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WWE Superstars Redux (May 31st, 2012): Alicia Takes Beth to the Limit, But Beth is Ready for Layla

Good evening everybody, and let me grant you exclusive access to the hottest event of the year… your Superstars Redux! This week, Beth Phoenix takes on Alicia Fox in singles action as she looks to continue her dominance over the Divas division by perhaps making an example out of the Foxy one. Alicia on the other hand, had previously been busy helping to give JTG a makeover, but now seems to be sadly lost in the shuffle. A win over Beth Phoenix could do wonders for her, but which of these two ladies will come out on top? Let us find out by scrolling on down!

The fancy music of Beth Phoenix hits, as our stoic Glamazon walks down the entrance ramp and flips into the ring wearing her finest pants attire. The greatness of Scott Stanford and sometimes misguided Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show, but it’s time to get up on your feet and PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PARTAYYYY. Our Fancy Fox Hood wearing leggy beauty steps into the ring and flings her coat around a bit for the fans, before handing it off as Beth looks on unimpressed. Beth hops down from the top turnbuckle, as the two ladies circle around and lock up. Alicia scores with a headlock, but Beth sends her off the ropes! Alicia hits a nice kick, but Beth then takes her down with a shoulder block and goes to town on the Foxy one.

Phoenix takes her eyes off the game for just a moment too long as she summons Layla to step on out, allowing Alicia to recover and hit a dropkick! Fox then runs off the ropes and slides through Beth’s legs, before tripping her up as Phoenix falls to the outside. Alicia tries to throw Beth into the side of the ring, however, Beth is simply too strong for Alicia to pull and thus she hoists Fox onto her shoulder and slams her back first! From there, Beth tosses Alicia back into the ring and begins her diva dominance with a hair pull and some kicks. Phoenix then transitions into a sick arm submission that looks to near break Alicia’s shoulders in half.

The crowd gets behind Alicia, allowing Fox to fight out with some elbows. Alicia goes for a kick, but Beth sends her foot into the ropes and hits a shot to the kidney. Phoenix controls the match for a bit, sending Alicia into the corner. As she goes for a running shoulder tackle though, Fox leaps up with a split legged sunset flip for a two count! The two try to get up, but Beth scores first with a fist to the face. Beth then hits a backbreaker to the knee and stretches Alicia out over the knee, as Fox tries to kick her in the face to break out. Beth with a kick, as she sets up for a powerbomb, but Alicia fights out and spins it around into a nice victory roll!

Fox matrixes through a clothesline and hits some dropkicks to the face. Northern Lights to Beth! One… Two… No! Alicia works Beth over with some elbows, and then leaps off the turnbuckle. She goes for the flip leg drop that I miss, but Beth rolls out of the way and levels her with a kick. Phoenix gets into position for the end to be near, as she lifts Alicia up and drills her with the Glam Slam! One… Two… Three. Beth takes the match and continues the tour of Diva dominance once again!

Thoughts: I thought this was a great match between the two, and for me to say that about something on Superstars is an accomplishment in its own right considering my stance on matches happening with no reason behind them and how I wish the show would incorporate backstage segments. Fox looked great against Beth, and managed to make me think she could actually win with that victory roll. They both kept up with each other, things rarely got to a slow spot, and there was even some work on the outside that we don’t see as much anymore. This is the type of match that would’ve shined on pay per view when Beth was champion had they not randomly dropped Alicia’s winning streak storyline, and it bums me out that it never happened after seeing what it could’ve been like. Nonetheless, awesome showing from both women and hopefully matches like this take place more on Raw when it expands to three hours.

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