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WILD Wrestling Results (February 25th): TNA Knockout Debuts

TNA Knockout and former WWE Diva, Winter made her first appearance for WILD Wrestling last night in Southern California.
Results below:

Chino, CA. – Two monumental debuts changed the face of the World Independent Ladies’ Division last night at the Insane Wrestling League, a WILD-affiliate company in Southern California.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Winter, came to the ring first to an incredibly loud pop from the packed American Legion Hall. She announced that she was proud to be a part of the fastest-growing all-women’s company in the world and that she was excited to watch the match that was about to happen. Why?

“My opponent for my first match in WILD will be the winner of this match,” she proclaimed.


Winter and WILD Owner Travis Leland made their way to the commentary table to talk with Steel Cage Radio during their live webcast of the show.
Out came the two competitors, Tabitha Buck and the debuting Aiden Riley. The diminutive Riley grabbed the microphone from IWL ring announcer Tony Graziano and announced herself.

After some initial feeling out, Aiden took control of the early part of the match, with some fast action and some vicious submission moves. Eventually Tabitha, the young cousin of Max and Jeremy Buck of TNA, began to make a strong comeback, culminating in a headscissors takedown that dropped Riley right on top of her head, sending her out of the ring to regain her senses. While on the outside, she found time to eyeball Winter at the announce table.

As the referee turned to stop Tabitha from leaving the ring in pursuit, Riley grabbed a can of hairspray and held it behind her back as she re-entered the ring. She seductively drew WILD Senior Official Jay Stone close to her, wrapped her arms around him and sprayed Tabitha in the face, before tossing the can away. She then rolled up Tab for the pinfall victory, to the dismay of the hot crowd.

Winter grabbed a microphone and headed back to the ring. “There is only one thing I hate more than a sore loser, and that is an undeserving winner,” said the former WWE Diva. “Aiden Riley, you may have bent the rules to win this match, but the real winner in my eyes and in the eyes of all these people, my first opponent in WILD is Tabitha Buck!” The audience roared in approval as Winter raised Tab’s hand in victory and Aiden Riley pouted her way to the back.

It was a great night for both WILD and IWL, and WILD will be back in Chino on March 25th at the next IWL event.

You will also see the WILD Warriors in action in May and June in Victorville, CA. at our new affiliate company, Desert Championship Wrestling. Other WILD Affiliates include The Fit Pit Pro Wrestling (Chatsworth), Pro Wrestling Entertainment (Los Angeles), Xtreme Zone Wrestling (Apple Valley) and Pro Wrestling Uprising (Palmdale). If you would like the WILD Warriors to come to your local independent wrestling company, contact us at [email protected]

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