SmackDown Redux (July 15th, 2011): WWE Hasn’t Completely Forgotten the Divas Champion Can Appear on SmackDown Too

This week on SmackDown, Kelly Kelly brought her shiny new Divas Championship to the blue brand, as she faced Rosa Mendes in a non-title match. Can Kelly build up some more steam going into her very first title defense at Money in the Bank, or will the Freakin’ Costa Rican pull out an upset win over the champ? Check out the match below and find out:

We start off with Rosa in the ring with Alicia Fox, who has seemingly become the leader of this Mean Girls-esque Diva faction on SmackDown. Out next is Kelly Kelly, and the announcers bring our attention to the fact that her elbow is bandaged up. Too bad the Divas don’t get enough time to do things like work an injured body part or anything like that, because a preexisting injury would have been an excellent focal point for the match. But hey, what do I know?

Anyhoo, after some crowd working by Kelly and some trash talking from Rosa, the official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

Right out the gate, Kelly avoids locking up and rolls Rosa up with a victory roll for a one count. Kelly charges after Rosa, but Rosa pulls her into the second rope, neck first and goes for her own pin. Unfortunately for Rosa, Kelly kicks out at two. Frustrated, Rosa lashes out at Kelly with some mounted punches, before slapping on a modified surfboard submission.

After a bit of struggling, Kelly fights out of the submission with a butt bump, followed by an over-the-shoulder throw. Kelly takes advantage by tripping Rosa and smashes her face into the canvas, before giving her a butt slap, adding insult to injury. Rosa tries charging at the champ, but Kelly evades and takes her down with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kelly picks up Rosa and whips her into the corner for a stinkface, but when she tries to finish her off with the bulldog, Rosa manages to block it. Seeing her opportunity, Rosa goes for a spinning neckbreaker, but Kelly reverses it into the K2 to pick up the win.

Post-match Alicia Fox and Kelly shoot some dirty looks at each other, as Kelly celebrates her win. I’d like to think that the combination of Kelly’s SmackDown appearance and the looks that her and Alicia were giving each other might mean that the Divas Championship might be defended on both brands again, but that’s most likely not the case.

Very short match this week (as usual), but it served its purpose, just like Kelly’s match against Melina on Raw did: To make Kelly look as strong as possible going into her title defense on Sunday. Both girls looked pretty good in the ring, which is more than what I expected. I would have liked to see more of the AJ/Kaitlyn/Natalya vs Alicia/Rosa/Tamina rivalry, but the champion appearing on SmackDown is hopefully a good sign for the coming weeks.

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  • twilson addict!

    I wasn’t expecting an amazing match, as these 2 individuals are possibly the weakest Divas on the roster at the moment. However, I didn’t spot any/many sloppy spots in this match at all. Obviously, given more time i’m pretty sure this match would’ve been a ‘sloppy joe’.

    Alicia is being made to be Smackdown’s top heel. Great choice. Rosa & Tamina both need to train some more to be considered the top dog. I’d love to see a Tamina/Alicia feud. I’m really hoping Alicia get’s a title shot agaisnt Kelly Kelly in the future.

    • Phredfromphilly

      I couldnt agree with you more. But, I think Tamina would be better suited as top heel rather than Alicia fox.

      • twilson addict!

        Really, Tamina? She’s improved a awful lot, but she’s still pretty green in my opinion. Rosa, well… that’s a different story haha. Both of the girls need some more training if they should be top dog. Tamina has that heel persona, she could be the new Glamazon if she were to work on her wrestling some more. Let’s not forget, we haven’t seen enough from her to say she’s fantastic. I do think she could be huge in the WWE, though.

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      Alicia v Kelly would be quite cool. Even better – the championship would be on both brands. But I would like to see this come into action…


      Gail Kim – CHAMPION – High flying crowd favorite
      feuding with:
      Eve Torres – #1 Contender – Bi-Polar characteristics, physco heel whose sick of everyone over looking her and is now obsessed with winning the tittle.

      Beth Phoenix – Dominant powerhouse face
      feuding with:
      Alicia Fox – Cunning heel who will do anything to win. The name Fox is always used as a play on words

      Layla – Bad girl turned good. Trying to prove to the WWE universe that she has what it takes to be top babyface
      feuduing with:
      Melina – Screaming hell cat. Vicious scrapper who hates everything and everyone.


      Wrestling Royalty (Natalya & Tamina) – CHAMPIONS – Domanint power house heel duo. Born into wrestling
      feuding with:
      Next Generation (AJ & Naomi) -#1 Contenders – Up and coming rookie diva’s. Atheletic high flyers.

