Monday, June 21, 2021

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Former WWE Diva on Snooki at WrestleMania: “I’d Be Pissed Off”

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle spoke to Monday Night Mayhem this week and gave her opinion on Jersey Shore star Snooki appearing at WrestleMania.

She told the show:

The WWE is smart for putting her in WrestleMania because of the advertising it will bring. However, if I was a WWE Diva currently in the locker room, I’d be pissed off. You’re busting your ass every night, you’re going overseas, and traveling, and driving, and someone just comes in that has never wrestled a day in their life and has your spot? That’s shitty. My advice to them is be who you are, do the best you can, and get noticed. Snooki is noticed for what, being a drunk on a TV show being wild and crazy? Do I respect her? Yes. Does she deserve that spot? No.

You can read more highlights here.


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