In Video: Sneak Peek of MTV’s Made with Tara

MTV has released a sneak peek of this Friday’s episode of Made which will feature new Knockouts Champion, Tara, real name Lisa Marie Varon.

As first reported by Diva Dirt, Tara will be coaching an aspiring professional wrestler in the episode.

Tara told us: “I’m not going to tell you what happens, but it’s the first time in MTV history that this happens. You’ve got to tune in. Very excited!”

In the sneak peek, Tara’s student is seen having a little argument with her mother over the skimpy outfits worn by female wrestlers on TV.

Watch the clip below. (Unfortunately, the clip is only available for visitors in the US.)

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Tara’s episode of Made airs Friday at 5pm ET on MTV.

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    I imagine Tara with his psycho face looking the mother XD

  • ItsRayVolution

    To be honest, you can’t really blame the mother for thinking that way on how womens wrestling is portrayed on TV, since the Attitude Era, it’s been over-sexualized for such a long time to the point where it becomes annoyingly exhausting, it’s kinda sad how that won’t seem to change in Mainstream Wrestling, but I guess it isn’t ready for its nonsexualization. I guess people will have to stick with the indys (even though its there too…almost too much as well, but not as much compared to Mainstream)

  • ajfan83

    I don’t blame the mother, and she should be made aware of the fact that if her kid makes it to WWE or TNA the outfits will only get sleazier. Ever since Sunny first came along, all the really popular divas have gotten over mostly on sex appeal. Chyna was the exception, but even she started going that route once Playboy showed interest in her. The most “mainstream” divas got to that level by doing sexy photoshoots and videos. Hell, the only three ex-divas that are still somewhat relevant, Stacy, Trish and (arguably) Kelly, are getting by mostly on their looks. I guess my point is wrestling isn’t the business for women to get in to if you want to be taken seriously. And even the most popular divas are, at best, D-list celebrities. So it’s not a great way to get fame, either.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      Some people don’t do it for the fame though. Also, it really depends on your personal point of view. I mean, take a look at what The Rock, Triple H and Dolph Ziggler might wear. Extremely tight underwear that’s been glamorized in other words. They’re almost naked themselves. A lot of us won’t get perverted about it. Or even a common atheletes in any sport where they wear seemingly provocative tight clothes, which might be standard athletic gear. It really depends in where the mind is at. Seriously. When id see Ivory, Jackie, Victoria and Lita wearing their gear, I wouldn’t think they’re hot omg! I wanna f**** them! Id think they look amazing, no doubt..but I respected them for their skills. Same with the guys I’m sure. Although there will always be people like this woman, overdramatizing the simplest of things. Porn is not wrestling and she needs to understand that.

      • ajfan83

        Well, we can get in to the whole “men in underwear” discussion, but at least the guys are presented more as athletes and characters than they are for their looks, even if women might think they are hot. Mainstream wrestling, since Sunny, has always treated females as sex objects first and foremost. Even when WWE pretended to care about womens wrestling in the early 2000s, they pushed the eye candy stuff just as much, if not more. And that’s what sold. Stacy and Torrie made the company more money than most of the actual female wrestlers, and Trish made most of her money by doing the eye candy stuff, too. Not too many guys were buying Molly Holly or Victoria posters. Lita and Chyna are probably the only two that got over on their characters alone. Let’s face it, WWE can say they want “smart, sexy, and powerful” women, but they only really care about sexy.

        Now if this girl really wants to be a female wrestler, that’s good. I’m just saying if she became a fan by watching the WWE divas, I doubt she became a fan because of their great ability. I could be wrong.

        • The K@rmic HeeL

          I can accept that. I do think though, that if WWE had a more open mind that they can create top selling female characters and not just tits and ass divas. Women’s Wrestling all over the world would go through its own golden age, this became WWE is obviously at the forefront of pro wrestling worldwide. Its like what Lucy says to George in Two Weeks Notice, all you have to do is use your powers for good instead of evil. Haha, but I guess that’s another discussion. O:-)

        • marcum1234

          so Chyna’s huge tits, bondage style gear, and wearing thong style bottoms most of the tome isn’t over sexualized? And Lita’s see through tops and thong hanging out over her pants had nothing to do eith her getting over? Lets just face it and see that every female wrestler that has every gotten over has mainly done it by being sexualized. no matter what diva we talk about they got over by being presented in a sexual manor.

        • ajfan83


          That’s a good point, actually. I guess what I mean is Lita and Chyna were the only super popular divas to get over with characters beyond the “bombshell” persona. They were unique, and that’s why I think fans connected with them more at their peaks than any other diva.

        • Jake

          They may have not been your stereotypical blonde bombshell but they still had sex appeal that got people interested in them in the first place.

        • ajfan83

          What? Chyna was at the peak of her popularity when she was arguably the most masculine member of DX. Lita had some sex appeal, but it wasn’t her main appeal. Let’s not forget that a majority of her fans were girls. Most guys prefered Trish, Torrie, and Stacy.

        • Jake

          If Chyna and Lita looked like Nicole Bass, I doubt they would of been as popular.

  • malejiva

    I’m from Costa Rica and it worked fine for me

  • Like Mike

    I think she’s a pretty girl, and if she sticks to it she could end up making it one day. Plus with a trainer liker Tara, she’s gonna learn a heck of a lot. I fully understand where her mother is coming from, but at the same time.. especially in WWE – the sex factor has dropped quite a lot. We don’t really have dance offs and bikini contests anymore. Currently, it’s pretty focused on the wrestling bar maybe Aksana and Rosa who aren’t even really in the division.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    I don’t argee with the mother here I watch woman’s wrestling because a women has the power to change the views of men in whole at time it was TNA and now it about the power of a woman over coming the odds if I want to see playboy I will order it but I want to see Woman owning the craft in the Ring and having fun do it! just look at Japan seen Hardcore hitting action women oversea’s don’t back down and they work just as hard as the men if not more !
    Women’s Wrestling That Didn’t Suck in 2009

  • jim462

    Made is not listed on my MTV friday tv schedule with comcast all i saw was jersey shore what gives

  • jim462

    Why didn’t it air today 10/19/12

  • jim462

    I really expected a better show than this it was too cutie pie I wanna be a lady wrestler and YAY tara just pops up outta the blue to train her spends all this time training her then because big bad mama dont approv wont go see her wrestle in a tag match with Tara in Houston she caves in decides to drop her dream of being a lady wrestler one day to be a personal trainer screwing over Tara. tara should have gave her the widows peak for being such a wimp