Report: Velvet Sky Returning to TNA Soon

Former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky may be back on Impact Wrestling soon.

It was reported last month that Velvet — who left TNA earlier this year amidst a contract dispute — was close to signing a new deal with the company after TNA president Dixie Carter personally reached out to her.

Now it looks as though Velvet has indeed reached a deal with PWInsider reporting her return to television is imminent.

Velvet is a one-time Knockouts Champion, winning the belt in October 2011.

She left TNA in July, shortly after her former Beautiful People tag team partner Angelina Love, and the pair reunited for several independent dates during her time away from the company.

Velvet was one of the original Knockouts when the division launched in 2007 and was always a major focal point of TNA, appearing on posters, promotional material etc. Right before her departure, she starred in country act Montgomery Gentry’s music video, an appearance organized through TNA.

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  • ZPZA

    If she’s going back to TNA, I hope Angelina goes to WWE.

    • Jordan

      Doubt it.

      • fahkyooh

        The WWE are one stupid mother fuckers if they don’t sign Angelina Love.

        WHAT THE HELL IS THEIR PROBLEM? She’s beautiful (OK, her nose is a little big but she’s still so much hotter than AJ and Kaitlyn), her outfits are absolutely AMAZING, her ring movement is so pretty, flawless and fierce Diva-like, her mic work is out of this world, she can put on an amazing match with anyone, etc etc.


        • Raekon

          Angelina was already in DSW and OVW after when it was WWEs developmental wasn’t she?

          If they wanted to keep her back then, they would have.
          Probably also the main reason why they are not interested in her at all.

        • Kaledrina


        • ZPZA

          Angelina would be a good addition, in my opinion. Maybe after watching her in TNA for years, WWE could realize what they missed out on.

          It sucks because I like Angelina and she’s working conventions now.

        • Aria–

          WWE is still under fire for the lawsuit last I heard. So if there is any interest in Angelina Love, they can’t do anything about it at the moment and can’t even speak on it. They’ve also been said to be interested in MCMG, but the same situation applies.

    • christopher_cc

      WWE would barely use her and make her look like a joke just like their doing all their other divas do no she don’t need to go to WWE

      • Looking Glass

        WWE aren’t signing former TNA talent because of the legal disputes after that former TNA employee was leaking information. WWE are keeping away from Flair, Angelina, Matt Morgan (who they were rumoured to sign) because they don’t want to look like they’ve planned it. It’s been talked about so many times and people are still here crying about how WWE are morons, it’s business politics, it’s bad but surely you can see their P.O.V.?

        • DIVASKO

          Morgan is in TNA.

        • Looking Glass

          Observant much? He left TNA and was waiting to sign with WWE when the whole busines started, WWE backed off because they didn’t want to look like they had used a ‘mole’ in TNA to steal talent and storylines so Morgan returned to TNA.

  • Rickalicious92

    YAYUS!!! I’m soo excited that my favorite Knockout is coming back!!! Hopefully her return is epic and also here’s to hoping she brings Angelina back with her!! *Crosses fingers*

  • jdcabltv

    if angelina goes to wwe, she wont be wrestling much…and i think that would be the issue these days, the DIVAS dont wrestle, just ask gail kim; she was there twice wasnt she?

    • Jordan

      The Divas DO wrestle. Just not on TV all of the time. The same could be said for the Knockouts. There’s episodes of Impact without them, and episodes where the action hasn’t been so great. You can’t deny, there has been an effort to improve Diva’s division though.

      Also: When Gail was with WWE, she was heavily pushed (early on) both times and failed to get over both times.

      • Kaledrina

        um, when exactly did the heavy gail kim push happen when she returned to wwe? she had a title match against maryse pretty much ASAP but then turned into the back-up girl for the endless multiple person tag matches wwe has loving back then.

        i’m pretty sure she didn’t even get to say a single word on camera until at least a year after returning, whereas people like michelle and layla were cutting promos on a weekly (some times twice a week, when they hijacked raw!) basis. heck, mccool and layla even hijacked the finals for that divas title tournament gail was a part of lol.

        • ZPZA

          You just described why LayCool ruined the women’s division.

        • Kaledrina

          ^which is where i feel tna has gone wrong the past year, trying to make one woman at a time (gail and then later brooke) the ‘star of the division’. can’t build a division around one person and yeah, wwe completely messed up by doing that with michelle as we all saw the decline in the divas as soon as she packed up and left.