      Bella Twins – Evil twin gimick, typical bitchy heels
      feuding with:
      K-Squared (Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn) – Hot blondies, crowd favourite’s, typical babyfaces

      Foreign Exchange (Maryse, Aksana & Rosa Mendes) Anti-american stable. Total heels so over with the crowd!
      feuding with:
      Diva Originals (Ivory, Molly Holly & Sable) Orignal diva’s trying to prove that they still have what it takes to be at the top of their division.

      What would you do if that happened ……

      • twilson addict!

        Love it. Honestly my Dream Diva’s Division. I liked your idea’s with the Divas Originals.

      • Raekon

        Sounds quite good even I would had switched a few around.

        As about the divas originals. Trish, Lita and maybe Jaqueline would be rather happening over the 3 you placed there cause Sable would never return and I highly doubt it Molly would do either.

        Ivory would rather kill herself then enter a “dolls partyhouse” division. :p

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The match was ok for what it was worth. Once again I *Clap* for Kelly Kelly she didnt do her same 5 moves , she added her Neckbreaker again. I do hope the ending means that The Divas Title will show up on Smackdown more or at least defended , and Kelly Kelly and Alicia fued. .Then again wwe does love to drop the ball so I woudnt really hold my breathe… *Fingers Crossed* Tho :? I just knew from the moment they announced the the titles were being Unified that the SD Divas were going to be back where they were 3 years ago , with no Title to fight for…

  • AdrianRay

    I don’t want Kelly to hold that title any longer, but taking it off her now would be pathetic. I really fear Alicia will have it after SummerSlam. This title needs to be taken seriously. It’s all this company has. This is why I have stopped watching WWE. This division is gone…it’s need more help then we could think of. I don’t think Kia can even manage it. Not alone that is.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    an okay match, for two of WWE’s weakest divas lol, hopefully next week we get some more Tamina :) and also i think Alicia is turning face or gonna feud with Kelly on Smackdown

  • LadyGoDiva

    Crappy work from K2 AGAIN. Rosa did some better work then her,kinda bothers me that Alicia didn’t interfer? But the only good thing I saw is the nice buildup for this Sunday. Now all I need is a Diva heel turn from either Eve or Beth.

  • EveLover

    Decent Match for kelly and rosa standards .To be Honest ,The highlight of the match was the starring of alicia and kelly it leaves people wondering .Because alicia was clapping for kelly ,like she was on kellys side but on the other hand it could be a “Im coming for your title” type of clap ,but it was good .

    I highly doubt that if kelly will drop the title on alicia right away if they feud. They will have like 2 or 3 PPV matches kinda like laycool vs natalya last year. But after last night it left me wondering what about EVE ? I guess we will find out tonight .

    • AdrianRay

      You underestimate the WWE.

      • EveLover

        Lmfaooo True ! That was just me dreaming -___-
        But you never know ,it could happen .

        • AdrianRay

          I would just like a sparkle of hope. Lol

      • EveLover

        Lmfaoo yeah

  • malejiva

    WWE really need to get back the Womens Tittle & I think new Divas should get tittle shots like AJ Tamina Kaitlyn or Rosa Gail or Beth . Alicia Is a FORMER Divas champ. soo…..

  • bxradimus

    If the stink face wasn’t bad enough, now she spanks her opponent.

    Having Kelly (and Rosa for that matter) in the ring at all makes women’s wrestling seem like a joke, what a shame.

  • RR45

    People crap on Kelly’s work too much. She’s far from being my favorite diva and far from being an in-ring technician but I’m pretty sure that the people backstage are the one’s telling Kelly to do some of these moves like the stinkface. It wasn’t a botchfest. It was pretty decent match considering it involved these two and the fact it was 2 minutes. I don’t know if her and Alicia acknowledging each other will lead to much. If it was going to I think Kelly wouldn’t have nodded at her and Alicia wouldn’t be clapping and would’ve gotten in the ring to have a staredown.

    I’m pretty sure everyone is going to ignore the fact that she screamed less and didn’t do all her “5 moves” and find something to complain about.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I personally think that Kelly gets 2 or 3 minute matches because they are afraid to put her in longer. She has 4 moves and she gets winded very easily. I would be extremely hesitant to put her in over 2 minutes.

    • EveLover

      Not really ,Because-
      1.Kelly has been in longer matches (i.e.PPV matches & shes been in long matches on superstars)

      2.If it were like that it would only happen on matches that kelly would be in .But it happens on every match on both SD and Raw. Exept superstars

    • art

      @StraightEdgeGirl84 actually i agree it seems like kelly gets submissions so she can catch her breathe & thats why when she is in longer matches shes getting either an arm or waist submission…

  • NaomiNightfan2011

    Meh….this is by far the weakest match of the week.

  • Jolaboeylaby Cylabyrulabus

    Once againg the Divas champion appears on SmackDown just before her PPV match.

    This was just like Brie vs Natalya the Smackdown before Over The Limit!!

