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Exclusive: Could Madison Eagles’ Career Be Coming to an End? The Former SHIMMER Champion Speaks…

She was crowned the #1 female wrestler in the world on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 for 2011. but now Madison Eagles faces a serious injury that could end her top-ranking career.

In late December 2011, the former SHIMMER Champion announced on Twitter that she was suffering from what could be a career-ending knee injury. She was immediately inundated with messages of support from fellow wrestlers and fans alike, and understandably so.

Madison made her professional wrestling debut over 10 years ago in Australia, originally as a bodyguard for AJ Freely. Shortly after, she made her way overseas wrestling for the likes of the Heartland Wrestling Association, USA Pro Wrestling and Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, as well as participated in an Ohio Valley Wrestling training camp to hone her skills.

In 2007, she and husband Ryan Eagles formed the-then PWA Elite (later renamed PWA Australia) and later that year, the only all-women’s wrestling promotion in Australia: PWWA. But it wasn’t long before Madison would be trying her hand overseas again.

In quick succession, she debuted for both Ring of Honor and CZW in September 2008, and CHIKARA and SHIMMER the month after. It was SHIMMER where she really shone. Despite originally debuting as part of a tag-team with Jessie McKay, she impressed in matches against Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez, and shocked the world when she ended MsChif‘s two-year reign as SHIMMER Champion in April 2010. From there, she began a reign of terror, defeating everyone SHIMMER management threw in her path: McKay, Cheerleader Melissa, Ayumi Kurihara, Ayako Hamada, Serena Deeb, Hiroyo Matsumoto – just to name a few. Offers came in to wrestle in Canada and Japan. She was also crowned #1 on PWI’s Female 50 for 2011. It seemed as though the whole world was opening their eyes as to who Madison Eagles was.

This abruptly changed in October 2011, shortly after the SHIMMER tapings, when Eagles suffered an unfortunate injury. She revealed to us that her knee and the surrounding area are ‘pretty much shot’, as she has torn the meniscus and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and has done damage to both the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and PCL.

The 27-year old mother of two recently offered Diva Dirt some insight into what exactly happened. She said: “It happened during a wrestling match [during] what I call ‘The Double Stomp of Hell’. I unfortunately put a little too much effort in and landed straight-legged. Immediately, I collapsed and couldn’t move my legs at all. The pain was horrific. At the moment – three and a half months later – I am still having problems walking, let alone anything wrestling-wise.”

This knee injury comes on top of a self-professed ‘bung shoulder’ suffered in an unfortunate car accident in April 2011 and a broken nose that she tells us will ‘eventually need re-alignment and re-attachment of a certain section’.

Speaking on the scary possibility that she may have to end her wrestling career sooner than she originally planned, Madison has tried to remain upbeat and optimistic: “I try not to think about it too much,” she admits. “I have a pretty blessed life, and have been extremely grateful of the recognition I have received in my time in the wrestling business so far, so I guess I can’t ask too much more than that. But then again, I do have high hopes that I will be able to wrestle again – even if it means a year off, or something along those lines.”

But there may still be light at the end of the tunnel yet: “Fortunately I am booked into see a knee specialist in a month’s time, whom may be able to help. If not, I will pretty much have to ride out the injury, like I am at the moment.”

When asked about what she would still like to accomplish in wrestling, the former SHIMMER Champion responded with, “I am going to be selfish and say I want everything. I want to be an even better performer and in better shape as an athlete, as well as a lot more international travel. I would love to [return to living in America] but again, dealing with my medical issues are first and foremost.”

As many have stated, Madison is one tough woman, and if anyone can come back from being dealt such a hand – it’s her. Selfishly, we’d all love for her to be able to return to wrestling, but health and family always comes first.

We here at Diva Dirt wish her the best of luck – not only in regards to maintaining a clean bill of health and healing from all of her injuries, but whatever she may choose to do with the rest of her life provided wrestling doesn’t work out for her.

Diva Dirt will keep you updated on Madison’s recovery status, so stay tuned.

Feel free to tweet your support to Madison at @SeriouslyEagles.