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SmackDown Redux (March 25th, 2011): Famous, Flawless… Fist Pump?

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

With Jersey Shore star Snooki in the mix at WrestleMania, it was only a matter of time before Lay-Cool dressed up as the ‘guidette’ — and that’s exactly what they did on SmackDown this week. Try not to hurt your neck… it’s time to fist pump, Lay-Cool style:

Kicking off the Divas portion of the show are Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes set for tag team action against the ‘flawless BFFs’. Out they come in some interesting — and not at all ring-ready — outfits, plus the trademark Snooki poof hair, huge slippers and hairspray.

Kelly Kelly is all business and ready to wrestle but in true Lay-Cool style, Layla and Michelle ham up their Jersey Shore spoof, fist pumping and to their hearts’ content. That is until Kelly and Rosa break up the party by taking them down to the mat. Let the slippers fly!

While Rosa mounts Layla in the ring, K2 — in devilishly delectable red — and McCool head to the outside. Michelle eats barricade but Kelly gets a huge boot for her troubles. Great spot!

Back in the ring, Layla and Rosa are on their feet now and Lay is in control. However, Rosa soon charges back with a clothesline and a nice snap suplex. Rrrrosa goes for the cover but Michelle breaks it up. Layla hits the Lay-Out and it’s over!

But wait there’s more!

Lay-Cool take the microphones, denouncing Trish Stratus as ‘Trash Stratus’ and John Morrison as ‘John Snorrison’. Layla calls Snooki a ‘meatball guidette’. Michelle says Snooki may be famous but she’ll never be flawless. That’s the best you got?

If we’re basing an entire WrestleMania match around Snooki being famous but not flawless, tonight’s SmackDown certainly did it’s job. Albeit an underwhelming job. But on the bright side, Monday’s go-home segment for this match sounds epic, so we’ll just hang our (barely existent) hopes on that.

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