Gail Kim Comments on Her Self-Elimination During Divas Battle Royal on Raw

Amid all the action during Monday’s battle royal on Raw, fans may have missed a certain golden nugget — Gail Kim eliminating herself from the match by rolling under the bottom rope.

Gail has been asked an abundance of questions about her bizarre elimination, responding to one fan that she did, in fact, eliminate herself on purpose.

Taking to her Twitter page today, she further commented: “oh and also on the contrary, I wasn’t being a mark 4 myself I was being a good employee when ur told to get out of the ring in less than a min.I just did it the fastest way possible:)so really I saved some time!”

Thoughts: Gail has been pretty candid on her Twitter page over the past couple of months about the way she’s been used — or rather, not been used — on TV. I get the feeling that she’s pretty frustrated, and who can blame her? Perhaps her tweets may not be wise politically, but they’re refreshingly candid and damn right entertaining!

Watch Gail’s elimination at the 00:35 second mark below:

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  • Crazy_J

    I believe that Gail is doing a good thing on twitter. Some people do see it as disrespectful to her employers, but I don’t see it that way. I see it is as she’s letting them know she’s just trying to do what they ask, and if it is exposure to the way employees are treated then I say someone has to do it. It might not be the wisest decision for her career in the WWE, or it could be the best few words she’s typed in her life. Just depends on how they “take” it and understand she was just trying to get out of the ring when asked. Lets face it, you can’t just MAKE someone throw you out. If she ended up in deep water over the situation and was fired down the road, I do believe they would still (HOPEFULLY) realize they overshadow some very great talent with individuals who are less skilled just more over because of how they look or act.

  • e.beautyy

    Workkkkkkk . If it was real, wwe wouldve made her delete it-period.
    Im convinced shes gonna join beth & nattie next Monday

    Gail, eve, k2 vs beth, nattie & melina. The faces will get the win with gail going over melina, then gail will attack eve & join the best divas faction EVERRRRRR .
    Excited for raw

  • vonVile

    I love Gail even more now! She just said “**** it!” and left the ring.

    • DjayDay

      Like she said, she was testing WWE. Did they really even care how she left. I agree with what she did, even though some call it exposing the buisness I say there is a reason.

      • Kaledrina

        it would be interesting to know who decided on the elimination order for the battle royal, management or the divas?

        management = melina and gail could be getting “punished” for how outspoken they’ve been regarding how crap the divas are treated

        divas = melina/gail wanted to be out first?? why??

  • laqisha

    I really do understand she was boutching left and right 2 years ago….but thats over now, she got used to working with bikini models…….So why not give her a second chance WWE???

  • RR45

    Awesome. I laughed so hard at her tweets and re watching that part. Just hope she doesn’t get even more buried….if that’s possible.

  • melina prez

    Hopefully Gail and Melina join Beth and Natalyas alliance !

  • CursedMilkshake


    • Aksana

      LMFAO, Love it.

    • laqisha

      I know some idiot wrote it on the Divas battel royal YT video….I was pissed but shocked at the same time.

      • CursedMilkshake

        When I read spoilers about important stuff, when I don’t want to read them, it makes me really effing pissed. I still didn’t read the spoilers but I guess it would’ve been a real OMG-moment if I didn’t know it beforehand.
        Beth’s heel turn was kindof obvious, I expected it but I would never have expected the WWE to turn Natalya heel as well in the same week. I’m still pissed about it now.

  • Lily

    I’m still one of those people who think WWE will push Gail Kim. If Beth wins the title at SummerSlam expect a feud against Eve and Gail Kim. People said Kharma wasn’t going to be treated right, they said Natalya was never going to win a title but 2 years later she became champion, and no one ever thought K2 was going to get a title and niether did anyone think the Bellas would ever get the title too.

    • LadyGoDiva

      I am too maybe just maybe we’ll see Gail will be the female Christian?
      When Kharma comes back and be champion we could see a Gail heel turn and have her be Divas Champion again?

      I didn’t noticed Gail eliminated herself because it was hard to keep up.

      I agree with you on what you said about Kharma,Natayla and K2. Sometimes in the WWE when it comes to the Divas we get the most surprising things ever. No one except Trish to be 7-time Women’s Champion!ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN still keep hoping.

    • Mikas

      I dont think she will ever be pushed. If she joins Beth and Natalya in a stable, she will probably just be “the 3rd member”, and that wouldnt mean that they are giving a push.
      Even Natalya and Beth’s heel turns cant be considered a push (yet). For all we know WWE might’ve only turned them heel so they can buildup their babyfaces. Kinda like Straight Edge Society and Nexus, they only existed as fodder for the faces.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I know this may sounds shocking to say but I feel that I don’t want Gail return to TNA? I feel that she’ll be treated more worse then she is now because before she left TNA she was kickass great but now that things have changed. And Gail could be put in a bad place with Hogan& Bischoff there?
    But people can hate on me because everyone has a right to an opinion.

    It would be fair to have every Diva on the roster to be involved in atleast one storyline?I’m still one of those people who believe and hope for Kharma vs Gail?

  • Kaledrina

    it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s already asked for her release and it’s been declined and now she’s just doing her best to “sabotage” herself. she loves this business, unfortunately the company she’s with doesn’t seem to love her :(

    regardless, she seems happier than ever on a personal level and that’s all what matters to me as a longtime fan of hers.

