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    Dirt from Down Under: The Latest Australian Wrestling News & Results

    We always hear about independent wrestling in the USA, but what about those oft-forgotten countries… like Australia? Here are the latest happenings in the Australian wrestling scene, including recent results and upcoming events you can attend:

    September 24th – PROWL (Cleveland, QLD): Storm def. Brandy Alexander

    September 30th – MCW (Tullamarine, VIC): Shazza McKenzie def. Harley Wonderland… post-match Criss Fresh, impressed with McKenzie’s work over the recent months, granted her a match with Madison Eagles at WrestleClash 3.

    October 7th – IPWA (Ashmore, QLD): Minx def. Poison Ivy

    October 8th – AWF (Parramatta, NSW): Aurora def. Rachel Rose

    October 8th – RCW (North Adelaide, SA): Savannah Summers def. Miami

    October 15th – NAW (Albion, VIC): Nikita Naridian (also known as Kellyanne English) def. Lowzen to retain her Women’s Championship.. this match was the main event and the stipulation was that of the Falls Count Anywhere nature… both girls were attacked by Vixsin after the match.

    October 15th – Warzone Wrestling (Berwick, VIC) Shazza McKenzie def. Eliza Sway.. Eagles was originally scheduled for this match (making it a triple threat) but likely had to pull out due to injury.

    October 15th – Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newcastle, NSW): Harley Wonderland def. Bombshell Bo via DQ… this was the debut show for the company.

    October 22nd – NAW (Melton, VIC): Iron Horse Morrison and Vixsin def. Lowzen and George Julio via DQ… babyface Lowzen used a chair on Vixsin while the referee was watching the men… the referee then disqualified their team… Julio decked the referee for the “presumptive call” – what presumptive call? Lowzen did use the chair…

    October 22nd – MCW presents “WrestleClash 3” (Thornbury, VIC): Shazza McKenzie def. K.C. Cassidy… Cassidy was Madison Eagles’ hand-picked replacement for herself… Sway attacked McKenzie after the match was over… this event can actually be purchased for viewing over at!

    Upcoming Events

    November 11th – PWAQ (Chermside, QLD): Baby Devine is scheduled to defend her Women’s title against Niki Nitro…  if Niki loses the match, then she is “banned from wrestling in Queensland for any company”… as Niki has already been announced for the “Queen of the Warriors” tournament in January (see below), it’s sadly not hard to guess who the victor of this match might be… Brandy Alexander has been announced as making her debut and Sara Jay will also return to PWAQ.

    November 12th – NAW (Albion, VIC): Nikita Naridian vs. Lowzen vs. Vixsin is on the cards in a non-title match.

    November 19th – Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newcastle, NSW): Shazza McKenzie vs Bombshell Bo

    November 19th – NAW (Mulgrave, VIC): Nikita Naridian defends her title against Lowzen and Vixsin in a triple threat match.

    November 25th – NWA Pro (Adelaide, SA): Kellyanne English vs. Shazza McKenzie is on the cards… both girls will be making their debuts for the company… this is also the first ever women’s match to be featured on one of their main shows.

    January 21st, 2012 – PWAQ presents “Queen of the Warriors” (Chermside, QLD): Imogen Jane, Brandy Alexander, Harley Wonderland, Mighty Mel, Sara Jay, Storm, Niki Nitro and Baby Devine have all been announced for the revived “Queen of the Warriors” tournament… the once-off tournament was last held in February 2009 and the winner was Tenille Tayla, whom ended Kellie Skater’s undefeated streak in Queensland… the competitors in 2009 were Tayla, Skater, Jessie McKay, Sway, Aurora, Shazza McKenzie and Giselle Gunn.