    • christopher_cc

      Uh her first run in WWE was awesome because that was the ruthless aggression era and Trish lita molly and other great divas was there when she returned in 2009 during pg they made her a joke

      • Looking Glass

        A lot of people say Gail was favortised by Johnny Ace backstage and he hyped her as a lot better than she was (although she was good back then, I think they thought she had the whole package, when she struggled charismatically) when she failed to get over during to Women’s title reign, she became Molly’s back up. So if anything her ‘awesomeness’ was actually a decline of someone they considered a top star, when she returned I guess they thought things had changed or they just didn’t want TNA having her.

        I love how everyone rants on about Michelle ‘ruining’ the division because WWE built itself around her. If Lita wasn’t still around, people could say the same for Trish, it’s just people place the two on such pedastals that any Diva like Michelle that gets a push becomes villianised for ‘not giving the others a chance’. So you can’t push a girl because it’s selfish, but if they’re not getting enough TV time it’s a bad thing too….damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    It will be good to have her back. I have missed her. To bad AL isn’t joining her. Wanna bet upon her return she gets the belt almost immediately?

    • Kaledrina

      i hope not. it pisses me off when new/returning talent get thrown a title asap. and that’s exactly what happened with gail last year.. which in turn screwed up velvet’s (very well deserved at the time) title reign. heck, i don’t even remember velvet getting her rematch lol.

      agree about angelina. still disappointed how they went through the whole rigamarole of winning the beautiful people rights/music/whatever from madison/tara.. only to split up a month or so later =/ there wasn’t even any ending to the velvet/love/winter storyline.. ugh.

    • Superstar77

      That’s doubtful because if TNA really wanted Velvet to be Knockout champion she wouldn’t have lost it so fast in the 1st place and she would have won it back at Lockdown. So no I don’t think they want her to hold that title.

  • Kaledrina

    i get the feeling she’s just waiting around until sabin is fully recovered first. much like kelly in wwe, velvet never really had an extended break from tv or the houseshow circuit since joining tna, so getting herself refreshed sounds good to me.

    it’s actually weird to think just how far the knockouts have declined since velvet disappeared.


    Great!. though it has nothing to see:Sarita reply me in a DM in FB with a sweet words, she is awesome !,#Sarita4champ!!

  • jayjayholler

    Ah well this brightened up my crappy day to no end :) Good stuff.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    this just made my day.. IF THIS IS TRUE.. :D I really hope(:

  • Cyndi

    i think she deserves her rightful rematch rather or not she takes the title but i would love to see a longer scale fued between Tara and Velvet

  • Connor

    Remember when Tara debuted, Angelina was the champ and Tara got over within the first 3 seconds of her debut lol? Well now Tara is the champ, TNA could really try to get Angelina back, Tara cuts a promo “I need some new hoes to throw around here” ( copied from Angelina’s promo) Then TBP music hits, Velvet and Angelina come out, dominate Tara and Jessie then Madison come out to aid TBP, reuniting the group and putting the KO division back on a pedestal?

    • velvelove

      i love it except no madison please

    • VelvetLoveFan

      Omg only if.. Madison isn’t really feuding w anyone ATM.. It could work but idk if Angelina would come back tho:/

      • Connor

        If they tried hard enough, just wanna see Jessie get a botox injection lol!

    • OJ Von Erich


  • neonlights21x

    well this just put a downer on my day….. :(

    • Kaledrina

      how so?

      • neonlights21x

        I’m just not a fan of her, I find her quite boring tbh

        • Kaledrina

          ah, took me a long long time to become interested in her myself. she’s never been in my top 5 at tna and likely never will but the creative team mostly always found a way to include her in storylines, so from that perspective, velvet returning should mean more knockouts tv time and i’m down with that :)

        • art

          @neonlights21x i agree with you plus her wrestling is terrible….

  • Jack Newport

    I still can’t figure out why Velvet Sky left TNA in the first place. She’s like the Trish Stratus of the Impact Zone. No other past or present Knockout, even if they have more talent or win more titles, are capable of matching her popularity.

    Maybe it was because Angelina Love left. I dunno.

