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Raw Redux (November 19th, 2012): AJ Beats the Hell Out of Prince Dawlf, While Kaitlyn Gets Revenge on Aksana

So I can honestly say there was a lot to Raw last night, and this morning I have very little time to sit here and process it. Rough day, rough night, and pounding migraine but hey, work has to be done because it isn’t going to do itself. Last night, we had an interesting match along with some shenanigans that left me somewhat stunned. I’m not sure what to say, but what else is new? Let’s start with the match. It featured the woman who came up just a little short last night in her quest to win her first Divas Championship, Kaitlyn, and Aksana, the person who apparently attacked her way back at Night of Champions.

What surprised me most about this match is how much offense Aksana got in on Kaitlyn, whereas at Survivor Series, Kaitlyn practically dominated Eve. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect the match to be clean either, but it was. I haven’t seen Aksana inside the ring in forever, and she looked pretty good. I like how she tricked Kaitlyn into coming after her, which is what a heel should do, and I loved her illegal submission arm-bar using the ropes. That was really clever. Aksana is always a wildcard for me because she can play a character, but she can’t necessarily back it up in the ring. Tonight, I thought she held her own and it was the best I’ve seen her work. I think the WWE should give her more matches because she’s come along way. I hope they keep working with her, and I hope Aksana keeps at it. She has an amazing look, physically, with the jet black hair and red lips, her ring gear is unique. She’s just different, and I like that.

For the first time in awhile, the WWE has Divas that are all completely different from one another. Kaitlyn is a great face. She doesn’t come out to the ring with a smile on her face when she’s supposed to be annoyed. She doesn’t have the typical babyface move set. She’s a star in the making and I think the crowds are starting to become invested in her. She worked with Aksana surprisingly well tonight, selling the other woman’s offense and then ending the match with a flourish to get a much needed win. If I had to think of something that would make Kaitlyn a bit better, maybe a new finisher? I’m not too keen on a knee to the gut as someone’s finisher. Then again, no one has ever kneed me in the gut so I have no idea how badly it hurts, especially when I’m being lifted in the air and then dropped.

Overall, the match was solid between both of them. I was pleasantly surprised and I love it when that happens. I’m glad the attacker storyline wasn’t forgotten. I’m not necessarily thrilled with the big reveal, but Kaitlyn got some measure of revenge. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, right?

Moving on to AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler now… yes, this continued. And it continued in a most interesting way. At the rate we are going, Cena may end up in line behind Diva Dirt’s beloved Dawlf when it comes to getting his own Diva Dirt tag.

We get things kicked off on this side of the spectrum with Vickie walking to the ring with two people. Later on they would go on to be introduced as a Miss Whitney Smith and a Mr. Doug Brady. Apparently, they are eye witnesses to AJ and John’s torrid night in Sacremento.

The two witnesses made me giggle a bit. They reminded me of two people who so desperately want a paycheck they will say anything. Whitney Smith made sure to let us all know that AJ and John wanted a table to the back and that during the entire business dinner, they were seen being flirty and touchy. To back up that claim, Doug Brady let us know that they were in a parked car for awhile doing adult things and that a father even had to come to him and complain. Obviously it didn’t take long for AJ to come out to the ring. She got into it with Vickie yet again, but Vickie wasn’t done. She had to let us all know that Doug was creepy and had cellphone pictures. After some teasing, Vickie encouraged all of us to turn our eyes to the ‘Tron so we could see.

That brought out John, much to Vickie’s surprise.

Sweet John Cena, God love him, told Vickie that all she wants to do is get people to talk. That led to him showing Vickie a good way to get people to talk. He takes AJ and kisses her softly, and he looks like he’s a pretty good kisser to be honest. Once he breaks the kiss, he turns back to Vickie, but AJ has other plans. She literally attacks Cena with her face, and he does nothing to stop her. The two go at it with their mouths for a hot minute. It takes Prince Dawlf running to the ring to break this up, and he attacks Cena. John ends up throwing Dolph out and decides to chase him, but oh no. This is where it gets early. Not sure what happened, but Cena comes up limp and that doesn’t really bode well. We know how innocently injuries can happen… look what happened to Cody Rhodes on last week’s SmackDown. Ugh, still makes me cringe.

Despite all that, it isn’t over. Here’s what happened next.

Vickie is in her office with a fierce looking Tamina Snuka when AJ shows up. Vickie tries to introduce the two, but AJ lets Vickie know that she will get to know Tamina a lot better in the near future. That being said, AJ is angry that Vickie had Dolph attack John, which prompts Vickie to mock AJ for sticking up for her man. AJ acknowledges the injury that we all saw happen and wants to know what action Vickie is going to take. The Queen says she’s not going to do anything about it, to which AJ replies that she will.

Oh boy.

AJ goes looking for Dolph and heads for the men’s lockerroom. Layla, looking adorable in a leather top and miniskirt, is right behind her and trying to talk her out of it. I suppose Layla is doing what every good friend is supposed to do. AJ basically brushes her off and tells Layla to back off, and without saying a word, Layla retreats. AJ faces the door to the lockerroom and after a brief moment of hesitation barges in. Unfortunately I’m greeted by the sight of Heath Slater in a towel, but there is Dolph. He’s sitting in a chair, minding his business, and AJ walks up to him. But Prince Dawlf, he’s ready.

He stands up and absolutely rips AJ apart. He shreds her personality, spits on her back story, and calls her trash. He also insinuates that she is lonely, weak, and pathetic, and sadly this hits home for me. I’m such an emotional wreck right now that I kind of just want to cry. But anyway, AJ stands there and takes it, tears forming in her eyes. When Dolph is done, he sits back down, checks his phone, and goes back to minding his own business. Well AJ snaps.

She really does.

She starts beating the living crap out of Dolph and it takes John coming in out of nowhere to pull her off. Dolph naturally attacks John, and they end up brawling into the bathroom. Dolph spears Cena through the wall of a bathroom stall… literally, and goes for the wrapped up knee. It takes referees rushing in to pull them apart, but that doesn’t help. Dolph is able to get lose and go back after Cena, who’s basically defenseless at this point. They finally get Dolph off Cena, and out of the way, and AJ rushes to Cena’s side to check on. He’s fighting through the pain but it’s on his face. You can see it.


Dolph just got one heck of a push in the span of two minutes.

I’m not sure what to say other than that segment was a definite A-plus. Cena made Dolphy look like a million dollars, while Vickie comes off as this evil bitch of a person, and AJ could very well end up getting the blame for causing all of this. I think it was Sunday that I was bitching about there being no payoff in this angle, and how it wasn’t helping anyone. They flipped a switch pretty fast. I still don’t understand it, but wow. Everything just came off exceptional.

They didn’t even forget about Tamina. I think I’m going to enjoy her in this role. Solid effort tonight on Raw. I really can’t complain. I think the fallout from all of this is going to be nasty. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next week when the dust has settled and if Cena is legit hurt. I haven’t seen anything yet this morning to confirm anything, so I don’t know. I’m one of those people who can never tell if they’re acting or not when it comes to injuries so I try not to speculate. I just know that what wrestlers do is incredibly dangerous and I respect them so, so much for going out there every night, sacrificing their bodies just to give all of us something to talk about.

Until next time… Cryssi out!

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