Friday, June 25, 2021

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AJ Reveals Two Top WWE Superstars Have Been Mentoring Her, Speaks on Recent Rise to Fame

Diva of the moment, AJ, took part in a brief radio interview today with sports columnist Mark Madden to discuss a number of topics about her recent rise to fame amongst the WWE ranks.

Asked why she feels WWE chose to utilize her in such a high profile way as of late compared to the other Divas, AJ states: “I have a lot of passion, and I’m something different. I just worked really hard and I was very very fortunate and blessed to be put in the situations that I’m in now.”

The Diva also reveals that two top Superstars have taken her under their wing. She says: “I get a lot of advice from John Cena and CM Punk. Probably from day one, they’ve been very helpful and have, you know, just kind of seen that I’m a Diva that loves the business and has watched it my whole life, and I want to succeed and I’m not just a, you know, oh this is something fun to do… Like no, this is my dream my whole life, and they’ve really helped me out a lot and have kind of been rooting for me.”

Speaking on her current character, she says: “I’m having so much fun! It’s such a refreshing experience to not have to be, you know, just a cute girl who’s wearing dresses and heels and who’s always looking pretty… you know, always acting like a lady. I like the freedom of not having to be that, and to just be kind of, you know, whatever kind of comes to mind. And I’ve been so lucky that they’ve embraced me for all of my quirkiness and no one’s ever told me to not be as weird as I am, or dress the way I do, or act the way… you know, they really trust me and have let me be me. A lot of that is just kind of who I am, which I think that might be slightly disturbing.”

Continuing on, AJ is asked if she at all resents the women who use WWE as a stepping stone to get into other fields: “I don’t blame anyone who kind of lives that way. In this business, we have room for that. We have a need for women who are good hosts and good models; someone that is just eye catching.”

AJ states that there are very few girls in WWE right now who grew up with this being their one and only dream. “I think there’s room for all of us. I definitely don’t resent it. I think if this isn’t your number one love, you’re still getting in there and getting beat up every day that’s pretty, pretty tough and you’re a pretty strong person to do that, so I have a lot of respect for that. For me though, I watched Miss Elizabeth, and especially with this wedding I feel like I’m having my Miss Elizabeth moment right now.”

AJ also speaks on whether or not she wants to get into acting, longevity in the company, uniqueness in wrestling and more!

You can listen to the full interview here.

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