Today in History: Melina Kidnaps Trish to Get a Title Shot

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November 21st, 2005 | Though still a rookie in the WWE, Melina knew how to get what she wanted. When she had her heart set on getting a shot at Trish Stratus‘s Women’s Title, she had her men Nitro and Mercury kidnap Trish from ringside during a match. The next thing Trish knew, she was bound to a chair in a dark room. Melina soon appeared and challenged her to a title match at Survivor Series. Trish accepted, and Melina mused on the thought of herself as Women’s Champion, saying, “Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head?” She then punctuated the thought with an actual kick to Trish’s head.

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  • lucky1now

    I loved this if it would have been an all out fued this could have been great

  • perceval

    The Raw-SD feud was such a good storyline, creating so many unpredictable moments, such as this.

    I guess by Wrestlemania a few years later, Trish was over Nitro kidnapping her. :)

    Whenever I see matches from this period, it strikes me how small Mickie (and Melina) looks with the others, at the time. She looks AJ sized. But then, she and Melina were both told, earlier in their careers, that they’d never make it in WWE’s Women Division because they were too small.

    They both proved they could play with the big girls.

    • ajfan83

      Considering the fact that the division’s main star at the time was only 5’4, I’m going to have to call BS on this. What I heard over the years was that guys like Jim Ross didn’t think they had the right “look” to make it in WWE. Vince McMahon was also reported to say that he wasn’t going to give the divas as much time after Trish and Lita quit because he didn’t think girls like Mickie and Victoria were as marketable. If you consider the fact that WWE would have prefered pushing the Candices, Ashleys and later Kellys of the world had they stayed healthy/stuck around, I think this theory is more accurate.

      • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

        I believe the only reason why JR said that was only because of what he knew that the company was looking for,not because of his personal opinions.I feel like JR would’ve wanted to see ANY talented girl to be a part of WWE not because of their looks,but because of their talent.

        • perceval

          Jim Ross signed Lita, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Victoria, Stacy Keibler, Jazz, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Trinity, Angelina Love, & Daffney. Plus, he’s who, along with Austin, pushed to sign Awesome Kong.

          That says what he wanted the Diva brand and Women’s Division to be, not to mention his ability to scout talent and potential. The interchangeable Divas came when Johnny Ace got the job.

        • ajfan83


          That’s probably a better way of putting it. Ross signed them because of their talent but didn’t think they would make it far in WWE because they weren’t conventionally attractive. The McMahon thing is true though, because you could always tell who he wanted to push. I think he was a fan of Melina, but Mickie always struck me as their “Plan B” when the diva they wanted to push didn’t pan out. This happened a lot, which is why she got so many titles. If you want to play conspiracy theorist, Mickie was fired shortly after winning her sixth title. Another push or two and she would have eclipsed a certain record. Food for thought.

  • Ryan

    Yes good statement LookButDontTouch

    Melina and Mickie were in fact very large girls compared to Trish Sable Ashley Kelly or Candice
    Lita Torrie and a few others had a bigger sized body, but despite being 5’4 ish Melina and Mickie had very large bods and bone structure. I think maybe the company didn’t want to portray girls like them. Still awesome matches Melina had with Trish. I remember Melina making Trish work like she hasn’t worked in years since Jazz. And also Victoria and Mickie were labeled unmarketable.. Smh

    Guys anymore remember the match after this? Smackdown in London, Christy Hemme vs Melina in a very physical match! Fact is christy and Melina were awesome!!! And the odd part was that after this the Smackdown divas didn’t wrestle or even appear for months until march when kristal Marshall and Jillian began to go at it because JBL was injured

    • perceval

      Trish, Lita, & Ivory were all 135 pounds. Natalya’s their size, weight, and build.

      Mickie and Melina were the same height as Trish, but much lighter, Mickie being 124 lbs, then, and Melina 123.

      All you have to do is look at Mickie’s matches with Trish, Lita, Victoria, and even Candice to see that she was smaller than them.


    This was an iconic segment – it was a great example of “veteran vs. new blood” and I loved it. I actually expected Trish to put Melina over during their title match, and even though she didn’t, it was a good little feud that helped kick start Melina’s singles career as a serious heel WRESTLER, and not just manager. I feel like Melina & Lita could have had such a great feud, since just like Trish, Melina was a great heel mic worker, and Lita would bring her usual fan reaction & great high risk moves to the situation. Would have loved to see that..