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WSU Announces Next Event – Two Shows in One Night (J-Cup and King & Queen Tournaments)

WSU has announced its return for early April for its annual J-Cup and King & Queen of the Ring tournaments.

Details below:

WSU & NWS Team Up To Present “Tournament Saturday”
WSU & NWS to present both “The 5th Annual Women’s J-Cup Tournament” & “The 6th Annual King & Queen of the Ring Tournament” on Saturday April 2nd

WHAT: WSU & NWS Team Up For Two Shows in One Day
WHEN: Saturday April 2nd, 2011
WHERE: The Presbyterian Boy’s Girl’s Club
ADDRESS: 663 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ
BELL TIMES: 2:35 (J-CUP), 7:35 (KING & QUEEN)
There will be a break in between the shows for fans to go out and get something to eat, drink, etc.
Ticket Prices: $19 adults for each show, $28 for a combo ticket
To order tickets please email [email protected] or call 732 888 1704
For up-to-the-minute updates, please check & our Facebook at

WSU will make several announcements concerning the fall-out of our Four Year Anniversary iPPV Show at the end of this news release.
You can watch the iPPV at:


When WSU returns on 4/2 to team up with our partners NWS, we will present our two annual tournaments, the Women’s J-Cup & The King & Queen of the Ring. Both tournaments are prestigious and very important for the athletes that compete in them. As tradition goes, the winner of the J-Cup is guaranteed a WSU World Title shot at The Uncensored Rumble event. Previous winners of the J-Cup include all former WSU World Champions, such as Alexa Thatcher, Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini & Alicia. With every previous J-Cup winner holding the WSU World Title, the stakes are that much higher.

To guarantee to make things interesting, the J-Cup roster this year features people who have never held the WSU World Title. Whoever wins the J-Cup finals this year, will have won the biggest match in their career. One person will walk out of this tournament and get the chance to main event the Uncensored Rumble against whoever the WSU World Champion may be. The future of WSU could very well become apparent in this tournament.

Here are the brackets for this tournament, where the winner will become the NEW NUMBER 1 Contender to the WSU World Championship

Brittney Savage vs Cindy Rogers
Sassy Stephanie vs Jennifer Cruz
Tina San Antonio vs Jamilia Craft
Marti Belle vs Jana

One of these 8 women will get the biggest opportunity in their careers.


The WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, who has now entered year 3 as WSU World Champion will make her first defense since defeating Serena at the Four Year Anniversary iPPV. Mercedes Martinez will be challenged by the returning ARIEL.

The WSU Championship committee has ruled that Ariel is deserving of a WSU World Title Shot, based on a match on 8/22/09. Ariel won a match to become number 1 contender to the Spirit Championship. However, Ariel was unable to return to WSU to cash in that opportunity. WSU has ruled in the favor of “interest” and has turned Ariel’s Spirit Championship shot into a shot at the WSU World Championship, the biggest prize in womens wrestling today.

However, that’s not all.

In perhaps in what will be the most heated and brutal match of the day, JESSICKA HAVOK takes on ALICIA! This match has been booked as a direct result of Jessicka Havok’s attack on Alicia at the 4YAS. Both Alicia & Jessicka want to tear into each other. Alicia wants revenge on Jessicka for costing her the WSU Championship while Havok wants to prove to the world that she belongs on top of WSU. This match will be an all out war.

This event will be taped for DVD release.


In the nightcap, WSU & NWS will present the King & Queen of the Ring Tournament. Each year, NWS & WSU team up to present this special mixed tag team wrestling tournament. Winners of the tournament always receive a WSU World Title shot during the calendar year.

The brackets have been released. In a twist, the WSU World Champion will be competing in this tournament, as both WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Ariel, who is challenging Martinez at the J-Cup will participate in the tournament! Whoever is the WSU World Champion will get a chance to shoot down a future challenge by winning this tournament, while the other 7 women will make a target out of the champion.

The brackets have been released, here they are:

Mercedes Martinez & Bison Bravado vs Julio Dinero & Cindy Rogers
Alicia & Kenny Dykstra vs Jana & Nicky Oceans
Frightmare & Jamilia Craft vs Sassy Stephanie & JD Smoothie
Jessicka Havok & Corey Havok vs Spyral/Ariel

Many interesting scenarios can come out of this tournament. The WSU World & WSU Spirit Champions will be participating. More interesting is that Jessicka Havok may finally get her first taste of Mercedes Martinez since becoming a full-time singles wrestler.

Two other matches have been announced

Brittney Savage vs Rick Cataldo
On 3/5, Brittney Savage denounced the Cosmo Club and said it was no more. Savage then laid out Cataldo with a diamond cutter, but made it clear she did that for herself and not the fans. Cataldo has been fuming ever since Savage turned her back on him and has demanded a match. However, Savage was originally booked for the King & Queen tournament. Savage told WSU she would rather destroy Rick, the heart of the Cosmo Club, once and for all. These two allies for the last 18 months will wage war on each other. The Cosmo Club may be over, and so could one of these two’s careers.

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) The Belle Saints (Tina & Marti) vs Rick Cataldo & Jennifer Cruz
That’s right, the Belle Saints will be defending the WSU Tag Team Championships! Check out the NOTES Section below!

All this and much more will take place on 4/2!

– The WSU Championship Committee has made a decision regarding the WSU tag team championships. At the request of Marti Belle, Tina San Antonio & Jazz, the WSU Tag Team Titles will be defended under “Freebird” rules, meaning that any two of the Belle Saints and Jazz can defend the tag team titles. For the sake of history, Marti Belle & Jazz are the officially recognized tag team champions. However, due to Tina’s injury that left her out of the 4YA and due to Jazz’s win, WSU has ruled in the interest of fairness to all three parties to allow the belts to be defended by any duo of these three wrestlers. The first defense of the WSU Tag Team titles under these rules comes on 4/2 at the King & Queen tournament when the Belle Saints defend against the newly formed duo of Rick Cataldo & Jennifer Cruz. While WSU has agreed to the “Freebird” rule, WSU is cautious of what will happen if and when the tag titles are lost…and how the third woman out will react.

– WSU has ruled that Alicia has officially cashed in her open contract when she challenged Mercedes Martinez on 3/5. WSU empathizes with Alicia, as Alicia was robbed of her chance of becoming WSU World Champion when Jessicka Havok interfered. While the winner of the J-Cup tournament will become the new number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship, and challenge for that championship at the Uncensored Rumble, the winner of Alicia & Havok will be in serious contention for a WSU World Title shot.

– WSU congratulates WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez on surpassing the two year mark as WSU World Champion. Martinez remains the most active womens champion in wrestling today, and the longest reigning champion. Martinez has made more defenses of her championship than any other womens wrestler today and has done so against top notch competition. It is a rarity for champions to hold on to their gold for such an impressive amount of time and WSU congratulates Martinez on her accomplishment.

– The Boston Shore, Amber & Lexxus, were named the number 1 contenders to the WSU Tag Team Titles and will challenge whoever are the WSU Tag Team Champions at the Uncensored Rumble in June. The Shore are undefeated and have previously defeated the current WSU Tag Champions, The Belle Saints. Will Jazz be the x-factor in that future match?

– WSU’s next iPPV, The 4th Annual Uncensored Rumble will take place on June 25, live on iPPV from Union City, NJ. More details on that event once the tournament weekend is over.

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