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TNA Impact Spoilers: March 24th, 2011

Spoilers for next week’s Impact:

* Mickie James vs. Tara. Winner via Last Kiss Goodnight, Mickie James. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Madison Rayne stood on the entrance ramp after the match. She and Mickie had a stare down until Madison left.

* Hernandez, his new associate, Sarita and Rosita come to the ring. He says he knows you know who Sarita and Rosita are. His new friend is Esteban something or other. He’s his assistant in this new association of Mexican Americans. They’re taking your women and your jobs. They keep mixing in things in Spanish so I don’t always know what they’re saying. Hernandez says they’re the superior race. Soon the people will stop worshiping this (an American flag comes down) and will soon worship this (a giant Mexican flag comes down). Loud USA chant starts. Hernandez says Matt Morgan and Devon want a fight, they can have a street fight right now. Matt Morgan and Devon come out and accept.

* Street fight, Hernandez & Esteban vs. Matt Morgan & Brother Devon. During the match Sarita and Rosita interfere so Velvet Sky ran down and attacked them. She couldn’t handle both and a beatdown occurs until Angelina Love comes out. She slowly walks towards Sarita and Rosita. She looks weird and has a vacant look. Winter comes out and screams at Angelina to leave. Angelina leaves and the beat down on Velvet continues until Morgan stops it. While this is happening, Esteban hits Devon from behind with a loaded forearm shot for the win. Winners via loaded forearm, Hernandez & Esteban. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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