Michelle McCool Praises Mickie James, Recalls ‘Piggie James’ Storyline and Impressing Vince

michelle-mickieFresh off her controversial comments on Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool has opened up about her controversial storyline with Mickie James, praising the former WWE Diva and current TNA star for her work in the touchy ‘Piggie James’ storyline in late 2009 through early 2010.

Speaking about the storyline to her official website, Michelle said: “It was tough on everybody, but obviously tough on Mickie, to say the least. She was the utmost professional in that situation. She never complained about the material that was being written. She never bitched, moaned, or tried to change it or get it shut down. She knew it was business — she knew it was going to help us.

“There were so many times, time after time, where we would go up to Mickie and apologize in advance. We’d be like: ‘This sucks and I’m sorry. Obviously, we didn’t write this. I’m just sorry… we don’t know what else to say.’ Like I said: she was always completely cool with it. I’m sure it hurt; things like that do. Obviously she’s not big — she’s one of the smallest people. There’s no way anybody thought she was really overweight or ‘Piggie James.’ Again, that was just our stupid, silly LayCool characters that we had. Like I said: all credit to her. It would have not progressed, gone as far, or had gotten over like it did if it weren’t for her. I don’t think any other babyface could have pulled that off.”

Michelle also addressed the lack of comeuppance she and Layla received, as the storyline ended with Michelle regaining the Women’s Championship from Mickie after briefly losing it at the Royal Rumble.

She said: “I don’t feel like LayCool ever got our butts handed to us by her enough. I never understood that… it was like: ‘Why isn’t she killing us here? Doing this or doing that?’ I think the story could have even gone further because the fans, week after week, wanted her to just embarrass us. At the Rumble we ended up with birthday cake in our face, and everybody loved that. Here we were embarrassed by her — that was great!”

The first ever Divas Champion revealed the work between LayCool and Mickie — particularly the ‘Piggie James Going Away Party’ segment in January 2010 — impressed several WWE higher-ups, especially Vince McMahon.

“Vince ended up loving the LayCool character as a result of that storyline. That’s kind of how things kind of kept happening for us. But, like I said: I give credit to Mickie James. She was fighting with us to get TV time, to get pay-per-view matches, to raise the bar… not many people will always do that. But she did, and I will forever be grateful for that.”

“Something to add: the night we smashed cake in Mickie’s face, during her send-off… she was just brilliant on her response! That was the point where LayCool finally got to Mickie James, she just looked humiliated as she ran off in tears. Nobody else could have done that the way she did it. As we all came backstage — and very, very rarely does this happen — Vince, Michael Hayes, and everybody in the gorilla position were standing up and clapping saying: ‘The girls just stole the show.’ That was a very, very special moment. I give her all the props in the world. So, thanks Mickie if you hear this — I really, really appreciate you!”

Listen to Michelle talk about Mickie below:

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  • BillyGP

    Much respect to Michelle after hearing this. She gave Mickie 100% credit for the storyline.

    Even more respect to Mickie also.

    • therightone

      She did an interview with Inside Wrestling stating she always went to WWE with ideas for storylines. Funny how she’ll ake credit for every story but this one.

  • eyecon

    See What happens when Vince lets them shine the way there suppose to. They end up stealing the show. With the current group of girls they have he can create new show stealing moment if he would allow them to take more risks

  • Clarke

    it’s a good thing Michelle McCool wasn’t a history teacher lol

  • Johnyfaction3

    I agree with Michelle, I don’t understand why Mickie never got that big revenge from Laycool. Fans would have love that. But I guess t wouldn’t have make Laycool seen as dominant as they were portrayed from there foward. Is also funny that as fans we can recall everyone of these moments she mentioned perfectly and she barely can haha.

    • therightone

      Because she’s Undertaker’s wife, and got preferrential {sic} treatment. She was handed everything on a golden platter. Or her hubby would leave.

      • Clarke

        oh shut up and stop making up bs

        • therightone

          I’m inferring not making up “bs” read wrestling journalism like PWI, Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler and you’ll learn.

  • Marlon Eric

    Michelle once again proves to be the exact opposite of how she was portrayed in “the dirtsheets”. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind, that all the “trouble-starting bitches” backstage (Michelle, Melina, Mickie, Kristal, Tiffany) are just victims of jealousy or politics. Whatever. True professional.

