Rumored Matches for WrestleMania 27

The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter rumors a tentative line-up for WrestleMania 27.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed until it’s announced on TV or, but here goes:

One match supposedly on the card is the team of John Morrison, Kelly Kelly and ‘Tough Enough’ trainer Trish Stratus taking on Dolph Ziggler and Lay-Cool. Since the segment at Elimination Chamber, fans have been thinking out loud that a Kelly/Trish vs Lay-Cool match at ‘Mania would be likely. The injection of Ziggler makes sense, but obviously at this point Morrison does not.

If the above does happen, this would be Trish’s return to WrestleMania after a four year absence. Stratus last competed at WrestleMania 22 in 2006, losing the Women’s Championship to Mickie James.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus is also said to be on the card with Gail Kim in Bryan’s corner and the Bellas in Sheamus’.

Finally, another Divas match will be added according to this line.

Thoughts: If this card holds weight, this year’s show would see more Diva action than in the past few. I’d presume the yet to be determined Divas bout would in some way involve the Divas Champion, Eve. Personally, I’d love to see a ‘surprise opponent’ deal with Kong debuting at ‘Mania and taking the belt.

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    Yeah I also heard about Trish, Kelly, and Drew vs LayCool and Dolph. Perhaps Kelly is staying face, and Drew turns face.

  • DAFereldan91

    I don’t really understand why is WWE so high on Kelly Kelly?She is one of the worst in-ring worker on the roster and of course,an awful actress..Why?There are so many girls on the roster who have “it” and bested it all!What’s with the hype on Kelly Kelly? :/

  • shameronstar

    @DAFeredan91 well Kelly looks, dresses, and has the disposition of a barbie doll plus her real life name is barbie so I hope that answers your question. quite honestly Kelly’s nickname should be “Barbie come to life” or “wwe’s barbie” or “the barbie of sports entertainment”.

  • saurabh da luchawhore

    I really want a Lita/Trish vs LayCool match at WM27 as its Lita’s hometown ATL… why is the wwe not booking for this match.. ohkayy its cool that Trish is back and is a trainer for tough enough but why is Lita nowhere in the picture :(

  • Piggie James

    Not to mention she was bought out of a catalogue.

  • Freaky-Lucha-Dolls

    I agree with @Lilyexlvel Trish vs Mickie at Mania was the last true Divas match. What r yall thinking?!?! Of course the Trish Mickie was great, it was epic!!!! It was very hot, scandolous, and the fans were just indulging in that story! A bit controversial at Mania as well, if yall remember the fans ended cheering for Mickie and booing Trish that night! That was insane, I also recall the announcers trying to justify, or come up with reasons as to y the fans were acting so defiant and vocal!

    But anyway, I feel that we (more than ever) finally need a solid wrestling match! A one on one match with no outside distractions to take away from the attention of the match.

    It would be amazing if someone did someting earth shattering before Wrestlemania gets any closer, and of course build the storyline from that point. For example, Beth could just cut a promo on Smackdown, and called out all the Divas and say that no one is competion enough for her, and that theyre all no talent bitches with no future ahead of them other than porn or stripping, and challenge all of them at Mania!

    Or (even though I dislike Laycool), it would be cool if Layla turned on Michelle and reveal that this whole time she was just using her to learn, get ahead, take what she needs from Michelle and move on. Of course fight it out at wrestlemania!! Now for Laycool to have an exceptional match, it would take them to perform and do something theyve never done before on WWE tv. And that would be, WRESTLE, but I mean actually wrestle, and second wrestle a very psychologically masculine match! No hair pulling, no slapping, id wanna see chair shots, superplexs, chops, the whole 9 yards baby!

  • Piggie James

    As far as WWE being ‘high’ on Kelly Kelly. As far as I know, she is Vince’s favourite new girl since Trish, so obviously she is going to get pushed the most, even more than Michelle.

    Anyway where are these reported ‘rumours’ coming from. I’d be wary of believing any of these matches are already booked, not to mention disappointed that this is WWE’s ‘plan’ for the next few weeks.

  • Piggie James

    Have to agree that Trish vs Mickie was something very special as well. Sure the wrestling was a little sloppy (and of course the botched Stratusfaction at the end), but the entertainment value was amazing. The crowd have never quite reacted to a Divas match like they did to this one, and some of Mickie’s antics/expressions/spots were unforgettable. It was also an underestimated match going into Wrestlemania (like all Divas matches), but was one of, if not the best (in my opinion) match of the night.

    @Freaky-Lucha-Dolls: Great ideas, but we’re never going to get anything like that with freaking PG-14 WWE and no decent amount of time allocated to the Divas.

  • BillyGP

    That was not a botch stratusfaction Trish was selling the leg so she could not pick up Mickie.

    Kelly is not as bad as every one says in my opinion plus wwe high on her cuz she is over with the crowd.

  • Freaky-Lucha-Dolls

    Either the WWE gets their act together real soon and start hirring more professionally trained wrestlers so the Divas can start to have ok matches(notice I didnt say great) and to try and turn their crap joke of a division around, or in a few years (considering most of the female talent, and what they have to offer in the WWE) not only will the WWE have a contract for the Divas with Playboy, but they will also have one with Vivid and Hustler!

  • Piggie James

    Um.. how is that not a botch. As much as I am a fan of Mickie and Trish and of that match, I don’t know you could not call that a botch. What you said is contradictory, because for a start, if she’s ‘selling’ the leg then her leg isn’t really hurt and she can pick her up, or on the other hand, the ‘picking up’ of the other wrestler isn’t something that the viewer is meant to acknowledge so there’s no reason why she can’t perform the move.

