Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Help Wanted: Diva Dirt is Looking for New Writers

Diva Dirt is looking for talented scribes to join Team DD as soon as possible. We will be taking on a few new writers to help continue our first class coverage of all things female wrestling, as well as expand into female MMA.

What we are looking for
1. We are looking for writers who are well versed in women’s wrestling news be it WWE, TNA, North American independents or international. Do you have a wealth of knowledge on women’s wrestling history, as well as the current landscape? Do you have a good grasp of the Joshi scene, or perhaps women’s wrestling in Mexico, or somewhere else around the world? Candidates should be on the ball in covering the latest news & results, as well as be able to pitch and write interesting editorials and features. You may also be asked to write weekly reviews (similar to the Raw Redux etc).
2. Additionally, we are looking for well versed writers/fans of female MMA, particularly North American female MMA, to cover the latest female MMA news, conduct interviews, review live fights and more. Candidates should have a good grasp of and interest in female MMA.

1. Please ensure you have a suitable amount of time to devote to contributing to the site.
2. Good use of the English language is a must.
3. Ideal for college/university level students or young writers looking to gain exposure and experience writing for a publication.
4. Duties will include the tasks listed above. Additionally, candidates will be expected to be able to write, source and research their articles to high standards.
5. Positions are unpaid at this time. However, candidates will gain valuable experience in the world of online journalism. Transferable skills include: writing copy, researching stories, creating contacts, working within a team, working to deadlines, image editing and more.
6. The editor (Melanie Rob) and the publisher (Jason Deadrich) are able to provide candidates with references upon request.

If you think you have what it takes, please email the editor, Melanie Rob, at the following address: [email protected] Please include the following in your email:

1. Covering letter. This should include details about yourself i.e. age, where you live, education, occupation (if you have one), why you’d be suitable for a role at Diva Dirt, and whether you can meet the requirements of the tasks listed above.
2. Examples of work you’ve previously produced.

Please note: Due to the volume of emails, we will only be able to respond to prospective candidates.

Good luck!

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