Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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TNA Turning Point Predictions: Tara and Jesse vs ODB and Eric Young

TNA presents Turning Point tonight with a mixed tag match pitting Knockouts Champion Tara and her boyfriend Jesse against Knockouts Tag Team Champions, ODB and Eric Young. Who will win? The Diva Dirt team weighs in…

Adrian: It’s a guilty pleasure, but I have found Tara and Jesse entertaining as a couple, and it looks like they’re going to win the Knockouts tag titles in the near future (as depressing as that is for the belts, and consequently the entire division). The titles aren’t on the line here, which means all signs point to the pair that aren’t holding them, and that’s Tara and Jesse.

Bobby: As I said in my recap of last week’s Impact, I don’t have high hopes for this being a five star classic, but honestly I don’t think it needs to be. It’s continuing ODB and Tara’s feud instead of making it a one and done type ordeal so to speak, and who knows how Eric Young will play into it. I see Tara and Jesse emerging victorious with Eric and ODB perhaps splitting up for good after tonight. Will that force TNA to acknowledge they have a pair of red belts that do nothing but collect dust? Pair up Gail/Madison, Rosita/Sarita, and maybe a random two person combination of Brooke/Mickie/Taeler and kick start the tag division up!

Cryssi: This match annoys me. The fact that Jesse from Big Brother is actually wrestling and on TV again is nothing short of horrendous to me. Mr. “Pectacular” and Tara are not a power couple to me and I can not support them. That said, you have ODB and Eric Young, and they are just as evil. This is such a tough decision for me. I suppose ODB and Eric Young would be the lesser of the two evils, so I’m picking them to win. My only hope is that by some stroke of genius, Big Brother’s Natalie will show up to try and help her former ally Jesse, which will prompt a huge storm of ex-Big Brother cast-mates to come running to the ring including, Shima – winner of biggest Big Brother meltdown ever – and we will just have a big cluster-you-know-what of randomocity and brilliance that probably only Bobby and I would enjoy. The match would of course turn into a lumberjack match with good Big Brother contestants versus evil Big Brother contestants, and in this case, good will triumph evil which is why ODB and EY will pull out an improbable victory.

Erin: I think, either way, this match will solidify the status of the ODB/Eric Young relationship. He’ll either show up and they’ll be reconciled or he won’t and they’ll be done. I’m thinking that he’ll pull another no-show and allow Tara and Jesse to pick up an easy win. Poor ODB!

Jack: I can’t really say I’m excited about this match because: 1) the quality of Tara and ODB’s matches have been poor; 2) the Knockouts or Knockouts Tag Championships are not on the line; and 3) Eric Young is involved. I hope the rumors that EY is leaving TNA are true because he does nothing for me whatsoever and all he is doing at the moment is holding ODB back. ODB has had most of the momentum going into this so I think Tara and Jesse will pick up the win here. Let’s hope I can sit through it without poking my eyes out!

Katelyn: Tara and Jesse. Tara’s on a roll right now – Knockouts Champion, Hollywood boyfriend by her side. Not to mention that ODB and Eric Young barely see each other anymore… Tara and Jesse can’t lose.

Melanie: Interesting choice of pay per view match. I can’t say this one is making me want to rush and order the pay per view, to be honest. I could see ODB picking up a win here to qualify her for a Knockouts Title shot at the next pay per view, but it could also be a match to solidify Tara and Jesse as a team by having them go over. I’m going to go with ODB and EY on this occasion.

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments.

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