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Maria Kanellis says that the Divas Championship should still exist

When you think of the term Diva in the WWE one of the first names you may probably think of is Maria Kanellis. Maria...

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Live Coverage: Pro-Wrestling: EVE “No Man’s Land: Sjodin vs Alpha”

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s Internet pay per view debut, No Man’s Land: Sjodin vs Alpha!

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Follow our live coverage here at Diva Dirt and by following us on Twitter at @divadirt. Be sure to use the hash tag #NoMansLand when tweeting about the show tonight.

All times in UK GMT.


18:55 pm: We’ve just been informed that the iPPV may be starting a little later than planned due to technical issues being ironed out. Thanks for your patience everyone!

19:00 pm: Picture and sound now running on the stream. The iPPV will begin shortly.

19:12 pm: It was announced that the iPPV will be starting in two minutes!

19:15 pm: We are welcomed to the show. Nikki Storm interrupts and cuts a promo about how she is undefeated in EVE since her loss to Britani Knight in April 2011. Storm claims that she is carrying the company on her back, consistently producing the best matches, and points out how she is the only person to ever defeat the Alpha Female.

19:22 pm: Looks like we’re ready for the first match of the evening and first quarter-final match-up with one half of The Blossom Twins, Hannah Blossom, ready to take on Nikki Storm!

Nikki Storm vs. Hannah Blossom
Storm gets in Hannah’s face but Hannah takes her down with a drop toe-hold. Storm controlling the match so far. Hannah makes a comeback, taking Storm down with a suplex and a nice senton, but Storm takes over once more and hits a fisherman’s suplex. Storm bridges for the pin, and the victory.

Short but sweet match.

Winner: Nikki Storm (Storm advances to semi-finals)

19:25 pm: Next up is another quarter-final match-up in the “Queen of the Ring” tournament. The Glamour Gym of Sara-Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob make their way to the ring.

Sara-Marie Taylor vs. Holly Blossom
The Glamour Gym tease Holly about where she’s billed from – England. Sara-Marie takes her time getting ready for the match, brushing her hair out. Holly cops hair-spray to the face right as the match begins.

Sara initially has control, but Holly takes her down with two dropkicks. Holly’s comeback is cut off by Carmel Jacob. Hannah Blossom makes her way to ringside as an equalizer for Carmel.

Lots of fracas going on in the ring now. Carmel tries to sneak in to spray one of the Blossom Twins in the eyes (while the other is arguing with Sara-Marie Taylor) but is caught. The referee calls for a double-disqualification. It’s confirmed that the match has gone to a no contest finish.

The Glamour Gym try to attack The Blossom Twins after the match but are sent packing. Carmel proclaims it’s not over.

Winner: No Contest

Where does this leave Nikki Storm in her semi-final match?

19:28 pm: Rhia O’Reilly makes her way out to the ring. This will be O’Reilly vs. April Davids in another tournament quarter-final match.

Rhia O’Reilly vs. April Davids
Davids hits a big cross-body to the outside on O’Reilly, then stomps on her as she’s down. O’Reilly takes control back and scores a suplex from one corner of the ring to the other. O’Reilly sends Davids head first into the turnbuckles. The fans are cheering for Davids to make a comeback. She tries for a quick victory, but O’Reilly kicks out. O’Reilly hits a sidewalk slam.

Davids makes a small comeback, causing O’Reilly to yell “get her away from me!”. In the time the referee controls Davids, O’Reilly recovers. O’Reilly goes for a back elbow in the corner but Davids dodges and nails her with a nice spinning kick. Davids climbs the turnbuckles but O’Reilly comes from behind and hits an Electric Chair. Davids kicks out of the pin attempt.

As O’Reilly taunts the audience, Davids lies in wait. Davids hits another big kick on O’Reilly when she turns around, stomps her a few more times, then goes for a pin attempt. A three-count later, and April Davids is your victor.

Winner: April Davids (Davids advances to semi-finals)

A competitive match, and probably the best one of the evening so far.

19:50 pm: The Glamour Gym make their second appearance of the evening for Carmel’s match.