    And Kelly Kelly might be over with the crowd, but that should be a warning to WWE that they need to put over some of their ‘actual wrestlers’ and not just the models!

  • wangzy

    I’m dying to see Lita back in the ring kicking asses out….especially Wrestlemania and its in her hometown….
    the only Wrestlemania match she’s been on is a Triple-Threat Macth for the WWE Women’s Champion with Trish and Jazz…

  • Hot-Dangerous

    Mr.McMahon already said that “WM season” is not the time to debut new people. So she’ll debut after WM

  • shameronstar

    To be honest the divas collectively have actually improved a lot as in ring performers over the last few years. The problem is that the divas do get enough time anymore to develop more defined characters and deeper storylines. The only girls who really can’t wrestle are Rosa and Maryse. I would say Kaitlyn but she’s actually improving quite a bit in a short period of time. I might even say Kelly also but she can actually have a good outing when she’s being carried my Gail, Michelle, or Natalya.

    I heard that in the next few years wwe are planning on getting their own television channel. Does that mean that all their talent even the divas can finally an ample amount of screen time?

  • Marshy

    I think that it was going to debut WWE Wrestling Channel this Summer or in 2012. Hiring more Women Wrestlers that who knows that they made finally let the Divas have their own show,just to put in perspective when you first hear that WWE are planning on getting their own network.

  • adifferentsame

    If Trish is going to be affiliated with WWE any further, the wisest thing to do would be to have her put talent over. She has nothing more to prove or gain in the WWE. Some Divas could really benefit from the rub of going over her in whatever match they decide to put her in. As for Wrestlemania, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a credible contest. Most likely it will feature a coalition of Divas whizzing in and out of the ring in the sane length of time John Cena’s entrance lasts.

  • vonVile

    The problem with WWE right now is that they lack star power in their talents. They constantly rely on Cena, Mysterio, Orton, Triple H, Edge, and Undertaker week in and week out, and can’t try to build stars with someone else (besides Miz and Del Rio).

    The WWE has the star power its just they’re too chicken to use them. They have Morrison, Kofi, Swagger, Punk, Sheamus, etc. The problem is they push them and cut them off at the legs a second later. Look at what happen on Raw this week. The once great Sheamus gets buried by a returning HHH without putting up any defense. Then they keep false starting Kofi’s push. He does something moumentally cool one week and then they ignore it the following week. Then with Morrison they royally screwed him with his title match against Miz. Vince was too afraid that their title match wouldn’t get the buyrates and moved it to Raw just to have another Orton vs Miz match for the PPV.

    The WWE needs to let go of the past and look to the future and release everybody that was a part of the Attitude Era. Then they’ll be forced to develop this generation of superstars.

    As for this rumored match “Ugh!”. They can use Trish for something better than this. It’s a shame the WWE hasn’t premiered Kong yet. A Trish vs Kong match would be epic.

    Also it looks like Eve as champion has become an afterthought for WM. They still haven’t built up a match for the title. It sure isn’t going to be Brie Bella vs Eve. The only thing I can see them doing is a tag match of the Bellas vs Gail and Eve.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Hey I would not complain seeing kelly kelly and Trish vs Lay-cool at WM , altho I would love for it to be Trish & LIta vs Lay-Cool.

    The last real Mania Womens Match we had was Trish vs Mickie , so us getting a solid Divas match is slim to none.

  • iloveme

    guys i heard a rumor about the reason why kaitlyn is missing in sd for awhile. i read this..
    ” Kaitlyn has been on hand for all recent SmackDown tapings, but has been sparingly used. It is said that some of the veteran female talent have chastised Kaitlyn for not paying her dues, but ironically, its products of the Diva Search that are complaining.”
    so the diva search girls are complaining that kaitlyn hasn’t paid her dues…?? i guess this is michelle and layla perhaps??? or probably rosa??? poor kaitlyn gets a rookie treatment….

  • 04bia

    ok the tag match is waayyy random, i get the whole dolph laycool and kelly part since they’ve had issues but jomo? no wayy not gonna happen, they should do these type of matches:
    *layla vs michelle (people are dying for it)
    *laycool vs kelly and trish or laycool vs trish and lita (these are money makers i swear)
    *or a divas title match, eve vs the bellas vs gail.

    actually wrestlemania is about star power, so the bellas or eve dont exactly fall into that catagory. if i was wwe i would use girls like laycool, beth melina nattie or even trish if you want a good womens match!

  • baby

    everyones talking like this card is confirmed

  • karl

    I think Dolph has made it pretty clear on his twitter that he wont be back for wrestlemaina and when he does return he’ll be feuding with Daniel Bryan. So i think that match is thrown out the window.

    Personally i think the match will be a lumberjill match with Eve vs a Bella twin.
    Or it might just be another team Vickie vs Team Kelly kind of match.

    If all the divas are going to get involved, i think this would be a perfect chance for Kong to debut and attack every diva. Showing just how powerful she is.

  • Aksana

    …I hope this isn’t true, Beth needs to be at WM D;

  • Lily exLVEF


    Well, it is loads better then what we have been getting the past few years. Also, the people were really into the match. Most of the moves were amazing. We had about 2 botches but that still doesn’t change the fact that the match was amazing. The feud was build really good with the segments, promos, etc.

  • xAzureSkye

    i read that it was the newly turned face Drew McIntyre that would team with Kelly & Trish