SmackDown Spoilers: May 11th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* A.J. defeated Kaitlyn. A.J. destroyed her. Daniel Bryan came out and saw A.J. in a new light. He said that after he wins the WWE Championship, he’s moving on to Kaitlyn.

* Antonio Cesaro (w/Aksana) defeated Alex Riley. Teddy Long handled the introductions. Aksana told Long that they are just friends, but she is lovers with Cesaro. Aksana and Cesaro made out in front of Long after the match. (Source)


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  • Flybytre

    I Really Can’t Wait For This AJ vs Kaitlyn Match

    • T@KESH1

      doesn’t sound like much. sounds like some vicious chipmunk flailing knockdown followed quickly up with a shining wizard.

  • TheGamergirl22

    Oh crap looks like someone gonna get stalked

  • koshiro

    I found this other report:
    “AJ def. Kaitlyn

    AJ out to the ring to a decent pop. Kaitlin out next to little/no reaction. Aj starts on fire. Punches flying. And just like that, it’s over. AJ wins. Continues attacking after the match. Out comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he’s impressed with AJ. He is talking her up. He says he’s ready to move past it all. Bryan says he’s looking forward to moving on to Kaitlyn. AJ looks like she will smack him then leaves. There is a major “Yes” chant breaks out.”

    The match will be short, but the storyline progression sounds great :)
    Can’t wait to see it..

  • Bethinho

    so Bryan enjoyed seeing the new angrier AJ but says he will move on to Kaytlin?what Kaytlin thinks of this?and isn´t she with Bateman?
    this looks like a soap opera,lol.
    anyway i think Bryan is teasing AJ.

  • dunk20

    As much as talented AJ is, she should stick to the underdog role. It’s impossible to imagine her “destroying” a diva that is twice her size in a clean fight. It’s just not credible. In order to destroy her she would need to rely on her strenght and she is clearly the weakest in that. Now in speed in acrobatics she tops almost everyone, so she should win with that.

    • light_it_upAJ

      That’s sort of the point of being an underdog isn’t it? It is supposed to be unbelievable that AJ could beat anyone because she’s the smallest person on the roster (Not counting Hornswoggle).

      She’s sort of the Rey Mysterio of the divas.

      • perceval

        I think what DUNK20 is saying is that she shouldn’t just straight up physically overpower much larger opponents. It wasn’t believable when they’d have Kelly just use super strength to beat the likes of Beth & Nattie.

        A big part of AJ’s thing is submissions, so she should be booked like Gail Kim. Gail, during her first WWE run, was the smallest person in the Women’s Division. Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Jazz, even Stacy, all outweighed little 125 pound Gail by at least 10 pounds. But, the Flying Dragon made Gail the Giant Killer. When she hit it, it was credible that she could take down Victoria, Awesome Kong, and Beth Phoenix. And, the crowd would erupt when she’d hit it.

        AJ’s Octopus has the same effect. Not only does it make her taking down the big girls believable, but it gets the crowd reaction. Check out her NXT3 match with Naomi. When she hit the Octopus, not only did it get the crowd noise, but Cole had to break character and really sell the moment.

        I’m also pretty sure that match set a record for how many times Kelly used her catch phrase. Has anyone ever counted how many times she yells “COME ON, NAOMI!” in that one? The “Yelly Kelly” persona actually works for her as a loud, trash talking, manager. Liked Cole’s incredulous reaction, after she’s been yelling non-stop throughout the match, “Kelly just told Primo to shut up!” Judging from that, Kelly would be like a glamourous, sexy, version of Vickie if they had her managing people.

        • light_it_upAJ

          Oh how I wish TPTB would let AJ use her submissions! Not to mention that she can be a high-flyer as well. I mean, she pretty much idolized Lita, and IIRC, she is influenced quite a lot by Rey Mysterio.

  • wl75

    I’m trying to figure out why Bryan came out and deliberately provoked AJ- You’d think they would do the “I’m not going to be ignored” thing between them where AJ stalks Bryan…

  • No Holds Barred

    what? I am irate!!! Kaitlyn, the friendship is out the window, unleash on AJ!! haha

    Good, a feud that’s not over a title, we need more of this!

    • ShimmerSupport211

      its garbage booking 101

  • Thaila

    I want to make out with Claudio :(

  • Londonboy

    AJ Destroys Kaitlyn LMAO
    Kaitlyn is built like a brick house she could break Aj with 1 Body slam
    I like the fact Aj has a bad side to her and they are giving her TV time but having her Destroy other Divas is so unbelievable especially girls as strong as Kaitlyn.
    What is she going to do next Destroy Beth Phoenix lol.
    I think they need to push Aj has a heel that cheats during her Matches or uses weapons to beat people up because her Destroying people on her own is just stupid and unbelievable in my opinion .