  • Marlon Eric

    It’s also funny how everyone whose blaming McCool for this storyline hasn’t said jackshit about Layla. Wasn’t she apart of the storyline as well? Saying all those horrible things just like McCool? Yep – but it doesn’t work like that. I’m sure it was a professional joint effort between the women and the writers who make the storylines. I’m also sure the writers got in their cheapshots.

    • therightone

      Nobody says anything about Layla because Layla is forgettable.

      • divaindemise

        No, sweetheart, nobody says anything about Layla because she isn’t Yoko Ono to the WWE’s John Lennon, Undertaker.

        • Marlon Eric

          Doesn’t matter who she is. We’re talking about this storyline right? Was she fucking in it? Yes or no, “sweetheart”? And was she talking shit about Mickie James too? Yeees. So, accountability? Where?

        • therightone

          Michelle couldn’t wrestle and the Undertaker in his late 40s. Who has cared about the Undertaker since tbhey were 13 any way? Ok sugar tits.

      • Raekon

        Actually Layla was the heart of laycool.

        She was the hilarious one that brought smiles upon peoples faces even she was a heel.

        Remember the slammys battle royal? Rewatch it.

        • divaindemise

          @Marlon Eric

          My reply was to therightone, so take a Xanax before you make an ass out of yourself next time.

        • Marlon Eric

          Oh shit, sorry babe. I don’t get embarrassed, so there’s no qualms about me apologizing.

        • therightone

          being the heart of Laycool is like being the tallest midget. I should know, I am the tallest midget.

    • therightone

      Layla is an aspiring actress (its called a contract that’s why she hasn’t left the WWE) what ever got her or gets her on TV helps her career. That’s the reason nobody talks shit on Layla.
      It’s blaming the soldier not the general, nobody blames the soldier.
      Who is forgettable and nobody will care about when she’s released.

  • divaindemise

    I didn’t like the storyline because I thought it was incredibly dull and, besides Layla’s goofy mannerisms, was difficult to perform. Regardless of Mickie James’ supposed professional demise backstage, what management made of her apparent weight gain, there was no credibility in making fun of someone being fat when it’s abundantly clear they’re not.

    Michelle McCool was at her peak when she first turned heel after losing the Divas Championship to Maryse. She was edgy and convincingly threatening without so much as having to say a word. She and Mickie could have enjoyed a great rivalry on the back of pure competition between them; “Piggie James”, for all the exposure it admittedly did attract, seemed designed to embarrass all women involved. The best about it was the emergence of Layla, who was probably not meant to be anything more than a bit part additive for Michelle.

    Of course Vince McMahon loved it, though. He’s a misogynistic pig. Anything that smacks of humiliating his performers he’ll gladly lap up.

    • Raekon

      Couldn’t agree more.
      I remember reading gimmicks that didn’t made it on screen.

      He wanted a wrestler to puke over his defeated opponents but the wrestler chosen even he tried, he couldn’t puke on command so they dropped the gimmick, he was given a jobber role and were forgotten after a while (I think he even got badly injured and had to retire, don’t quite remember).

      Anyway, such things are “entertainment” for him.
      Thankfully his PG show won’t allow such stupid gimmicks anymore.

      On the other hand, the restrictions they are having on the divas aren’t better either. :/

      • abwiz74

        You’re probably thinking of Darren Drozdov aka Droz. That whole bit with him being unable to puke on command was in Beyond the Mat.

        And yes he did have to retire after suffering a neck injury which left him paralyzed due to a botch during a match.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Vince loved to humiliate Lita I’m sure him allowin Mickie’s fine ass to be called a pig was nice too
    Also remember guys Vickie Guerrero was ran as a huge pig, poor Vickie… :(
    She even wrestled in a pig den..
    Vince is garbage like his company haha
    Reason LayCool didn’t get payback was cause the ones they attacked eventually got fired, ie Maria an Mickie..
    Natalya and Beth were able to get mayor revenge at the Tables Match

  • Kessuki

    If Mickie had stayed and got her ‘big’ revenge to end the feud, it would have been one satisfying conclusion to the storyline, i wouldn’t have minded if Trish returned either to have Mickie’s back or be the special referee.

    I’ve been a Michelle McCool fan since day 1 whether she was face or heel and nothing’s changed; she’s 100% professional, a pretty good wrestler and it seems a very likeable girl.

    Credit to Mickie for continuing with the Piggie James feud, i never rated mickie pretty much and whilst watching this angle play out at the time i thought wwe forced it upon mickie and it made me upset because the emotions she displayed in the segments with laycool felt so…real. Especially when they made her cry – that made me agree with Michelle in this interview and totally respect and love Mickie.

