Trish Rumored for 2012 WWE Hall of Fame

7-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus has been linked to next year’s WWE Hall of Fame, according to the Wrestling Observer.

The Observer reports that WrestleMania 28 will likely emanate from Toronto, Canada — Trish’s hometown — thus making her one of the discussed names for the Class of 2012.

Of course, Trish’s career with WWE came to an end in her hometown back in September 2006.

Thoughts: While it may seem early for Trish to be inducted, for the stars to align (‘Mania in Toronto) like this, I would agree that it makes sense for Trish to be inducted. The other name rumored at the moment for next year’s class is The Rock. Of course, it should be stressed that these names are just being discussed within WWE, no formal negotiations have taken place and no decisions have been made at this point.

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  • BillyGP

    If she inducted im happy for her and believe now is better then ever.

  • A.E

    @Rhawk HBK retired from wrestling last year and got inducted to hall of fame it wasn’t to early for him and for sure it isn’tt early for trish or lita either

  • The_JM

    Yes!!! Even if it’s really early for her to enter the HOF and other women should be inducted first, I would love Trish to be in the HOF next year. She was everything a diva should be:mic skills, decent wrestling, could work heel or face, great rivalries, killer style, and could put girls over. I LOVED heel trish in 04-05, she was absoluetly amazing. I’m her biggest fan, she was the reason I watched wrestling. All of her title reigns were memorable, especially her 5th title reign in 04. She along with Lita, Jazz, Victoria, Molly, and more paved the way for girls like Michelle, Layla, Beth, Nattie, Kelly, and more. A personal favorite match would against Lita in the main event, awesome all around. If she does get inducted I would like for Lita to indcut her would be amazing and I feel if you induct Trish, why leave Lita out? For me both made each other, without Trish how would have Lita turned out vice versa. @ nick wow really that has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. For me you’re hof worthy, if you leave your mark. Hell I remember Trish and Lita and their matches even if they haven’t been with wwe full time for 4-5 years.

  • drayme

    @Rhawk In what way? Luna wasnt as popular or pushed as either. Nor does she have the body of work Trish has. So how is it a fact?

  • Nick

    @ all people, at least they returned to WWE in somewhere not their hometowns, and trish had received a bunch of invitations from WWE even if it was in her hometown, she still turned them down.

    maybe i was wrong when i said she doesnt deserve but as @LaceyVonErichFan said: it was too soon for her to be in WWE Hall of Fame. she still needs to demonstrate some more contributions to WWE to earn this prize.

  • Macho Madness

    Wow, it does seem a bit too early for her to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame. I could be wrong, but wouldn’t that make her the youngest person ever inducted into the WWE HOF if she was inducted next year?

  • drayme

    Ive already said he will be retired full time for 7 years and age 37, it isnt too soon.

    PLEASE explain how it will be too soon?

    Women wrestler’s shelflife is only so long. What do you expect her to do? Return full time at her age? Dont make me laugh.

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    i always hoped that Trish and Lita would go in the same year since without each other neither of them probably would have been as big as they were it was their feud with each other that catapulted them into the for front

  • Rhawk

    @drayme – It doesn’t matter what titles you win, it matter with what you do that makes an impact in the business that really matters. Neither does it matter about Popularity or being pushes, I mean look at all the ‘extras’ that get included into the Hall of Fame, I mean if this were a popularity contest, the likes of Triple H, John Cena and Randy Orton would be in the HoF by now.

    Sure, Luna never revolutionized the word ‘Diva’, but she brought her own image into the ‘Diva’ mold during her time. She was a masterdone amongst the women and she was tremendously gifted in the ring. And after not getting one title reign in the WWF and sadly passing away last year, I truly believe she is more deserving at this moment in time. Trish can wait, she’s still young, everyone can wait for Trish to be inducted in a few yeas, I mean its not like the world is ending next year or anything! . . . wait, forget I said that. x-D

    My point is inducting Trish can wait while Luna sadly doesn’t have time anymore, and what better way to show what an incredible talent she was thanto induct her into the HoF. RIP Luna, we miss you so much. =-’(

  • A.E

    @nick you are too subjective cause if it was michelle you well probably say she deserve it. however both trish and lita said on a numbers of occasion that they are busy with there side project to make appearance pluss the two of them declined the return ti wrestle mania cause of the 25 diva battle joke.

  • A.E

    @Jayd211 thats my opinion to both trish and lita wouldn’t reach the success without each other.

  • drayme

    @Rhawk Not a convincing argument at all. In terms of impact with Trish I can point to TV ratings, TV main events, PPVs, outside of wrestling stuff and as a role model for fans & wrestler. She is the more deserving of the two

    To use your term Luna is an extra she isnt going to co-main event a WWE HOF like Trish will. You are a fan thats cool but if you look at it objectively Trish achieved far more and was a much better wrestler. What works against Luna also is that in WWE’s eyes is that she died “dishonourably” while the Trish Status story is much easier to promote.

  • A.E

    @nick how she contribute more her and lita practically paved the way or someone like michelle,beth and the others.

