In Video: Kharma Debuts at Extreme Rules

Low quality footage of Kharma (Awesome Kong) debuting tonight:

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    Yeah its kinda funny how Eve and both Bellas wrent there I know Eve and Maryse are in FL cuz they tweeted it lol wonder why those 4 wrent used..

  • Melinafan

    that was rosa not Melina

  • GlamSlamFan

    Awesome music! Awesome debut! Now we need to see if she is a face or a heel, and if she is on raw or on smackdown!

  • gmosoto

    I think Kharma is SD.. cause after that little face turn from layla, and alicia hanging out with all the Face divas… i think would be 1 vs 7 in SD…

  • cockyflow

    can you put up the whole match pleaseee

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I have a feeling Melina will be next..I would love to see Kharma go through all the divas until she gets to Nattie , Beth or Gail

  • adifferentsame

    I should also say congratulations to Kia. This must be a dream come true for her; I can’t imagine the wave she must be cresting right now.

  • melina prez

    Perfect !

  • Macho Madness

    AWSOME! ;)

  • mikeparis18

    OMG the crowd was on their feet! Kharma was amazing, and she used the implant buster :)

  • mah

    Wow..after all those great promos for Kharma her debut came even better
    She looks better than on TNA and showing the girls watching Kharma was epic!!
    Honestly i’m gonna miss Mccool but i think she will be back.Now it’s time for Kharma to dominate the division

  • trishstratusfan4ever

    so michelle will return back as a face to face kong

  • bortman

    yeah, me too i have a feeling that melina and whomever her opponent would be, be the next kharmas victim.

    funny how BETH just blended with the other divas on that scene, i didnt even noticed her. 2 years ago when she was the brutal glamazon and unique, she pretty much destroy whomever on her path but now shes kinda like, one of them.

    on gail kims mind “OHHH NOO! NOT AGAIN! FML!” LOL.

  • bortman

    i also loved the fact that WWE didnt change much on kong/kharmas appearance. other than her name and ring entrace which, made her look more legit and real threat to any divas or for that matter a superstars.

  • The Crying Light

    Yeah! Mama Kia in the house! If the treatment of Kharma’s debut was any indication as to how the WWE is planning to use her, then I’m glad. It was one of the more memorable debuts in WWE’s recent history. Show them how it’s done, Kia. :)

  • laqisha

    Epic just an epic Debut.

    Her oufit remindes me of the Japnese Women wrestlers!

  • Roqqsz

    I love when they shot to the divas Gail licked her lips in a sign thats it’s on and Beth had her fist clenched. Tamina looking like she’s ready to go at Kong and everyone else like holy crap lol. Best Diva debut EVER. Raw I wonder whose next on her list.

  • jenks609

    Such an amazing debut!! I especially loved her facial expressions and how she would do that crazy laugh but right away go to a serious face! Just genius.

  • THETommyTommy

    Holy crap that was amazing! Farewell Michelle, you shall be missed. HELLO KHARMA!

  • JamieKym

    Awesome Debut, Awesome Match, Awesome Music!! Ithink she used the Implant Buster because Awesome Bomb gave ppl concussions and WWE don’t wanna kill their Divas but I think they will now. I noticed that Gail Kim licked her lips lol and also Beth and Tamina clenching their firsts. I could noticed that Kong lost a lot of Weight.

  • Williambitious

    AWESOME!! Bitches better watch out..

  • suman2135

    michelle’s tears looked real maybe cos she felt bad leaving WWE.
    kharma attacking chelle is not at all good in my opinion.i atleast expected michelle to leave the ramp with her head held high!!!!!!jeez

  • DivaDerby

    Rarely does the WWE exceed my expectations. Today they did. They’ve packaged Kong in the most impressive way possible. Everything about her has been epic thusfar! The promo videos, her outfit, the amazing music, the laughing… its perfect!! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Rockstar

    I love how Kharma has a mysterious, haunting connotation as opposed to the stereotypical angry imposing monster. The creepy music and her facial expressions fit the character perfectly.

  • darkangels

    she even has awesome ring gear