business with Traci Brooks and April Hunter. She says at the anniversary show on March 5th, Traci and April should get ready if they decide to show up.

Video package of Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio this past Thursday doing a fan appreciation night in New York.

It’s time for a three-way dance match.

Amy Lee vs Latasha Tina San Antonio
The fight is already beginning as Tina makes her entrance as Amy and Latasha go at it.

The bell rings and Tina and Latasha try to double team Amy but get double-clotheslined. Samoan drop by Lee on Tina. Latasha breaks up a pin attempt but then is hit with a bodyslam and a leg drop by Lee.

Lee woman handles both the women with big splashes in the corner and then hits low dropkick on both.

Tina fights back against Lee, taking her down by the knee. Latasha and Tina now double team Lee. Snapmare by Tina followed by a jumping neckbreaker. Latasha then hits a jumping neckbreaker too.

Lee is propped in the corner as both Latasha and Tina hit handspring elbows and then hit a double bulldog on her. Latasha goes for a pin but Tina pulls her off. They then begin arguing amongst themselves as Amy gets back on her feet and takes them both out.

Lee throws Latasha out of the ring and then hits a chokeslam and splash on Tina for the win.

Winner: Amy Lee

Allysin Kay out now to make her WSU debut.

Allysin Kay vs Jamilia Craft
The two go for armlocks and roll out of each other’s moves. Craft with a headlock, Kay reverses into her own headlock. Kay runs the ropes and takes down Craft. Craft however manages to lock in another headlock. Kay tries to grab Jamilia’s mask and then hits a back suplex followed by a vicious clothesline.

Kay applies an armbar submission on Craft as she tries to wriggle free. Pin attempt but Craft kicks out. Shoulder blocks in the corner followed by a northern lights suplex by Kay. Pin attempt. Swinging neckbreaker by Kay and another pin attempt.

Jamilia begins fighting back with offense, with a knee to the face and chops. Kay however slaps her and tackles her into the corner. She runs at her but gets a boot to the face. Belly to belly suplex by Craft for the win.

Winner: Jamilia Craft

As Jamilia is exiting, she’s attacked by Jennifer Cruz. She says she will see Craft on March 5th at the WSU anniversary show.

Jessicka Havok video package now.

Another three-way dance now featuring the tag team partners of the ladies involved in the previous three-way match.

Cindy Rogers vs Jana vs Marti Belle
Jana and Marti go after Cindy but she ducks and clubs Jana. They then hit Cindy with a double hip-toss. Cindy thrown into the corner and both hit splashes on her. Marti hits an elbow drop. Jana with a handstand into a splash.

Jana and Marti now. Marti with a headscissors. Jana with a side slam. Cindy throws Jana into the ringpost, hurting her arm. Marti and Cindy in the ring now. Marti with some clotheslines. Cindy now takes control and whips Marti into the corner and hits a butt bump. Cindy kicks jana off the apron and applies a submission on Marti.

Jana is on the apron, but Cindy whips Marti into her and knocks her back off. Marti tries to fight back against Cindy and hits a jawbreaker.

As the match continues, Marti tries to get a quick win with a backslide. Jana is on the apron and hits Cindy with forearms. Marti hits a move from behind on Cindy. Jana locks in her Jana Vince finisher and Marti tacks out.

Winner: Jana

After the match, Cindy attacks Jana and Amy Lee comes out. Latasha and Tina San Antonio come out to save their partners.

Amy Lee takes the mic and says she and Cindy ‘came, we saw, we f**ked them all’. Jana says last time she and Cindy were in the ring, Jana made Cindy tap. Jana says they don’t have to wait till March 5th, they can get the match on now. The referees try to stop things. Tina San Antonio says she and Marti didn’t have a successful night tonight but they have something up their sleeves. Marti says the 6 of them will wrestle on March 5th for the WSU Tag Team Championships. Marti says she wants to make the match ‘Uncensored Rules’. The challenge is accepted.

Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo vs Alicia & Sassy Stephie
Stephie with a hogtie-esque submission on Cataldo as Alicia hits a low dropkick. Arm drags by Stephie followed by a kick to the back. She then hits her with knee-scissors smash (think Madison Rayne). Alicia now in with a hard chop and clothesline in the corner. Butt bump by Alicia on Cataldo. Pin attempt but no dice.

