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WSU News & Notes Coming out of Final Chapter iPPV Last Night, Plus Thoughts on the Show

In case you missed last night’s WSU iPPV, Final Chapter, chances are you missed out on an incredible main event. More on that at the end of this article. But for now, here are some exclusive news and notes we have coming out of the iPPV last night.

* Mercedes Martinez bore the brunt of the injuries coming out of the ladder match with Angel Orsini. Thankfully, nothing too bad. Just some cuts to her fingers, wrist and back. She will miss no ring time.

* With Martinez’s status up in the air over the past couple of months (it had been expected that she would sign with AAA in Mexico), WSU’s plan to have Alicia cash in her ‘any time, anywhere’ contract at the end of the show and take the belt. Obviously, that didn’t happen although Alicia teased it. As Martinez won’t be heading to Mexico, the decision was made to keep the belt on her.

* The All Guts, No Glory Championship will be done away with and Mercedes will simply go by ‘WSU World Champion’.

* Allysin Kay and Athena are said to have impressed in their debuts and are expected to be brought back by WSU.

* Interestingly, I’m told that due to additional revenue coming in from these iPPVs on GoFightLive, WSU will have a more ‘aggressive schedule’ in 2011. WSU already runs pretty regularly, but it seems we could be seeing even more shows from them as the year unfolds.

* I’m told that Brittney Savage has had two callbacks for WWE Tough Enough. Apparently she is in ‘deeper talks with them than most’.

My thoughts on the iPPV
WSU’s second outing on iPPV was an improvement over the last. The matches worked much better, I felt and from a technical aspect, things ran smoother too. The house microphone was much louder this time (which was my main gripe back in November), and little things like backstage skits and video packages really added to the show.

There were some good matches, some okay matches and some passable matches. The opening match — Athena vs Niya — was a good match to open the show. Athena is great to watch in the ring and has a real presence. I was surprised to see Niya win here, but you can’t win ’em all. Things drifted a little after that. The second match was quite a comedown from the first one. I think we could have done without that, as well as the two three-way matches which I didn’t enjoy.

Jamilia Craft vs Allysin Kay was a decent match also. Jamilia is very talented in the ring and she’s celebrating her one year anniversary as a pro. Kay is green still but has potential.

Things got really good in the last three matches. The Stephie/Alicia vs Cataldo/Savage match was a fun tag team match. Nikki Roxx and Jessicka Havok had a great brawl all around the arena in their ‘Uncensored Rules’ match and it kind of set the tone for what was to come.

The main event was easily the best match on the card. An incredible showing by both women involved. There were so many insane spots in this match and both ladies took a lot of punishment but it paid off. They had a stellar match, which the entire roster came out to see behind the hard camera, I’m told. Both Mercedes and Angel deserve tons of adulation for their efforts.

In all, the main event will have everyone buzzing (and rightfully so). I’d recommend paying up the $15 for this match alone.

You can still catch the replay of WSU Final Chapter here. You can read our recap here.

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