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Today in History: NXT’s Divas Season Premieres

On this day in history:

September 7th, 2010 | The 3rd season of WWE’s NXT competition featured an all-Diva selection of rookies, and all made their debuts in a formal introduction at the beginning of the show. Naomi, Jamie Keyes, AJ, Maxine, Aksana and Kaitlyn all came to the ring and introduced themselves to the fans:

Later, Naomi and Maxine made their in-ring debuts in a tag team match that teamed the rookies with their pros–Naomi with Kelly Kelly and Maxine with Alicia Fox. Kelly and Naomi picked up the win:

Skip to 6:18.

Lastly, AJ and Aksana wrestled their first WWE bout in an Intergender Tag Team match, AJ teaming with her pro Primo and Aksana with her pro Goldust. Primo an AJ picked up the win, but pro Vickie Guerrero wasn’t happy that her rookie Kaitlyn was being overshadowed, and she came to the ring to reclaim some of the spotlight. This turned into a tussle that ended with AJ shoving Kaitlyn into Vickie. Furious, Vickie stormed off, her rookie following like a punished puppy:

Skip to 3:35.

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