Stephie back in now as Cataldo jumps out of the ring, running around the ring. Brittney appears out of nowhere and clotheslines Stephie.

Brittney in the ring now and takes control of Stephie, choking her over the middle rope. Headlock as the crowd try to will Stephie on. Clothesline by Brittney. She steps on Stephie’s hair and lifts her off the ground. Stephie in the corner and a butt bump by Brittney followed by a running knee smash to the face. Now a low dropkick and pin attempt.

Alicia gets hot tag and hits a hip toss. Brittney takes control, whipping her in the corner and runs at her but Alicia throws her legs up and kicks her. Cataldo tagged back in and chokes Alicia over the middle rope.

Brittney is in and the Cosmo Club use heel tactics to work over Alicia. Yakuza kick and neckbreaker by Brittney but no pin. Cataldo back in and gets hit with a dropkick by Alicia. Cataldo hits a submission move. Alicia with a jawbreaker and a high kick to Cataldo in the corner. Alicia runs at Cataldo who puts his legs up her shoulders but he gets hit with a powerbomb by Alicia.

Hot tags to Stephie and Brittney. Stephie takes down Brittney with clotheslines and goes for a pin but no dice. Stephie goes for her finisher but gets eye-raked by Savage. Sassy hits a side-leg sweep. Cataldo makes a blind tag and grabs Stephie, sitting up on the corner so Brittney can hit a move. Stephie moves and Brittney ends up hitting Cataldo in the privates.

Stephie hits the Kiss My Sass on Cataldo for the win.

Winners: Alicia and Sassy Stephie

Stephie takes the mic and says Brittney will lose to her on March 5th. Alicia says she’s facing Jazz in March. She says she won a match in December to get any title match at any time and she may be coming after any of the champions and tells them to watch out.

Uncensored Rules: Jessicka Havok vs Nikki Roxx
Nikki Roxx storms the ring upon her entrance but Havok goes right after her with forearms and blows. Nikki whips her into the corner and hits a back bump. Bulldog from the corner by Roxx.

She goes for a powerslam but Havok counters and slams her down against the mat. Havok with forearms to the face. Nikki Roxx with a clothesline and dropkick. Havok with a flapjack.

The match goes to the outside as Havok takes it to Roxx and smashes her head off the apron. They’re in the crowd now and Nikki smashes Havok against a steel chair before throwing her into a wall.

Havok is now in control, choking out Roxx. Havok clubs her across the neck a few times and sets up a chair, hitting her head first against the chair. Havok then clubs Roxx across the back several times.

Nikki fights back with a shot across the head and a yakuza kick. She goes for a pin but Jessicka kicks out. Roxx throws Havok into a wall.

The match continues in the crowd.

Back at ringside, Roxx is thrown into the ringpost. Jessicka begins choking her out with cable wire. Nikki begins fighting back and throws Havok into the ring.

Havok with a jawkbreaker and goes for a powerbomb but Roxx counters. She begins hitting Havok with clubbing blows and goes for the Barbie Crusher but Havok breaks free. Headbutts and kicks by Havok. Havok begins choking Nikki out with her leg.

Nikki with a kick to Havok. Both ladies are down. The are both on their knees on the mat and begin throwing forearms. They get to their feet as Nikki hits a T-bone suplex.

Roxx goes up top and goes for a crossbody. Havok rolls through. Nikki applies an ankle lock. Havok rolls through. Nikki goes for a Barbie Crusher but Havok breaks free again. Havok goes for a Kudo Driver and connects for the win.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Very good match.

Jessicka Havok takes the mic and says Rain is next and then the WSU Championship.

We see Angel Orsini and Mercedes Martinez gearing up for their match backstage now.

WSU’s Hall of Fame 2011 class will be:
Luna Vachon inducted by Amy Lee
April Hunter inducted by Nikki Roxx
Ivory inducted by Jazz

Ladder Match for WSU World & All Guts, No Glory Championships: Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez
Angel Orsini jumps out of the ring to get a ladder, Mercedes hits a baseball slide on the ladder and it smashes into Orsini. The ladder is in the ring now as Mercedes is put under it by Angel. She then stomps on the ladder and Mercedes. Legscissors by Orsini now.

