In Video: Why Aksana is Targeting Kaitlyn: “I Do What I Have to Do to Get Ahead”

This past Sunday at Survivor Series, Aksana was revealed as Kaitlyn‘s attacker. To ask her about this, caught up with Aksana following her loss to Kaitlyn on Raw.

When asked why she’s been attacking Kaitlyn, Aksana responded, “I do what I have to do to get ahead.”

She then proceeded to ask the cameraman about his connections and, seeing nothing worth using, went on her way. It appears as if we’re seeing a new side of Aksana: a Diva that will exploit any opportunity to climb the WWE ladder.

Watch the full exchange below:

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  • Ed

    So Aksana now admits to being Kaitlyn’s attacker. But… wasn’t she the one who found the blonde wig and reported it in the first place? I’m confused…

    • OJ Von Erich

      She kind of has to admit it, since she was caught mid attack at Survivor Series. :/


      Yes, so anyone would think it was her!

      • Ed

        Kind of defeats the purpose when she plants the wig in the bag of the woman who enlisted her to take out Kaitlyn in the first place, though, doesn’t it?

    • Ed

      AND didn’t she say that she found the wig in Eve’s bag, thus implicating the woman she was trying to ingratiate herself to? My head hurts.

      • Kaledrina

        lol yes. i don’t know.. it’s weird. plans must have changed.. orr the writers forgot what they wrote? =/ i think it’s great aksana finally has a role within the division but it is kinda sucky it wasn’t a call-up for a fcw roster member.

        • Ed

          “plans must have changed.”

          LOL Yeah. Maybe Vince called an audible and rewrote the script during the show. Again.

        • lucky1now

          Unless they plan on a aksana eve fued cause aksana tried pointing the finger at eve….this storyline was interesting now its a mess

        • Crazy_J

          I’m so glad I’m not the only one confused about this.

    • Raekon

      Teddy said she told him that she found the blonde wig in Eves bag to distract and prevent any accusations against her.

      It happen after Kaitlyn show some footage that showcased that a blond attacked her and Beth as also Nattie didn’t fit in as the attackers.

      So even Aksana did it to be in Eves favor in the first place, her impressing Teddy again (has more connections and more power than Eve in the first place), while being innocent is worth more than being Eves “friend”.

      So by saying she “found” the wig and getting her name clean by “helping” Teddy, Teddy would be open to her for various favors and through him also Booker.

      Since everyone believed that Eve did it herself, it was the easiest way out of the mess. ;)

      Even after she admitted that Eve sent her a message, it still didn’t meant she really did it. Most of all since she told Teddy again.

      After her second attack however, everything got messed up for her.

      So being honest and coming straight out with her real intentions, makes actually sense.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I am loving Aksana as of late, she is the new generation ‘She-Devil Terri Runnels’

    • art

      ^this…i have to say im loving aksana…

      • sieghrt

        She may not be the best female wrestler in the roster, but still I love her character and personality.

  • shannymac

    Again, a storyline reason for something that actually makes sense!

  • MrJCena

    hahaha love it at least she has a character

  • Nostalgia

    Who do you know? – I died

  • wl75

    She’s like Eve, but while Eve is trying to do things subtly, Askana is about as subtle as a bull in a china shop…

  • Kessuki

    Aksana is coming along really well and clearly improved in her acting, her wrestling isn’t the greatest but i can look past that when i notice she plays with her devious persona almost to perfection.

  • puppies

    She reminds me a lot of Terri and Terri is my 2nd favorite diva sooooo I’m really loving Aksana.

  • Ryan

    She married Goldust haha awesome wedding lol

  • Goodvibes

    hahaha ‘Who do you know?’ she’s so awkward and so serious at the same time, love Aksana she could be comedy gold

  • aldo

    Yes! That’s Aksana!…Finally the WWE divas are getting some direction, some personalities.

  • mykel1990

    I love Aksana! I love her acting, her look, she’s like a gift that keeps on giving. I wish she would be better in the ring, and then she’d be the total shit!

  • kreece

    Aksana is coming along great. Her character and gimmick fit her well and her wrestling hopefully continues to show some improvement. The whole connections thing gets me thinking, is she trying to bring a fellow diva up and cover her by saying she did the attacks? Maybe Charlotte because she’s going to be Cody Rhodes’ valet so she’ll be heel. Who knows!

  • art

    Aksana is doing great in the character+promo department & im loving what she does…..

  • Raekon

    This gimmick fits her perfectly and she plays it as great as she did down in FCW!

    Really loving this along with the fact that people also getting to notice that her in ring skills are better than they thought. :)

  • StratusXtreme

    Totally lovvvvinnnng Aksana at the moment <3

  • Essex Boy

    Aksana! Yes! “Who do you know?” LOL. She’s really entertaining me these days. Loving this character!

  • jayjayholler

    Wasn’t that Eve’s persona? Never mind, I love Aksana! She is vastly improving in all areas.

  • MrForeverMelina

    OMG I haven’t been recent with divas since Beth left and boy have they changed!

  • Getdownwithachola

    Aksana looks like a young Saraya Knight in that photo.