Exclusive: Maxine Reveals Why She Left WWE, Lack of Progression in Company, NXT & More

“If you want it come and get it, because I won’t be around for long…”

Former WWE Diva, Maxine, aka Karlee Perez’s entrance music in WWE was an eerie foreshadowing of her career trajectory in the company. After a brief but strong run in WWE, Perez announced her departure from WWE last month–and now she’s speaking out on why.

Speaking exclusively to Diva Dirt, the former Maxine reveals why she opted to leave WWE, her plans for the future and whether the door has been left open for a possible return. Karlee also speaks on the reaction from her fellow WWE colleagues, the reaction to her departure — fans talking about her “not paying dues” — and more.

The intelligent Perez, who has a degree in Criminology, also offers a unique insight to her time in WWE and the behind-the-scenes issues the Divas face, for example the lack of progression available, with Divas often sitting on the sidelines.

Perez also speaks to us about her time in WWE ranging from how she got signed, to her time on the all-Divas season of NXT, and her star-making turn on NXT Redemption in the fantastic love triangle storyline with Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

We also grill Karlee on her unique WWE character; from being an aggressive heel, to her incredible microphone work, and her in-ring style.

This is a must listen interview, so check it out below!

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  • Mariah Dynamite

    Pro wrestling is a job. Plain and simple. Why are people complaining about whether Natalie gets an angle or not? She is one of the most un-over Divas on the roster and I am sure she is more then happy to be collecting a check. At the end of the day someone needs to open the show, someone needs to be a jobber, and it makes more sense to have the most experienced and well trained Diva working the bottom rung workers constantly so the noobs can get fast experience from someone who knows what they are doing.

    If I walked into WWE and I got to choose who I would want to have my first series of matches against I would choose Natalie and not Kelly Kelly.

    • WhereNattyAt

      Your comment is the base of why people are complaining. You pretty much explained it for yourself.

      If I was an experienced wrestler, and some ‘noob’ just walked in and I had to put them over. I wouldn’t just want to sit there and ‘collect a check.’ Like some of the previous comments have said, some people walk in expecting the fans to fall at their feet and the best storyline the writers have to offer. They don’t care about wrestling they want to be popular.

      Natalya has been there for 5 years and guess what? She’s considered a joke. She’s probably the best worker the women’s roster has to offer and she’s treated like crap. She cares about the business, unlike some of the girls who actually are there to ‘collect a check’. She can be over, she has a very likeable gimmick, if you watch NXT people cheer for her more than the face sometimes.

      Yeah you have a point someone needs to open the show, and job ect. but not someone who is paying their dues, unlike some of the women who use the company as a stepping stone and are never to be heard of again.

  • eyecon

    I agree and support Maxine 100% i will miss her in the ring