Mercedes fights back with chops to Orsini. Orsini fights back with chops of her own. Orsini whips Martinez into a corner and hits a clothesline. Orsini kicks her in the back. Orsini sets up a ladder and begins climbing up Mercedes hits her with a back suplex. A couple of suplexes by Mercedes on Orsini. Martinez gets another ladder and sets it up in the corner.

Hard spot as Angel picks up Martinez and attempts to throw her on top of the ladder in the corner. Martinez jumps off her and pushes Angel into the ladder. Looks really vicious.

Martinez chokes out Angel with a chair across her throat. There’s another ladder set up in the corner now. Angel gets chopped by Mercedes. Angel then hits a monkey flip on Martinez into the ladder in the corner. Great spot.

Angel begins pummeling Martinez and applies a camel clutch.

Angel and Mercedes on the outside as Orsini chokes her out with a bullrope.

Angel back in the ring with a kendo stick and hits Martinez across the hand with it. Angel chokes out Martinez with the kendo stick. Baking tray on Martinez’s body and Angel stomps on it.

Spinebuster onto the ladder by Martinez on Orsini. Ouch!

Martinez is hobbling around the ring. Martinez grabs the kendo stick and hits Orsini across the back and chokes her out with it.

Martinez throws Angel into the guardrail but she goes right over it into the crowd. Martinez and Orsini in the crowd now as Martinez chops her. Martinez with kick to Angel’s head.

Angel begins to fight back and clotheslines her over the guardrail back to the ringside area.

Back in the ring, Angel has Martinez in a headlock and slams her onto the ladder.

Angel goes for a moonsault but misses. Martinez gets back on her feet and begins wearing down Orsini and whips her into a ladder.

Later in the match, they’re back on the outside as Orsini reverses a whip and Martinez goes over the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Martinez hits a fisherman buster on Orsini on a chair. Martinez sets up a ladder between the ring apron and the guardrail, propping Orsini up on it. She goes up top and comes crashing down on Orsini. What a spot! Both ladies are out.

Martinez props a ladder in the ring and goes to get the belt but Orsini is right behind her and yanks her down. Martinez is motionless.

Orsini climbs the ladder now, but Martinez climbs the ladder right next to it. Orsini goes for the flat-liner off the ladder. Another hard spot!

Orsini climbs the ladder again and Martinez tries to climb up behind her. Martinez hits Orsini with punches and a kick to the ribs. Martinez now on top of the ladder as Orsini climbs up. Orsini grabs Martinez and hits her with a sit-out powerbomb off the ladder. Yet another hard move.

Orsini hits Martinez with a German suplex and then hits an Angle Slam.

Orsini climbs the ladder again. Martinez climbs the other ladder. Martinez with a neckbreaker off the ladder on Orsini.

Martinez climbs the ladder and grabs the belts. Orsini pushes the ladder away. Martinez hangs onto the hook holding the belts. Orsini climbs a ladder and shoots her down with a spear. What a move!

The two women are now propped up on the corner. Angel is climbing a ladder while Martinez is on the ropes. Martinez hits a fisherman buster from the top of the ladder. Wow! The crowd is cheering and clapping.

Martinez drags Orsini to the middle of the ring and props the ladder up over Orsini so she can’t fight back. Martinez climbs to the top and brings down the belts to win.

Winner and FIRST EVER WSU Undisputed Champion: Mercedes Martinez

Just an incredible match with SO many hard-hitting spots. Major kudos to both ladies. They both took a beating but gave a stellar match.

After the match, the two women embrace in a show of respect.

Martinez takes the mic and says she respects Orsini for giving it her all in every match. Martinez says she will give Orsini a title shot anytime she wants.

Orsini takes the mic and puts over Martinez too. She says she respects Martinez. She says the feud was about two top bitches trying to see how far they could take it.

Martinez says she hasn’t forgotten about Serena cutting her hair. She says she won’t let ‘some ex-WWE Diva come into her house’ and disrespect yet. She says if she thinks WSU gave her competition, she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Alicia’s music hits. She comes out and says she has a contract to challenge for any belt at anytime. She teases she’s gonna cash in her title but she’s just kidding. She says all three of them are icons and on March 5th she’s cashing in her contract for a title shot.

Martinez and Orsini exit the arena together to conclude the pay per view.

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