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SmackDown Redux (February 3rd, 2012): This Storyline Stinks, Not Natalya

This week on SmackDown, Natalya and Beth Phoenix reunite as the Divas of Doom, to take on the team Aksana and Tamina in tag team action. We also had the return of everyone’s favorite pocket rocket, AJ. But before we get into any of the good stuff, why don’t we get this backstage segment out of the way.

Watch below as Natalya and Beth chat about their match:

Oh, WWE… I really hate you sometimes. I really don’t get the point of this whole farting gimmick, aside from making little kids laugh and embarrassing Natalya. Hopefully, this gimmick will bomb and we can all move along, because this is just getting hard to watch.

Next up, we have our Divas match for the evening. Watch below as the Divas of Doom take on Aksana and Tamina:

Aksana is out first to her espionage/Skinemax entrance theme to meet with her partner, Tamina, who’s already in the ring. Beth and Natalya are out next, and they’re all business it seems. While Natalya and Beth play up to the crowd, Tamina and Aksana discuss their strategy.

The official signals for the bell and our Divas match is underway with Natalya and Aksana starting the match for their respective teams. The ladies lock up and Nattie gets the upperhand, leveling Aksana with a Michinoku Driver. Natalya blasts Tamina in the face with a stiff forearm, before going back to Aksana, but gets caught in the gut with a kick from Aksana. Aksana tries to follow up with a vertical suplex, but Natalya tosses her to the ground face-first.

While Nattie gloats, Beth sneaks up and forcibly tags herself in, picks up the scraps and Glam Slams Aksana to pick up the win for her team.

After the match, Beth and Natalya exchange words for a minute and Beth leaves her partner in the ring. Dejected, Natalya attacks Aksana and goes for the Sharpshooter. Fortunately for Aksana, Tamina makes the save, laying out the Hart heiress with a superkick and a Superfly Splash.

While the match wasn’t much longer than last week’s and had about as much substance, it set up what looks to be a feud between Beth and Natalya, possibly turning the latter face in the process. I must admit, the prospect of a Beth/Nattie feud is fantastic. I just hope we can drop the fart gags behind…

Last, but not least we saw the return of NXT 3 graduate, AJ, who’s been M.I.A. since she was nearly trampled to death by Big Show. It seems her injury also affected her vocal chord, as she communicated exclusively through facial expressions and gestures. Check out the segment below:

While I would love to see AJ tap into her inner bitchy heel and join forces with Daniel Bryan as the top power couple in WWE (sorry, Maxine and Derrick Bateman), I’m really enjoying this good girl/bad boy angle. I’m interested in seeing what kind of role AJ will play in this Big Show/Daniel Bryan storyline in the weeks to come. I believe that this could be the breakout storyline that could lead to her becoming a top Diva.

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