Carmel Jacob vs. Kay Lee Ray
The referee informs us that due to the double disqualification earlier in the evening, Sara-Marie Taylor has been banned from ringside! And that if Sara-Marie Taylor does not leave ringside, Carmel Jacob will be disqualified and out of the tournament!

Crowd starts chanting “nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye”. Sara-Marie says she’s taking her hairbrush and hairspray with her.

Kay Lee takes the initial control. Action spills to the outside. Once it’s back inside, Kay Lee hits a few high impact moves and when she flies off the ropes, Carmel grabs her in the wheelbarrow position but Kay Lee reverses into a bulldog. Carmel takes over with a submission hold on the ropes. More high impact moves from Kay Lee. Carmel grounds her with a headlock and shrieks “quit Kay Lee, you ugly bitch!”

Carmel gets yellow carded for her heelish actions. Kay Lee hits a sunset flip from the top rope. The girls trade blows. It’s a real back and forth match. Desperate, Carmel screams for Sara a few times. Sara makes her way out (with The Blossom Twins not far behind, making sure she won’t do anything) and is warned by the referee that if she interferes, Carmel will be disqualified. Carmel, who has her back turned to the ring while she’s talking to her, is taken down by Kay Lee, who then hits a big Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray (Ray advances to semi-finals)

I would now say this was the best match so far. Very competitive. Both girls had great chemistry and worked the crowd well. The Glamour Gym’s gimmick is fantastic and both girls play it to a T.

20:06 pm: Diva Dirt has just reached Pro-Wrestling: EVE management and we have been informed that they are aware of issues with the video quality. DVD quality footage of the show will be uploaded after the event & available for replay viewing from tomorrow.

20:07 pm: Janey Britannico makes her way out for an impromptu match!

Janey Britannico vs. Kirsty Love vs. Big Van Viper
Due to the double disqualification earlier, we learn that this match is for the final spot in the semi-finals of the tournament. Kirsty Love initiates a dance-off.

Lots of high-flying, luchador-esque action from Janey Britannico. Many three-person spots. Pretty short match.

Winner: Big Van Viper (Viper advances to semi-finals)

20:15 pm: We are now having a quick intermission.

20:19 pm: Diva Dirt has just received an update from Pro-Wrestling: EVE management about the two bonus matches they had planned on showing. They are unable to air them on the iPPV tonight due to technical difficulties, but to make up for it, they will be posted online for free.

20:30 pm: It’s announced that we are only moments away from returning.

20:32 pm: Nikki Storm opens up the second half of the show.

Nikki Storm vs. Big Van Viper
Viper goes for two lock-ups but Storm dodges. Viper looks mad. She takes Storm down by the hair. However, Storm makes a comeback and is doing her best to keep Viper grounded and off her feet. Viper counters with a flurry of fists and forearms, ignoring the referee, which earns her a yellow card for her behaviour.

Duelling chants, “come on Viper, come on Storm”.

More back and forth action. Viper growing increasingly frustrated with Storm. As she lays into her in the corner, the referee tries to stop it and gets shoved down for his efforts. As Viper already has a yellow card, she is henceforth disqualified and Storm advances to the finals of the tournament. Fans chant for a rematch.

Winner: Nikki Storm via DQ (Storm advances to finals)

On commentary, it’s announced that Diva Dirt fans believe that the Alpha Female will win the title match between her and Jenny Sjodin tonight. Alpha Female scored 52% of the fans votes, with Jenny picking up 48%.

20:46pm: April Davids makes her way out to a big cheer from the fans.

April Davids vs. Kay Lee Ray
Lots of technical, mat-based wrestling to kick off this match. There’s a handshake between the two women.

Davids ties Kay Lee up in the Tree of Woe position, then dropkicks her in the face. Northern Lights Suplex. Kay Lee Ray looks like she’s hurt her neck and rolls out of the ring. She gets back into the ring, only to quickly roll April Davids up and score the win in a short match.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray (Ray advances to finals)

Really quick match. Here’s hoping Kay Lee isn’t seriously injured!

20:55pm: It’s announced that the next match will be none other than the Pro Wrestling: EVE title match between defending champion Jenny Sjödin and Alpha Female!

Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship Match: Jenny Sjödin (c) vs. Alpha Female
A few kicks, waist-lock and a head-lock from Jenny to Alpha Female to begin. Jenny already goes for the cross arm-breaker but Alpha Female counters by lifting her up and dropping her. Jenny locks on a keylock but again Alpha Female escapes. Action spills to the outside. Alpha Female rams Jenny into the ring post and receives a yellow card for doing so. Jenny manages to get herself a yellow card as well. Both women could easily be disqualified at this point.

Alpha Female goes for a suplex but Jenny counters it into a guillotine. Alpha Female powers out once more and slams Jenny into the turnbuckle. Jenny hits a Shining Wizard, goes to the top-rope and nails her with a senton. Jenny takes Alpha Female down with a big German suplex. The action slowly moves to the apron of the ring, where Jenny hits Alpha Female with a clothesline, which sends them both flying through the timekeeper’s table!!

The clothesline earns them a “holy shit” chant. As they’re both recovering from the clothesline and table break, the referee begins the count. Both women are subsequently counted out of the match.

Winner: Double Countout, thus, Jenny Sjödin retains her title

Both women slowly make their way to their feet and begrudgingly slap hands, showing respect for one another.

Good match between these two. It was starting to gain a lot of momentum but was cut pretty short. Here’s hoping that they come back to this match later this evening or at another show, as Sjödin and Alpha Female have a lot of great chemistry and work well together.

21:12 pm: Another impromptu match is created between The Blossom Twins and The Glamour Gym based on their rivalry tonight.

The Blossom Twins (Hannah and Holly) vs. The Glamour Gym (Sara-Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob)
Commentators unable to tell the difference between Hannah and Holly. Lots of double-team moves from The Blossom Twins. The Blossom Twins hit a pair of nice-looking neckbreakers on Carmel. They’re keeping Carmel ostracized from Sara-Marie.

The Glamour Gym manage to take control. Sara-Marie and Carmel are getting a lot of heat from the crowd. Carmel ends up getting tagged back in and knocks the Blossom that’s not in the ring off the apron. She goes for a pin attempt but the referee is distracted by the Blossom she knocked off the apron. Carmel goes for a bonsai drop but misses. After more back and forth action, The Glamour Gym score the win via cheating when Carmel holds the Sara’s arms (over the ropes) to ensure The Blossom Twins stay down.

Winners: The Glamour Gym (Sara-Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob)

21:25 pm: It’s now time for the main event!

Nikki Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray
Nikki is “wearing gold because she knows it’s in her future”. Nikki goes for Kay Lee (still holding her neck) as soon as she makes her way out. Nikki seems to think she’ll be able to make quick work of Kay Lee, with her neck injury, but it’s not happening. Kay Lee will not stay down. Kay Lee goes for a senton but misses, aggravating her neck even more!

Nikki is hitting Kay Lee with everything in her arsenal and is awarded a yellow card for it. Nikki argues with the referee, only to be met with a big superkick when she turns around. Kay Lee hits a swanton from the top rope, but Nikki kicks out!

More duelling chants.

Kay Lee goes for a suicide dive but is cut off. Nikki hits an elevated (using the ropes) spinning neckbreaker and goes for a pin attempt. A three count later and Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Storm, NEW #1 Contender for Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship

21:35 pm: Nikki Storm calls out Jenny Sjödin straight after the match. Jenny Sjödin makes her way out for a stare-down. Alpha Female makes an appearance and stares them both down, letting them know that after the way their match ended earlier it’s not over between her and Sjödin either.

21:40 pm: Promoter Dann Read comes out to thank the fans for tonight and plugs the next show on July 14th, 2012.

A very successful show. The video quality was vastly improved after the intermission!

Don’t forget – Pro-Wrestling: EVE has announced that DVD quality footage of the show will be available for replay viewing from tomorrow. In addition to that, the two bonus matches that were also originally supposed to be aired tonight will be available for free online!

Join us at 8pm ET (1am UK) for Diva Dirt Live when we run down the entire show. The audio will be streamed right here at Diva Dirt.

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