Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres Slam Maria Menounos

In what seems to be build-up for her rumored involvement at WrestleMania, Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, as well as Eve Torres, slammed WWE celebrity guest Maria Menounos in a video on

“My biggest gripe with Maria Menounos is that she doesn’t respect the WWE Divas Champion,” claims Phoenix. “This is my life– my job– and that is why I’m the Divas Champion.”

She also adds that the next time Maria has an invitation for a WWE Diva, it had better be for her. Beth concludes by claiming that she has the power to make a choice, and Maria will be very sorry with what happens.

In the second half of the video, fellow WWE Diva, Eve, also chimes in by adding that Menounos refused to select her for Extra because of the fact that she would’ve been shown up by the former champion. Torres states, “I’m a woman who gets what she wants, and that may be intimidating to some people, but if Maria doesn’t like that then she shouldn’t come around here anymore.”

You can check out the full video by clicking here.

Former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly is set to be Menounos’ next guest on the set of her showbiz infotainment show, Extra. It looks as though Beth & Eve vs Kelly & Maria may be on the cards for WrestleMania.

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