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Diva Dirt’s Guide to Autobiographies We’d Like to See…

The release of ‘Undisputed’, Chris Jericho’s highly recommended second autobiography, got us thinking. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an autobiography from a female wrestler. It’s been 10 years since Chyna released hers and eight since Lita‘s. Last year did however see a biography based on the life of the legendary Mildred Burke, but that was written by Jeff Leen and wasn’t self-penned (Burke died in 1989).

So, we sat and we thought about it — who would we like to see put their life in print? We’ve compiled just a few names that we feel could pen a compelling autobiography. As always, we want to hear from you too. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Anyone who’s seen either of Ivory’s recent shoot interviews (here, here) knows that former WWE Women’s Champion, Ivory — real name Lisa Moretti — has a magnetism about her. Melanie dubbed her ‘wrestling’s cool aunt’ in a review of her most recent shoot interview and that’s really what she is. She’d be the perfect choice to bottle up that personal magnetism and put it on paper. Lisa isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (she calls a spade a spade) but never comes across bitter or like she’s clinging onto fame. Her stories are genuinely entertaining and her delivery even more so. From her early beginnings in wrestling with GLOW to her run in WWE, Lisa has plenty to discuss. Not only that, but she has the charm and humor to really make the words pop off of the page! Oh, and can you imagine the pretty purple color cover?

As controversial as she is flawless, Michelle McCool’s an interesting character, isn’t she? From humble beginnings as a schoolteacher to Diva Search contestant to one of the top Divas in WWE. It’s been a whirlwind journey for Michelle over the past seven years. Her rise and rise to prominence in the WWE as first ever Divas Champion, Women’s Champion and Diva of the Year has been matched by an equal rise and rise of interest in her personal life. It’d certainly be juicy to hear — or rather read — the woman herself address the controversies surrounding her career. Not to mention, she has plenty of accolades that would make for great stories. In Jericho’s ‘Undisputed’, he juxtaposed what he was doing on television at the time to what it was like backstage. I think Michelle could tell some similarly interesting stories. How did she and Layla develop their Lay-Cool act? What was it like being told you’d be the first ever Divas Champion?

Who said all autobiographies had to be about wrestlers in WWE? As a 10-plus year veteran of the independent circuit, you sure as hell know Miss D has seen it all! In fact, she’s given away some pretty fun stories on her audio show here at Diva Dirt — for example, that time Ricky Steamboat walked in on her in the toilet. As all who have listened to her audio show will know, Danger is a promo queen. Charisma and a dynamic personality helped the likes of Chris Jericho and Mick Foley become New York Times Bestsellers and it’s safe to say that Danger also taps into that charisma pool. Can you imagine the word ‘douchecanoe’ printed in the pages of a book?

Rena ‘Sable’ Mero’s popularity rivaled the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock as she broke away from Marc Mero and helped shape the Diva mould. She wasn’t the best in-ring wrestler, but Sable’s popularity rocketed from 1997-99. She became Women’s Champion, competed at WrestleMania and even posed for Playboy. Sable, however, wasn’t without controversy with criticism from coworkers including Sunny and Torrie Wilson. Not to mention that little episode when she sued WWE for $110m. She eventually returned to WWE in 2003 and married Brock Lesnar. Talk about a page-turner! Mero did once release an autobiography, ‘Undefeated’ in 2000. If you didn’t know of its existence, you’re not alone. I didn’t either! Perhaps it’s time that Rena released a second autobiography covering her entire WWE run and subsequent life after wrestling with Brock?

She’s gone from respected WWE Diva to respected TNA Knockout. Lisa Marie Varon certainly has had a long, prosperous career and a strong fanbase to show for it. Nine years in WWE followed by two years in TNA (so far), Lisa has been in the two biggest wrestling promotions in North America and probably has a ton of stories that could fill two books. Not to mention, like Lisa ‘Ivory’ Moretti, she has that likability factor that makes her endearing to fans. She’s got a great humor and personality that shines, as well as a big heart. What more could you want? Lisa has gone on record to say she wasn’t entirely happy with how she was used in WWE and that would perhaps be a unique selling point for her story: the jump from WWE to TNA. Just hitting 40, Lisa’s lifespan as a female wrestler on television is rare for today’s youth-obsessed industry. No doubt, she’d have some sage advice for making it in WWE or TNA for young girls. This is a book we would most definitely pick up!

Who else would you like to see autobiographies from? Tell us who and why in the comments!

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