  • 04bia

    the match was bad IMO, i expected much more and much better but from kelly and rosa that is what you can expect.

    i really hope the divas title and champion make an appearance on smackdown more often, girls like natalya and alicia need the title, the smackdown divas need the title to have feuds. and tbh sd would book feuds better than raw.

    i really hate kelly as champion, her “moves” are not exactly champion like, really butt slaps stinkfaces???? yh nuff said!!!

    • Mike in Like

      I so agree about the Kelly Kelly bit – this is why Stacy and Torrie were never champions. Then again that was the women’s belt this is the “divas” belt which standards are extremely low to be champion.

  • Teri

    Very lackluster, weak match. But then again, it was a match between Rosa and Kelly, so it was expected.

  • unscripted & flawless

    I won’t say this is a standard match because I’ve seen Natalya, Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia, Melina, and Beth have much better 2 minute matches…but I guess it’s a 2011 WWE Diva Standard match…like everyone pretty much said, it was all you could expect out of the WWE’s 2 worst divas. They did what they do, they showed up and went through the motions. What more can you ask for with those two? At least there wasn’t many botches and less annoying screaming. Still pissed that they decided to do this instead of continue the Alicia/Rosa/Tamina v. AJ/Natalya/Kaitlyn rivalry

  • ilovelita

    I laughed so hard when Rosa Mendes told Kelly Kelly to “give up stupid ass”.


      I believe she said, “Give up, stupida!”. The Rosa Mendes from Costa Rica character is so inauthentic, it’s hilarious. Spanish lessons, anyone?

      • EveLover

        She did say estupida loll

        • ilovelita

          It was still funny either way.


      Yes, I couldn’t help but crack up at that lol

  • RR45

    Although I don’t hate Kelly nearly as much as others I wouldn’t be the least bit mad if she dropped the title to Alicia or Natalya to have the title on SD. Raw Divas will probably always have shorter matches. It would allow for the Melina vs Gail feud to move up to Raw. I don’t care if that’s wishful thinking haha. Just a thought.

  • Rhawk

    Hopefully this mean Kelly retains at Sunday and ALicia beats her for the belt next, asap. Then we can acually get proper god matches for the belt, with deserving, non-overrated champions. =-)


    The only positive thing I can say about this match is the hint at a feud with Alicia Fox. Other than that, it was painful not only to watch K2 in the ring, but an injustice to my ears as well.

  • chrisP

    I sure hope Kelly’s okay after the love tap…, punches Rosa gave her left arm.

    Seriously, there has be some pictures of a WWE executive screwing a farm animal that Rosa found somewhere and is using to keep her job. That’s the only reason for her continued presence in WWE that makes sense.

  • gmosoto

    after the fights between maryse and rosa on twitter, i gotta say i find a lot of maryse gimmick on rosa..

  • ilovelita

    It seemed like Alicia Fox had been giving her a good job while Kelly Kelly was saying thanks with their faces.

  • vonVile

    Kelly Kelly once again phones. She’s become the female John Cena. Get beat up until its time to 5MOD and gets the pin for the win.

    Smart, Sexy, Powerful my ass!

  • NT86

    IMO it was a short, decent match. I like that rolling pin Kelly did at the start and she’s also added a neckbreaker. Rosa still has no clue what to do and doesn’t even have any signature moves. Come on, she’s been signed with WWE for 5 years, she should have learnt something.

    Alicia Fox is officially copying the looks of female singers – first Rihanna, last week Kelly Rowland and now Whitney Houston.

    Also, did anyone notice that Eden Stiles debuted? She did a good job announcing the matches IMO.

  • art

    why cant rosa do more that seriously annoys me,shes worked hard to improve & still jobs out…

    decent by kelly standards….

    • chrisP

      “why cant rosa do more that seriously annoys me,shes worked hard to improve & still jobs out…”

      If she has improved then she must have been the worst wrestler in history when she started because she’s awful right now.

      • art

        shes not awful at all…she doesnt get to show anything on the main shows which you already know..maybe you should go watch some matches on youtube & come back & have an opinion>???

        • chrisP

          I have The reason she doesn’t get to show anything is because she’s awful so her ring time has to be limited so her ineptness doesn’t cause an injury and so she doesn’t really embarass herself, though she managed to embarass herself pretty well in this short match with those horrendous punches. She is easily the worst long-term Diva WWE has ever had.

        • art

          ok if you think so….u wanna see bad look at maryse & kelly girls who embarrass themselves when ever they get in the ring with their shitty moves that do no damage & cant wrestle,cant bump well & they have no drive to improve yet rosa has down at fcw…

          im sorry when has rosa injured anyone thats never happened…

      • Raekon

        Maybe you didn’t noticed it in other matches between superstars or between divas because the camera ankle was different and showed more the head part of the other side but everyone is punching on each others hands and shoulders, they never punch directly to the face!

        So it was normal what Rosa did in that case.