    Let me get this right, the writers decided to give Laycool more airtime because Vince was highly impressed with this angle, so will the naysayers finally accept Laycool’s screentime had nothing to do with Undertaker? probably not and never will. ’nuff said.

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      Ya it’s all Vince at the end of the day, ppl just make shit up pulling the undertaker into this.. The mans too big to give a damn about a silly little division.

      Anyone remember that LayCool pitched to get kicked off raw but then weeks later Vince wanted them back on raw, wrestling with headsets! Takin over commentary! Despite those big fails it was Vince who wanted them some were good segments others were ya no. Lol
      LayCool rocks! I’d want them on forever! I never get over their antics, the pure raw bS was no pun intended, never on raw, it was usually their attack on the fans, Kaval, on teddy long lol.. Or as much as I hate and love this, breakin the women’s championship in half as a BFF charm

  • chrisP

    How do you go from impressing the boss to getting fired a month (Maria) and three months (Mickie) later?

    Or maybe Vince was just impressed with Michelle. I could see that, especially since we’ve seen over the last 9 months or so what WWE thinks of Layla without Michelle.

    • hado

      Maria was released of because something she said in a production meeting, sticking up for the divas Divison, well I remember her saying that in an interview and she said like a few days later they released her. Mickie I have no idea, I remember hearing stuff from dirt sheets but I wouldn’t believe anything they comes from their mouths, especially regarding the divas Divison.

    • divaindemise

      Layla was handed a championship reign on her first night back in the company, a reign that lasted from April until September. I’m sure you’ll try and counter that point by saying her reign was nondescript, but hey, they could have strapped the belt around Eve or AJ or any other Diva just for the sake of it.

      By her own admission Maria felt she was on borrowed time the moment she refused WWE any involvement to her music aspirations; Mickie, I’m surprised you’re playing down since it came from those dirt sheets that obviously feed your mouth, had backstage problems.

      And even if Vince McMahon was more impressed with Michelle McCool, so what? Get over it and stop being an elitist. You have nothing productive to say whatsoever.

      • chrisP

        :And even if Vince McMahon was more impressed with Michelle McCool, so what? Get over it and stop being an elitist. You have nothing productive to say whatsoever.:”

        How the hell could what I said be interpreted as an insult towards Michelle? It was about Mickie and Maria. I’m guessing Vince wasn’t TOO impressed with their work in this segment since he had no problem with firing both of them such a short time later. Impressing your boss seems like it would get you some job security, not you getting fired less than 4 months later (less than 2 months in Maria’s case).

        • chrisP

          As for Layla……

          2010 Layla; 1/2 of one the most featured acts, female or male, in the company

          2012 Layla; treated as an afterthought as a champion; even more of an afterthought after losing the title

          Do you really believe losing Michelle as a partner has nothing to do with to do with the complete 180 WWE has done on Layla?

        • divaindemise

          And as I’ve already pointed out, during the considerably lengthy time Layla was champion this year they could have pinned the belt on any other girl just for the sheer hell of it – but they didn’t. The whole division was treated as an afterthought since pretty much the beginning of this year. Layla’s problem wasn’t different to any other Diva besides AJ Lee or Eve before she was phased back into a wrestling role.

          Your argument about job security on the back of one segment is wishy-washy; Michelle states that the outcome of the storyline was that Vince grew on the Lay-Cool gimmick – hence why they went on to progress the act. Besides, when it comes to Maria and Mickie, anything could have happened between then and the time of their release that changed Vince’s opinion of them. I.E their music careers compromising their work commitment.

    • BillyGP

      Mickie main reason for her release was her Music career the backstage problems was not true i believe because she not the only one with problems if true. Also Batista had a hand in her release i believe.

      I can see Michelle not the only one who impressed Vince because honestly Mickie on the mic that night was amazing although she good mic worker anyway.

  • chrisP

    “Michelle states that the outcome of the storyline was that Vince grew on the Lay-Cool gimmick – hence why they went on to progress the act.”

    Yes, and that coupled with Mickie and Maria being fired so soon after is why I suggested that Vince was impressed with Michelle’s performance and not so much Mickie’s and Maria’s.

    As for Layla being no different than any other Diva, that was my whole point. WWE made it clear in 2012 that they think Layla without Michelle is nothing special, not worth pushing, etc.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    be a star ya right what would be a star say about that storyline!!! what bully’s!!!