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    @Nick like most things involving Wrestling u are delusional lol Trish has given alot to the WWE already and deserves this honor. there are alot of HOF that either never stepped foot in a WWE ring or never returned to the WWE after their retirement

    for u to say Trish didnt do enough for the WWE if it wasnt for her being able to successfully go from fitness model to wrestler ur precious Michelle McCool and Layla would have probably ever been given the opportunity to step foot in a WWE ring

  • xtrahote

    Some of the comments here are kind of foolish. First of all, the WWE Hall of Fame is not what it was intended to be. As it been mentioned here before, WWE is inducting Shawn Michaels this year. Granted, Shawn was with the company for many, many years…he JUST retired! And that’s not too soon? Trish Stratus, despite what many people wanna say or would admit to, WAS the Women’s division for the amount of time she was in WWE. With the exception of Lita, Trish was the only person who was frequently used in storylines, both inside and outside there division. Trish was the most marketable diva for a big chunk of her time, and she did what many people in wrestling can’t seem to do! She retired and RARELY comes back. That’s the POINT! If you retire, it’s because your time has come to an end in the profession you’re in. Trish has appeared only a handful of times which make each appearance special. I’m not a fan of her being inducted so soon, BUT if the E is ok with Shawn being inducted just a year after his retirement, then I have absolutely no problem with them inducting Trish next year. Trish is destined to be a WWE Hall of Famer, 7 time women’s champion (most in HISTORY-and seems like that record will stay since the Women’s title is out the picture right now) and her popularity rivaled those of most of the top male stars! Whether it’s next year, or in 10 years, it will happen for Trish and she deserves the honor!

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    @xtrahote i couldnt have said it better myself

  • BillyGP

    Trish turned down one WWE offer that i know of that was the battle royal at Mania few year ago which i dont blame her.

    @xtrahote Well said.

  • A.E

    @xtrahote agree with you 100%


    Well, while I’m not going to post any anti-Trish, Pro-Lita comments….. I do reckon that Lita should induct Trish into the HOF, and then Trish returns the favour when Lita is inducted

  • ryanmvs

    No. She shouldn’t be yet. Heck Mae Young and Moolag were the LEGENDS and they got inducted a few year ago.

  • Spideywebby

    & who the hell are we to disagree/agree who should & should not be in HOF, how early etc? Geez! What a joke.

  • Bobby-james

    The comments section here is an interesting read. I will add this:

    Trish Stratus is my favorite WWE performer, EVER, male or female. My story with wrestling is well documented in comments on this site. I began watching WWE because of Trish Stratus and continued watching because of her. To me, she is wrestling and represented the evolution a person and character take through their career. She had the most perfect career anyone could have asked for…

    With that, I’ll say this: Trish Stratus is going to be in the Hall of Fame someday, it’s just a matter of when. There has been a lot of talk saying it’s too soon or maybe wait five years. There have then been the arguments saying Shawn Michaels retired a year ago and is inducted this year. So here’s the logic, the Hall of Fame Ceremony is a telecast, therefore it has to draw ratings. It will draw larger ratings with people current fans know, this year it’s Shawn Michaels and they’ll draw ratings for it. Next year, why not do Trish Stratus and The Rock? They’ll draw ratings and ratings = money.

    I do not believe in sequential inductions, meaning, I don’t think people need to be inducted according to “they came before Trish so…” The fact is, Trish Stratus was a global phenomenon for Women’s Wrestling – she and the crop of women she worked with – worked extremely hard to earn places in the ring and get time, promos, storylines, etc. So nobody can make a valid claim that Trish doesn’t deserve this.

    I will add that whatever year Trish Stratus is inducted Lita should be inducted. Their names are intertwined. Yes, Trish carried a divsion, but Lita was right beside her. Trish and Lita’s names go together and I can’t think of a better honor than to induct best friends together.

    @ Nick – I thank God Trish Stratus isn’t hogging the spotlight like other retired Hall of Famers (Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, etc.). The point of retirement and being a Hall of Famer isn’t to constantly appear on TV. Trish Stratus is a very smart woman and if anything should be inducted for that alone because unlike the people you’re praising, Trish Stratus clearly invested wisely and doesn’t need to rely solely on the wrestling business as a crutch, like the Ric Flairs of wrestling. She retired and doesn’t need to wrestle because she’s broke. People like the Undertaker are another prime example – he’s constantly injured or having surgery and reports suggest he has hip troubles and walking troubles, yet someone must consistently sacrifice a spot on a show or at WrestleMania to accomodate someone who can’t perform at the level their legacy would suggest. So yes, I am glad Trish Stratus isn’t regularly appearing (although I wouldn’t be opposed because I think she shows everytime she’s back that she’s still as good today as she was when she left).

    There’s an old saying that goes, “Why put off to tomorrow what you can get done today…” So I’m for it. I say induct Trish Stratus in 2012. While you’re at it, induct Lita too.

    As for Luna Vachon, I agree, she needs to be in the Hall of Fame, as do Chyna, Molly Holly, Victoria, Mickie James and Sable. I DO NOT THINK SUNNY SHOULD BE HALL OF FAME BOUND EVER – her contributions are not as noteworthy as some would suggest.

  • Bobby-james

    Just a question to Diva-Dirt, how in your “Thoughts” can you consider this “early” for Trish to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Did you not award her the “Legacy Award”?

  • Taylor

    Yay! I think it’s perfectly fine for Trish to get inducted next year–obviously, headlining as well. Time really has nothing to do with it. The WWE can wait five years, ten years, or even 15 years; it really doesn’t matter. Is waiting going to add to or take away from her legacy? No. So there’s no reason to make that excuse. I understand there are people that came before her, but so what? I’m sure they haven’t had or made the same impact.

    In regards to ratings, the WWE would be foolish not to capitalize on a Toronto WrestleMania and inducting Trish into the Hall of Fame. They would make a plethora of money just in Canada.

  • Valese

    If Lita hadn’t had such obstructive injuries, i’m pretty sure she would’ve made a bigger impact. Trish to me is average, at least she’s memorable and those 7 title reigns are more reminiscent than that of Lita’s 4, short reigns. Then again everyone will forget Michelle McCool and her championship reigns ,when she retires; She’s forgettable. But Trish and Lita aren’t because everybody knew who they were.