Sunday, June 20, 2021

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In Video: Bull Nakano’s Retirement Ceremony

As previously reported, former WWF Women’s Champion Bull Nakano retired yesterday, the day of her 44th birthday, with a big retirement ceremony in Tokyo, Japan.

The event aired on television and was uploaded to YouTube. You can watch the whole event, including all of the matches, here. However, if you just want to watch Bull’s retirement ceremony which closed the show, videos are below.

In the retirement ceremony, Bull recreated scenes of some of her most memorable matches from the past before giving a speech.

Part 1: Bull Nakano & Dump Matsumoto vs Fake Lioness Asuka & Fake Chigusa Nagoya

Part 2: Bull Nakano vs Shinobu Kandori (Chain Death Match)

Part 3: Bull Nakano vs Aja Kong

Part 4: Retirement Speech & 10 Bell Salute

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