Friday, June 18, 2021

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Joshi Wrestler Leon to Make SHIMMER Debut in March

SHIMMER Women Athletes has announced their second debuting joshi wrestler for their March 17 and 18 tapings – Leon!

SHIMMER says about Leon: “A veteran of the ring, Leon comes to us from the JWP promotion in Japan, where she is a former JWP Openweight Champion and JWP Tag Team Champion. She also has the NEO High Speed Championship on her resume. Leon and Ray (who will also make her SHIMMER debut at SHIMMER 45-48) comprise a masked duo in the JWP tag team ranks.”

The former  Tojyuki Leon made her professional wrestling debut on March 15th, 2000 at the legendary Korakuen Hall in a match against Ai Fujita, putting a solid twelve years of wrestling experience under her belt (a few days prior to the SHIMMER weekend will actually mark her twelfth wrestling anniversary).

Leon’s since put in the hard yards – working for such prestigious promotions as JWP, WAVE, Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling REINA, Ice Ribbon, IBUKI, NEO Ladies, OZ Academy… to name only a few.

She boasts a mixed arsenal of a hard-hitting and high-flying moves: a dragon suplex (called the Kiba), a back breaker, a fisherman’s buster, a senton (the Leon Stone), a frog splash, and a plancha (Alien Plancha) make up just some of the techniques she uses to take her opponents out.

Given the alliance between Leon and Ray in Japan, perhaps we’ll see them in tag-team action at the SHIMMER tapings? A bout with their current Tag Team Champions Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada would almost certainly be a classic.

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