  • bxradimus

    Ugh. I wish Velvet would just leave the wrestling industry. She’s been wrestling for like 8 years and still looks like she’s only been doing it for 3 months.

    The Knockouts Division is horrible now and it needs a lot of help. Women like Velvet Sky, Taeler Hendrix and Tara are not the answer to that.

    • Superstar77

      Who are you to say someone should quit wrestling just because you don’t think their good?

      • art

        Velvet isn’t good…shes tna’s version of kelly….

        • Superstar77

          What do you know you like Layla. I don’t think she’s very good so how about that?!

        • 09DHK

          I’m not a huge Velvet fan, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling her the “Kelly Kelly” of TNA. Yea compared to the other Knockouts who came from Shimmer and WWE, she’s not really a Gail Kim or anything, but if you were to throw her in WWE she’d probably out-wrestle most of the current roster. Plus she’s been in a few cage matches and hardcore matches taking some decent bumps. Kelly wouldn’t be caught dead in a cage match; nor would the majority of the current divas for that matter.

  • TrishStratusFan

    Yes!!!! I’m glad she’s returning. I know I’m like a minority on this one but I think Velevt really came into her own when TNA broke up The Beautiful People. Just my opinion.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Velvet Sky returning will be perfect not only because I like her, but also because of the storyline possibility. Just think: Mickie James gets her chance at the KO championship, but ends up losing the match, while Tara retains. Then Tara can declare that there’s no one who can beat her for her title and there’s no one that can take her “Hollywood Spotlight” away from her. This prompts Brooke Hogan to announce a mystery opponent for Tara’s KO championship at the next PPV. Velvet Sky returns, beats Tara for the title, and gets a lengthy reign(hopefully).

  • Superstar77

    I really wanted to see Velvet Sky move on from TNA. Their just going to screw her over again. If they couldn’t come up with anything for her to when she was there I have a hard time buying they they have something for her now. I wanted TBP Reunion Tour to continue there were a lot thing she and Angelina could do on the indys. I just don’t get why she resigned it’s obvious TNA creative isn’t behind her at all. I would have liked to have seen her in the WWE she had supporters in Mick Foley, Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. I think she could have finally got her foot in the door this time. I don’t want to see Velvet return to TNA just to get buried by Gail Kim again.

    • Superstar77

      I also don’t believe this whole Dixie Carter wanted Velvet back so badly news. If Dixie cared so much about Velvet she wouldn’t have let Bruce Prichard kill her first title push for Gail Kim, take her off TV for months, give a rematch 5 months later just to have her lose again, then get pushed aside for Brooke Tessmacher. I feel Velvet made a big mistake resigning with TNA if this true.

      • christopher_cc

        I agree

    • OJ Von Erich


      • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

        Money in TNA?

        • Jack Newport

          You don’t make as much money in TNA as you do in WWE, but it’s still more money than you do in the indys.

        • Superstar77

          Exactly she could have just stayed on the indys. I also forgot to mention if Dixie really cared about Velvet they wouldn’t allowed her to leave in the first place. Something Velvet should think about.

        • Superstar77

          That last response was to XX-ZOEY-SKY-XX.

  • Ryan

    I miss my Vel Vel Holler.
    She’s so sexy glad to have her back ;)

  • Gail-Trish-Maryse

    Yuck. They don’t need this trash bag back. She takes women’s wrestling back 20 years.

    • Kaledrina

      curious as to how you justify calling her a trash bag?

      • Gail-Trish-Maryse

        Getting in the ring like a whore, and rubbing her vagina on the ropes.

        • Superstar77

          By your logic Angelina and Madison must be trash as well because they did the same thing. SMH

  • wl75

    If she does come back, I say they put her with the Aces and Eights faction- they need a woman in that group…

  • redsandman99

    Eh. Outside the Beautiful People gimmick I don’t think she’s that great. Not too surprised to read this though.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Great, she is not a great wrestler, but I do know she brings the pigeon watchers, so well, what can you do. I hope she adds to the product. The KOs have not been on as much as they used to have them, lets see what if anything Velvet can bring.

  • GlamazonInTraining89

    I hope when she comes back and Angelina comes back they can FINALLY become the KO Tag-Champs together.

    • Superstar77

      I doubt it Angelina is done with TNA. Sadly the KO tag titles are a joke title now. They should just scrap them.