Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Report: Childish Diva Angle to Continue

If you had hoped last week’s tasteless SmackDown segment featuring former Divas Champion Natalya supposedly farting on SmackDown was a one-off, a new report suggests that it was just the beginning.

PWInsider reports that creative plans for the third-generation Diva include more flatulence-related comedy segments.

If you missed last week’s SmackDown, Natalya appeared to pass wind in a backstage segment with Aksana and Teddy Long leading to a comedy bit with Santino.

Thoughts: Watching last week’s SmackDown, I thought the segment was ridiculous, especially for a company that boasts about its anti-bullying campaign. Sadly, it reminds me of the Mickie James situation prior to her release where she was teased, in storyline, over her weight. To me it really just comes across as scripted bullying. Not only is it humiliating and disrespectful, but it also sends a message to casual viewers about WWE’s television product — and it isn’t a positive one. It comes across as lowbrow and crass. Is that the message WWE really wants to convey to viewers? Remember, folks — Be a STAR!

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