Monday, June 21, 2021

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Regeneration X News & Notes from SHIMMER

Allison Danger sent in some notes and corrections from SHIMMER this weekend:

– The double team finish hit by Leva Bates and Allison Danger is called the Sonic Screwdriver. It is a lung blower into a currently unnamed variation of the Lovelace Choker. The pull through spinning neckbreaker was also utilized on its own against Rebecca Knox after she interfered in the Knight Dynasty-Regeneration X match which Knox sweep Danger’s foot while she suplexed Britani Knight. This allowed Britani to land across Danger’s chest and pin her while Knox held the foot out of the line of the ref’s vision.

– The Regeneration X tag music was specifically mashed up by an extremely talented friend of the tag team. Both Bates’ and Danger’s theme were spliced with the Doctor Who theme.

– Characters played by RX this weekend were Doctors 10 & 11 from Doctor Who, V for Vendetta and Hit Girl from Kick Ass.

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