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Happy Valentine’s Day! Wrestling Couples That We Want to See Happen

It’s that time of year again, people. Time for cupid to start shooting his arrows and for love to fill the air. Diva Dirt embraces all holidays and Valentine’s Day is no different. All day long myself and my partners, the wonderful Cryssi and the vivacious Melanie, will be bringing you the Valentine’s goodies that the world of professional wrestling has blessed us with this year… or some that we hope enter our lives within the next year! In our heads and in our cold little hearts, we believe in love despite the fact nothing in wrestling lasts forever. Perhaps one day one couple can stand the test of time. Could any of these be the ‘one’?

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Kelly Kelly and CM Punk
Not a new couple, per se, but certainly a couple that should rekindle the magic they once had on ECW. Despite dating Mike Knox back then, 19-year-old Kelly Kelly never tried to hide her growing desire for the Straight Edge Superstar — she even dressed up as him on Halloween. Their would-be romance ended much too soon without ever really getting started, and now with both of them as top babyfaces on Raw, what better what to reconnect them? Kelly plays a wonderful damsel in distress and CM Punk has rescued her before. It wouldn’t take much for evil Chris Jericho to set his sights on the blond bombshell. With Punk/Jericho on a collision course, this could add fuel to the already burning fire. CM Punk and Kelly Kelly are meant to be together in some way, shape, or form. Don’t even try and deny how cute that pairing would be.

Caylee Turner and Bo Rotundo
This may seem random to some of you, but to us, it’s pretty much bound to happen. You see, after Alicia Fox and Husky Harris took over the world after being included in last year’s Valentine’s Day post (to the point where actual rumors even began to swirl), what better way to continue the trend than by taking her sister and his brother, and making them an on-screen couple too? Husky and Bo could debut on SmackDown as a fresh new tag team who begin to fight over Alicia, resulting in her she calling in Baby Fox to the rescue. They would eventually split, culminating in a mixed tag match at WrestleMania!

Lilian Garcia and The Rock
The sexiest man alive always seemed to have a soft spot for our favorite ring announcer back in the day. Every time Lilian tried to interview The Rock, he would lace his words with underlying sexual overtones that left Lillian blushing. With both of them back in the company, is it too much to ask for a WrestleMania reunion between the two? Who doesn’t want to see The Rock snatch the microphone from Lillian at ‘Mania and mention the word ‘strudel’? Who doesn’t want these two to finally share a hot, steamy kiss?

Winter and Doug Williams
I’m sure you all know the obvious reason why we paired these two together… because they’re both underused of course! Poor Winter has never really been given a spotlight, even despite being a former two time Knockouts Champion. We wouldn’t want her to head into the managerial position, but rather the two of them act as she did with Paul Burchill and have handicap matches against some of the male wrestlers. Winter could even share some of the “medicine” with him that she used on Angelina so that, if need be, she could wear the pants in this relationship and provide some interesting segments between the two. It could be a breath of fresh air for both of them, and for some odd reason, it may just be what’s needed!

Vickie Guerrero and Briley Pierce
Sure, the previous post stated that Dolph and Vickie should stay together forever, but NOTHING last forever; not even Dolph and Vickie. Cougars, by nature, are always on the prowl and there happens to be a hot, young, Superstar down in FCW who could very well be the second-coming of Dolph Ziggler. Briley is brash, brilliant, and he’s written his own book, which is available on Amazon. com, by the way. He’s right up Vickie’s ally, and well, he does come from the same gene pool as Dolph.

Aksana and Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre is one of my personal favorites in wrestling, but for some reason he’s been stuck in a funk, so to speak. What better way to perk him up and breathe new life into his character than by taking on the conniving Aksana as an on-screen girlfriend? He’s been arguing with Teddy Long for the past few months to keep his job, and for some odd reason Teddy has allowed it through all of the losses and despite all of the warnings. The reason for this could all be explained that Aksana was using her power to help keep Drew signed. She would eventually turn on Teddy and the ultimate foreign duo unites!

Mickie James and James Storm
She’s hardcore country and he’s a beer drinking cowboy. If anything, their love of country music should bring them together (assuming he likes country music.) Lately, Mickie has seemed edgy and perhaps having a new beau in her life would be just what she needs. Hell, they could even do a duet together. Who wouldn’t pay money to see Mickie and James stand together in the Impact Zone and pretend to be Faith Hill and Tim McGraw or Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert? Sing it with us now: “It’s your love , it just does something to me, it sends a shock right through me, I can’t get enough…” Swoon!

Which wrestling stars do you want to see hook up in future?

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