    • art

      i feel the same with melina but i feel like melina may try to weather the storm so to speak & i hope gail does as well..their both SO talented it’d be a waste not to use them especially gail whos so good in-ring its sad vince only rehired her just to have her on the roster…

  • T_Fan

    Didn’t she eliminate herself to go after Melina? So are they trying to build on that storyline more? (Even though the camera didn’t follow them)

    • hado

      I was thinking this myself, but the crowd would have somewhat popped for it and they didn’t.

  • seasons-of-love

    Did any of y’all read Melina’s tweet in support of Gail. Shit is going down, guys.

    • seasons-of-love


  • Teri

    rofl, this is clearly a work.

  • Teri

    It’s really interesting to see how things have played out in recent months. I work in the advertising industry so I know a thing or two about transparency and i think it’s great that Vince and co are FINALLY taking this into account and implementing it into storylines, etc. IMO, this is absolutely brilliant on behalf of the WWE. And of course, this is going to be amazing for wrestling fans (ESPECIALLY those who arent 14 yrs of age).

  • Billy1973

    Has anyone seen Melina’s tweet in support of Gail? Check it out.

    [quote]I look at someone like @gailkimitsme & think she is someone I admire. She is a highly talented, strong & genuinely good (cool) person. I think women should be proud of her and not just women anyone should feel pride to see a person want to stand up for themselves, want to overcome adversity & want to see a positive change for not just themselves but for others.

    I myself want better for other people. I want a positive change. I want to make a positive difference NOW and for the future of others. I want to tell little girls what they are capable of & show them what they are capable of in this world. It sounds feminist but it’s only because we represent women & in a male dominant world it’s obvious that we are treated differently.

    If it’s bad to take pride, to be strong, to help others & to inspire… Than I don’t know what the world considers as good anymore. But I will continue to hope for & work for the best for everyone. I have met great people and you have inspired ME to keep going. Stay Strong![/quote]

    • art

      yeah i retwetted it LOL…i wonder what gail & melina have done we all know the rumors about melina..what has gail done to only to used so sparely?..

      If it must piss gail off to turn up to the buildings just to sit in the back or work an internet should be a crime to misuse someone so talented…

  • AdrianRay

    OMG the speculation! LMFAO I assume Gail just spoke her mind. The WWE may take notice and give her a little nudge in an interesting direction. If it is somehow a work, I like that the company is using a mainstream website to keep people talking. I still feel though that it is not a work or story line. Like I said though, the WWE just might take interest

  • hado

    I noticed that the first time I watched the match I didn’t see her go, though when I was watching the edition on TV over here in Australia, I saw she eliminated herself because Alicia wasn’t touching at her. I was going to post this in the Raw thread, when I got home from school but I see the new already broke, lol.

  • Gail Kim #1

    It’s been the same old story for nearly 2 years now.
    WWE pushed Gail 3 times to a Divas Championship titles match all to KNOCK her down at the final minute.
    WWE made her lose to Maryse(x2) to show that the ‘bimbos’ are better than her. And that is TRUE! Gail Kim has at least 5 times more wrestling ability than Maryse, maybe even 10 times.
    They also made her lose to Mickie James (yes the time she concussed herself) just so that they could show their #1 Diva was better than TNA’s #1 Diva.

    Gail Kim deserves the Divas titles more than any other Diva, especially the likes of Eve, Kelly, Bellas etc.
    That’s why I would like to see Gail join Beth/Natalya and hopefully Meline in a stable.

    OH and ‘SAMTHEROFL’ I’d say you’re verging on trolling with like 20 comments lone on this article.
    Gail Kim rarely botches, and you can’t say she does just because of a match in 2009 vs Mickie James who was herself pretty unprofessional during that match and couldn’t even connect with her ‘Mick-Kick’.

    I follow Gail on Twitter and frankly she’s not bad mouthing the company, she’s just responding to fan tweets. And SO WHAT if she left the ring by herself? It would have been so much better if she literally walked out.

    Gail Kim has a lot of charisma and she’s HOT. Plus she’s of another ethnicity so if WWE lose Gail then there won’t be an Asian Diva or Superstar (do they still use Yoshi Tatsu?)

  • jonboi

    i think TNA is best for gail shes made money at wwe now go and get treated like the STAR she is and iv seen her in TNA and thats how she was treated there. she WON battle royals not rolled out.If gail really wants to stay in wrestling then unless wwe use her then TNA is the way of the future for gail

    • davepower

      You are deluded if think she will go back to the TNA she left

      • bonepile

        Gail Kim indicated in an interview when she left TNA that she hoped to end her career back with them, and that is exactly what I think she will do. All her professional gal pals have returned to TNA with the exception of Awesome Kong, and I see Gail returning very soon after her contract is over in a few months with WWE,


    What id do:
    Put her in a match with beth on monday, have beth beat her with a roll up, then gail starts arguimg and beth attacks her, keply comes down to make the save but gail attacks kelly out of nowhere and leaves with beth

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I can see why they would be frustrated but venting on the internet is never a good idea.

  • jillianhall_tna

    Maybe WWE says ” Gail is asian lets not use her” no rasict pun intended
    BUT when was the last time you saw asians like Yoshi Tatusu? Gail Kim? etc?

    And Gail & Jillian dont botch i mean they had an excellent match on superstars!

    Gail is Asian. Leave it at that